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"WHAT?" Mimi shouted frantically with the quick movement. Her eyes were huge, she was sweating, and her heart was about to explode. She was holding her chest crumpling her shirt off.

I looked at Tai and he looked back nervously yet he'd put his tongue out to me. Mimi caught up with her breath and fainted afterwards. "What happened?" Sora run up to us. "Mimi?" She raced to the fallen pink lover. I stand there blankly until Matt snap me out. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one doing nothing. Putting that aside, I pushed Sora lightly yet she fell flat on her ass and Matt caught her by her arms. I carried Mimi inside the house and placed her on the couch. I immediately grabbed a thin book and used it to fan her.

~3rd Pov~

"That was quick" Tai looked at Koushiro. "It will be unbelievable if Koushiro doesn't have feelings for Mimi"

"Tai, no matter what you say he has." Matt helped Sora to stand up.

"Thanks" Sora cleans up her jeans. "He should have said excuse me".

"Come on he was just reacting without thinking." Tai excused the red head.

"They must confess their feelings" Matt suggested. "And I mean now"

"This is the 2nd time this happened to you." Koushiro said to the unconscious. "Why do all the girls it has to be you…Why I love you…?"

"Mimi you are not smart, not very responsible, you are girly-ish, you like style and fashion, you are popular, you sing greatly, and you like Michael." His tone was in melanchony. A soft cute chuckle came out.

"I wasn't joking" Koushiro was clearly looking for Sora or Tai. The chuckle became louder. Koushiro noticed Mimi's body. He placed his face nearer to her. Out of the blue, Koushiro felt sudden pressure on his lips. His eyes widen with shock yet he liked the sensation. It was so sweet and a feeling not wanting to let go, though it was short. Koushiro leaned forward for a harder kiss and Mimi did the same. Koushiro's arms pushed forward almost pressing his body on Mimi but she broke free with shiny eyes staring at the red head's. Koushiro was turning red not noticing his body was above hers.

"Was that a prank to teach me a lesson?" Koushiro was leaning back. Mimi smiled the most beautiful smile ever. No sarcasm mixed, only sincerity. "I love you Koushiro!" Mimi hugged the embarrassed tomato-colored like face.

"Prodigious!" Koushiro rested his head on her shoulder and hugged her tighter. Mimi let go and kissed Koushiro once again on the lips. Koushiro in return kissed Mimi and hold her waist and Mimi arms embraced Koushiro's neck. This kiss was much more passionate compared the last two. Each of them was feeling heat coming out them, but they didn't mind. The motion their heads and mouths shows they really want each other.

Pleasures can't be hold for long. They have to break free.

~After weeks~

"Where is she?"

"She'll be here" He made a faithful smile across his face.

"She won't come" The guy joked beside him.

"What makes you conclude of that?"

"Nothing. I just wanna tease you squirt" The guy in a dark blue tuxedo that is unbuttoned with a dark pink tuxedo vest and tie hurt the other by his elbow, tapping it multiple times.

"Stop it Tai!" Koushiro commanded in a moderate tone. He is wearing a light blue tuxedo with white tuxedo vest and a light blue tie.

The place was perfectly romantic: soft music in the atmosphere, dark surroundings with light lasers scattering in the room, and smoke or fog making the place more fictional. Everybody is in their best attire. The food was fantastic and the dance floor was irresistible.

"Hey, Kou! Where's your date?" Matt shouted to his ear while Sora is under his arms. Koushiro merely stared at the couple and shrugged with a clueless smile. Matt is wearing a red tuxedo that is buttoned, a red bow and a rose as a corsage. Sora is wearing a red strapless cocktail dress that features a short a-line skirt, sequins, sweetheart neckline, an open back, and a natural waistline.

"Matt! I love this song. Let's go!" Sora dragged Matt to the dance floor as she hears the song "2012".

"See yah later Kou!" Matt hurriedly said. Koushiro smiled as response even though there was none asked.

"So who's your date Izumi?" A familiar voice approached him.

"Mimi Tachikawa. Why do you ask?" Koushiro slowly turns to the asker. He became flabbergasted to find out it was Michael. "Mi-Michael?" Koushiro scratched his head and swiftly changes his stance into a taekwando style. "Don't steal Mimi from me" He said protectively. Michael wore a black tux that has shiny darks stripes in it and a purple tie.

"You dumb? I thought you were intelligent" Michael laughed. "I have a date" Koushiro returned to normal position and shlyly scratching his forhead. ANIME SWEAT DROP HERE. "I would like you to meet her." Michael said while blushing. He extended his arm and grabbed a girl nearly his height, wearing a strapless purple gown, with a crumb catcher that shows the girl's curves. The skirt is tiered and just below her chest is a silver beadwork. "Koushiro Izumi I would like you to meet my date" He made a very smooth introduction. "She is Sky. Sky." He kept on staring at her with shy eyes.

Finally, Sky took my hand and shook it. "It is a pleasure to meet you." Koushiro nodded and they both smile lightly. "So see yah Koushiro" Michael waved at him putting his arm at Sky, who is looking at him with a sweet smile. He returns his eyes to Sky and hugged her with his arm. He leaned his head to hers and disappeared in the crowd.

Koushiro turned darker than his attire. He tried reaching for his phone and suddenly someone placed his/her hands in front of his eyes.

"Guess who?"

"Not Mimi?" Kari's voice disappointed Koushiro.

Kari pouted. "Not here yet?" Koushiro nodded as an answer and managed to smile. Kari is wearing a cute green sweetheart dress with an exotic green print displaying paisley and ombre goes around the entire dress which is then overlaid with delicate emerald tulle. At the waistline, a lime green sash holds tight to your body and under it.

"Where's your date?" Koushiro tried to converse. "Over there" Kari smiled sweetly. Tk ran as he saw her. Tk wore a black tuxedo with a green vest and a white tie.

Tk stopped and was in awe when he saw Kari. His smile quite scared Koushiro yet he felt the young love in them.

Kari bid Koushiro see you and went off to the buffet table with her fingers intertwine with Tk's.

Koushiro sat down for a while and waited again for Mimi. All of his friends, even his former enemy are having a spontaneous time with their respective dates.

He tried checking his phone and no miss call from Mimi. He sat back and sighed. Two hours have past since he got from the venue. He regretted of not picking Mimi up from their house. Koushiro stood up and marched outside. He waited for a taxi to arrive but none even past by. He started walking by the highway as his step further he heard consecutive steps briskly walking towards him.

"Koushiro you computer pipsquek! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING!" Mimi removed her heels and ran up to the red head. Koushiro's eyes widen once again. He couldn't believe Mimi could be anymore beautiful. She is wearing a blue pageant dress that has a beaded sweetheart neckline with a ruched bodice and beaded waist band with a ruffled layered skirt. Koushiro was fantasizing of his mother. He was so happy he hugged Mimi so tightly. "I never thought you'd wear mom's dress."

"Why wouldn't I?" Mimi smiled at him.

"However you are still late."

"I was not!" Mimi defended herself

"Yes you are! You made me wait for- forever" Koushiro teased.

"Duh! My entrance was the other side of the stadium!" She hit him lightly and laughed. Koushiro acted hurt. "You are going to pay!" Koushiro played and chase her while Mimi with her heels off, run away from him laughing.

"Come back!" Koushiro tickle her.

After tickling, he hugged her. "Let's go inside"

"Sure" Koushiro said in a seductive voice.

Mimi kissed him and grabbed his hand.


"Yes" She looked at his eyes.

"Thank you for everything. Especially for returning the feelings" He smiled with his eyes and she smiled back.

She grabbed him closer and kissed him underneath the shining stars.