-a fluffy not-too-far-in-the-future fic-



Present Danger



Jane's birthday has occasioned a bit of a flap amongst the team. He's difficult to buy for, and almost impossible to surprise.

Not completely, though. They present him with a gift certificate for a course of lessons at a tea house, which is unexpected. He knows who to blame for that bright idea, looking smugly at him down the table.

"Very clever, woman." He murmurs, under cover of grabbing a bit of cake.

"Van Pelt thought of it all by herself." She says, best demure expression. He's impressed.


She frowns at the parcel on her desk. Plain white cardboard box. Nudges it open, but nothing jumps out. She peers in cautiously. Even the tissue paper looks expensive. Lifts a corner...

Puts the lid back on the box hurriedly.

Lisbon waits for a moment. Then she locks the door, checks the blinds and pulls the lid off the box again.

The most beautiful set of ivory silk...well, you could almost call them pyjamas, but they're certainly not intended for sleeping in. Massively inappropriate from a colleague.

"I just fancied having an extra present to unwrap later." says the card, familiar spiky handwriting.

She grins, and holds up the cami top against herself.

Perfect from a boyfriend, though.