This is also another Amuto story that Amu's mom made up. Wow she's a good story teller. Well hope you enjoy.

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Amu sat in her class room quietly watching the other kids play. She had a bored look on her face till some boy came over.

"Do you want to play with us?" He asked. She smiled for a second but then frowned.

"Who would want to play with you," She said coldly. As always, Amu is still trying to keep up her cool and spicy act. The boy grabbed her arm and brought her over to the group of kids he was playing with. They all looked at Amu and waved at her.

"Everyone knows Amu so let's play what ever game." The boy said smirking at her. She turned her head and blushed. They sat down and started throwing out suggestions.

"How about goldfish," A green haired boy said. "Maybe tag," An energetic boy said.

"How about truth or dare," A certain candy loving girl said.

Everyone nodded there heads. Amu was kind of laughing. She didn't know that 8 year olds knew how to play truth or dare.

"Ikuto, you can go first." A small prince said.

"Okay Tadase Truth or dare?"


"Is it true that you have a thing for my sister, Utau?"

"That's not true!" He yelled out embarrassed.

"Whatever okay your turn," Ikuto said.

"Fujisaki-kun truth or dare?"

"Dare," He said coolly.

"I dare you to kiss Mashiro-san," Tadase said smiling.

They all got excited once Nagi was two inches away from her face. She was blushing immensely. He chuckled and kissed her cheek. The whole group started to boo.

Amu was still bored waiting for the bell to ring.

"Amu Truth or dare?" Rima asked.

"Truth," She said softly.

"Is it true you have a crush on Tsukiyomi-Kun?" The other kids started ooing and ahhing.

She shook her head and got up.

"This is such a pointless game," Amu said. She walked to the door and walked out of the room.

"Well she's no fun." "Yeah but she is still pretty cool."

Amu looked down the whole time. She couldn't admit it back there but she actually did like Ikuto.

I wonder if I said I did what would they say. She sighed and sat by a tree. Looking right up at the sky she saw a hand wave in front of her face.

"I-iktou!" "You still sound like a child, Hinamori-Chan." Ikuto said with a smirk.

"That's because I am a child. I mean I'm only eight years old," Amu pouted. He chuckled and sat by her. She looked at him and he looked back.

For a moment they couldn't move or say anything they were caught within each other's gaze. Without them realizing it they started moving their faces closer together.

"Amu… I'm going to call you that from now on. Is that alright with you Amu?" She was mesmerized by his husky, soft voice but she managed to nod. Ikuto grabbed Amu's hand and smiled at her.

"Amu I like you a lot."

"M-me t-too," Amu said softly.

"Sorry I didn't catch that." Ikuto teased her.

She smiled for a second then said, "I like you a lot too, Ikuto." They both laughed at Amu's reaction. Ikuto let go of her hand and got up.

"Shall we go back princess?" Ikuto stretched his hand out and Amu grabbed. Ikuto pulled her up and they started to walk hand in hand towards the sunset.

"And that is the fascinating story of Ikuto's plan to win Amu's heart back."

"Mama, that wasn't true in the least bit." Amu said laughing.

"I liked it. Maybe I should call you princess from now on. I bet you'd like that Amu." Ikuto said giving her a smirk.

"As if," Amu said turning her head and blushing.

"That reminds me of another story of when…" Amu's mom trailed on with her made up stories of Ikuto and Amu, while the two and Ami were laughing there heads off.

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