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Ikuto groggily got up out of his bed. He thought to himself at what date it is and looked to his calendar. He smirked at it and left the room.

Amu quickly ran to the bus stop, awaiting the arrival of the guardians. She looked around and realized they were late. She took out her phone and called Nagi.

"Amu-Chan, We will be at the inn tomorrow. You have to go to the inn by yourself and we'll go to the inn by ourselves. I'm sure you'll be okay." She only said yes and hung up. Amu kept looking around and noticed Ikuto walking towards her. She looked back and saw the bus in front of her.

Stepping on, Ikuto ran towards Amu, and quickly got on the bus. He saw Amu sit down and he sat next to her. She looked out the window not aware that Ikuto sat next to her.

"Hey Amu you smell like chocolate today," Amu looked at him and softly said, "Pervert." Amu let out a sigh. Today was going to be a long day.

At the inn

"Ran, give me my ice cream back!" Miki yelled at Ran.

"You two should really stop fighting, right Dia? ~desu," Su said hands covering her face.

"Look at me look at me, I have ice cream and Miki doesn't. Admit that I'm better and I might give it back," Ran teased. Dia floated over to them and grabbed the ice cream. She took a small lick and gave it to Miki. Miki cried for a moment and hugged Dia.

"Arigatou Dia!" Breaking up the moment, Amu opened the door and slammed it shut.

"Amu-Chan is something wrong?" Dia asked.

"Fan… girls… everywhere… must get sleep. They've been chasing me around, because Ikuto was hanging onto me all day. You guys are lucky no one else can see you." Amu said. Every moment Amu took in short breaths.

Amu stood up and walked to a window. She looked outside and noticed Ikuto in a tree. They stared at each other for a minute lost in each other's eyes.

"Amu-Chan what are you looking at?" Her chara's came over and looked at the tree. Ikuto was gone.

"It was nothing. Why don't we go take a bath?" Amu went to her bag and grabbed some stuff.

She started to walk to the open air bath but then started to head to the girl's only bath.

She got stopped instantly and she looked to see who it was.

"Amu those girls are going to pester you if you go in there." Ikuto said.

"Yeah but I can't be in a bath with you." she turned back and headed for the open air bath. Ikuto followed her silently.

"Ah this feels nice." Amu said laying back.

"You sound like an old man Amu-Chan." Miki said.

"Ah this does feel nice." Ikuto said.

"Ikuto you better stay on that side." Amu said.

"Yeah I will." He said back.

"So Amu what brings you here today?" Ikuto asked moving away from his side.

Amu closes her eyes and then talks. "It was supposed to be a one night stay with the guardian's but they couldn't make it so there coming tomorrow. But I'm only staying for tonight." Amu opened her eyes and Ikuto was right next to her.

"I told you to stay on that side!"

"But it's cold over there. Here Amu warm me up." Ikuto inches closer to her and hugs her.

"Baka Ikuto Get off!" Amu yelled.

"But you're so warm." He replied back.

She gives up and sits in the bath.

"Ikuto you're a liar. This bath is completely warm." Amu said sighing.

"I know," He replies.

They sit in the bath for about five minutes saying nothing. Amu taps her fingers on the floor and gets annoyed.

"Baka Ikuto! Don't fall asleep in the bath!" Amu got up and dragged Ikuto to her room. She waited a while for him to get up but he didn't budge.

She got up and turned off the lights. She walked but couldn't see well and happened trip over Ikuto and he hugged her. She blushed then tried to get out of his grasp.

"A…mu…" She looked at Ikuto and he was still sleeping. She sighed and went to sleep too.

"That is the story of the bath incident." Midori said.

"Mom, stop this already. This is the third story you've made up. Why must you keep making these?" Amu asked furious.

"I have a lot of free time on my hands." She said gently.

"I liked that idea maybe we should go to a hot springs at some point." Ikuto said smirking at her. Amu blushed and sat back down.

"Well I'll leave you too alone. I have to go make another one." Midori stood up and walked out of the room.

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