"What in the world is that?"

"I don't know. It appears to be the Devil himself. Standing before us!"

"Yes! I am the Devil. Your Devil, the Devil to everyone."

"Yes I am the 'Devil That Made You Do It.'"

How did I become such a fright? Well here is my story.

Armadillo Rex was striving to create something to rival Sonic. Mecha Sonic was the only machine that could.

But he figured that a flesh and blood clone, would be better than any robot. No matter how evil, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters had a set code of law that they could not take the life of another living being.

Funny, since I'm not technically alive, dead, or in between.

My name is Dark Sonic. Just like Sonic in every way, only opposite. Just like Mecha Sonic, only better.

Made from mortal flesh, born of technology, and a soul of evil, I am a triple threat in my own right.

Rex was striving to accomplish a living version of Mecha Sonic. One that could do everything that Mecha could, only be a living creature. Mecha had free will, but only a living creature could enjoy the chaos it causes, and that made it more twisted, for Rex's mind to enjoy.

Being a clone of Sonic, I was to be everything Sonic was. Robotnik tried a cloning experiment before of Knuckles, and wound up creating a female version named Lynda.

I on the other hand, had more than a gene mix up. Much more.

Dark Emeralds. I know you probably never herd of these before. But I'll tell you anyway.

The Book of Myths records the "Midnight Emeralds" as being "the prisons of the most powerful demons in the depths of Hell. Banished to their eternal prison by the Ancient Walkers themselves."

The unholy power within caused the natural color that emitted positive power, to turn completely black and reverse the once good power of the Emerald.

Fifteen were created in all. And I have all fifteen in me.

Not only do I have all of the powers of Sonic, I also have the power of fifteen Chaos Emeralds, and the power of fifteen demons, all combined within this shell.

I look exactly like Sonic in every way. My only differences is that everything, flesh, fur, clothing, was jet black. Or maybe blacker than that. The only noticeable things that stand out from my black color, is the red stripes on my shoes, and my continuously glowing blood red eyes.

Not the iris, the entire eye.

I have supernatural abilities granted by the Dark Emeralds. I can shift my form into one of the fifteen demons within me, or combine two or more to create a new being. The combinations are endless.

Also I have a wide range of attacks to fight with. From basic street fighting moves such as punching and kicking, to using wicked weaponry that I create from my power, to downright inhuman abilities such as the Hand Of Satan, or my Soul Destroyer attacks.

I am a mortal body, which allows me to traverse between the mortal realms to the netherworld in which my souls were birthed, Hell.

This advantage allows me to open portals between these plains, summoning demons of many shapes and sizes. From humans condemned to damnation, to the huge demonic creatures you would see only in video games or movies.

A new year brings a new evil. A new evil brings a new end. A new end brings...a new beginning.