awww Depression
by Clo-chan

Everyone thinks they've got me figured out.

They think I'm just some kid who holds a grudge and who get's lost a whole lot. Well, they're partially right, but have the wrong ideas behind it. I can't tell them that. I _won't_ tell them that. Deep inside I think I'd like to keep that perception of me up. Why? Well, probably because it keeps me more innocent then I am.

Yes I hold a grudge. But do they think why? No. But I'll tell you why. It's my only form of contact. What other reasons do I have to be around people?

Sure, I get lost a whole lot of the time. Some of it _is_ a family curse, but I'm not as bad as I appear. Ever noticed how I seem to get lost just at the wrong time? Well, that's because I _wanted_ to be lost. It was the wrong time for them, right time for me. It kept them from yelling directly at me. Instead they can just curse the sky in my name.

And my curse? Surely that's horrid, ne? How? I get to be with people all the time, feeling loved, even if it is just because they consider me a pet. Love?, some say, Can't you get that from family, if no one else?.


They all think my family is as lost as I am. I never told them otherwise. Why would I want them to know what really happened. My family moved.

They moved _away_ from me.

Without telling me.

Some people who found this out thought, Hey, maybe it was a mistake?. No. I eventually found them. You know what they said? They told me I was a dishonor to them. I never made money for them and never helped the family. What did they expect? I was only a child.

I get a lot of pity. Mostly from myself.

Now do you understand why I'm always depressed?

I love Ryouga, but there has to be more to him. I don't like this being a possibility, but hasn't he made it clear he's depressed because he has no love?
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