I didn't need to start another, but, shit. I'm not one to deny an idea. This will prove to everyone how exactly dark and demented my mind really is. WARNING: This includes Hardycest, hardcore rape and one brother molesting the other. Jeff has come home for Thanksgiving when memories of the things his older brother used to do to him start flooding back to him. Meh, I hate summaries. Want summary? Matt used to molest Jeff. Done in Jeff's POV. AU, non wrestling, OOC. Yup, I got the idea from 'Adore' and NeroAnne's begging for Matt molesting Jeffy to be true. It doesn't mean it is or isn't in 'Adore', but I couldn't no longer contain the images of Matt molesting Jeff that were molesting me! Sex, rape, forced, Hardycest, some underage, language, violence, domination, etc... As far as pairings; sheesh.. Um, it may go Adam/Jeff, or their may be multiple things that can happen. Starts out Jeff is single, Randy is single, Matt/Jay, Adam/Mor, and Jeri/Miz-- ow, my head... Italics are memories/flashbacks or thoughts as usual. This is NOT for the squeamish!

I don't own them and for this they are super glad. I am NOT making money, just doing it for some deep rooted emotion reasons that may require later in life therapy.

Forever Broken;
Chapter one/ 'Footsteps of the Past'
Rated; M/ L, S (rape, Hardycest, underage)

(Jeff's POV)

I didn't even want to come today. I don't even know why the holy hell I caved. I just know somehow I did. I don't fucking know, I haven't been right since.. well, it doesn't much matter, now does it? Dad would of called me a damn liar and my brother Matt..?

"Careful, babe.. You're going to chop your hand off or something."

I gaze up and look at the smiling short-haired, blue-eyed blonde that said it. His name is Jay Reso, ignore him, he's irrelevant to my problems. He just ended up with the wrong prick with no idea what Matt really is. Matt says something I am tuning out as he smiles at Jay and goes about cutting the turkey. Jay is beside him, they're smiling at one another, all lovey dovey and going on about that stupid brown bird. Of course Jason is happy, he's never had to deal with the shit I had to deal with.

I look away as Jay leans in and kisses my brother on the cheek, then on the lips. I shouldn't have bothered to come today. Matt called me, all fucking delusional and carefree 'Jeff, Jay wants you to come and visit for Thanksgiving. He says we should all be together. Dad wants you to come and Jay's mom wants to meet the brother of the man who has made her baby so happy.' Or some shit like that. I glance up at Ms. Copeland, Jay's adoptive mother. Judy sees me and smiles ever so sweetly. I flash her a small smile back and go back to looking down at the goofy turkey pattern on the table. The clueless bird is surrounded by little leaves of multiple autumn colors and orange pumpkins. The dumb fuck is delusional because he has no clue that on this day; he's lunch meat. He's the main course.

"Jeffro?" Matt calls at me. "White or dark meat?"

"Doesn't matter." I mumbled. "Some of both is fine."

I clasp my hands on the table and stare vacantly past my father Gilbert Hardy. He's a little off to my right and Judy's a little off to my left, there's an empty seat in front of me. I get to sit beside Jay and Matt gets beside him. Shannon and Shane should be here by now, but they're late. There's a few other people here, some I know, some I don't know.. either that or don't remember. They're Matt and Jay's friends. The guy that's to the other side of me is named Adam Copeland, Jay's adoptive brother. He's with his boyfriend John Morrison. If you can call him a boyfriend, bitch looks so feminine it's not even funny. He has long dark hair and has on these tight jeans that I swear are bedazzled. He's currently texting on his blackberry and the click click click of the buttons under his thumbs is driving me mad.. But, it is a distraction from Matt. Adam is chatting casually with Judy, Matt is handing out slices of turkey and Jay just sat down. His knee brushes mine and I flinch back.

"Whoa.. sorry, Jeff." Jay mumbled.

I nod at him and bury my head in my hands. "Don't worry about it."

"Please, Matty.. I don't wanna..." I begged as I fought with my brother's hand.

"Shh.. Jeff.. it'll feel good.." He argued as he tried to slip his hand down in my sleeping shorts.

Matt startles me as he sets my turkey down in my plate. I swallow and look around. Shanny and Shane have just arrived, Shane is talking with someone at the far end of the table and Shannon is being chastised by my dad. Everyone else is just existing pretty much and waiting for their food. I give Matt a thank you as he goes back to the bird.

Soon the food is passed out and around and everyone's eating and laughing and talking, just being happy and totally fucking carefree. But, my stomach is in knots. This overwhelming nervous-like feeling has me held captive. I am crushed up in my chair. Smaller than I actually am. Trying to keep either of my legs from touching Adam or Jay, or my arms or shoulders. Adam has glanced at me twice and the third time I felt like telling him to fuck off. But, I kept my tongue. He looks kind of funny with his long blonde hair back in a ponytail, attempting to keep it out of his food. His green eyes stare ahead finally.

I lay in bed, trying to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and help rake up the leaves before I head off to school because I didn't do it over the weekend and dad says I won't get to go out on Halloween if I don't. I know I'm a little old for it at 15, but Shane was supposed to be sneaking us some alcohol, so that was the basic point anyway. The moon is barely peeking in through my curtain and that's the only light there is. I turn over in bed as I slowly begin to drift off to sleep.

The sound of creaking starts to drag me out of slumber. It sounds like someone is walking through the hallway. It's the sound of the floor groaning with someone's footsteps.

Creak.. creak.. groan.. creak..

I lay still, my heart pounding in my chest. They're getting closer.

Creak.. creeeak..

They are in my room now and then they stop. I hear the floor groaning as if something is standing there, shifting their weight a bit. I can feel I am being watched.

I abruptly scoot my chair back and stand up, feeling nauseous. Adam nearly jumps out of his skin and Jay looks up at me like I'm crazy. In fact they're all staring at me like I'm flawed and dysfunctional. Maybe I am. And it's Matt's fault. Why can't they see that? Matt's dark eyes are glaring at me. He shakes his head in disapproval.

"S.. I'll be right back." I excuse myself and dart out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the bathroom. I rush inside and shut the door behind me, locking it and jerking on the handle as reassurance before tossing back the toilet lid and collapsing in front of it on my knees.

I cough, choking on air. Panting and sweating, waiting for the vomit to come. I feel sick to my fucking stomach. Why the hell did I come here? Why did I come back to him? I feel faint and light headed. I might pass the fuck out right here. My arm's laying across the toilet bowl as I lean over and rest my head against my forearm. My long hair is already tied up so I don't much have to worry about it. I close my eyes. The room is spinning and I just wished to fucking hell it would fucking stop and let me have my freak-out! The damn ungrateful room and it's ability to spin and fuck with my reality.


The creaking footsteps pick back up, slowly, mindful.. They don't wanna wake me. I am begging for whatever it is to go away and leave me alone.. but, I know what it is and it will never leave me alone. They stop again at my bed and I feel the bed dip as if someone has sat beside me. The next thing I know, the covers are being carefully pulled away from my body. My heart is thumping so hard I'd be surprised if it wasn't visible beneath my skin. I feel cool air on my skin as the blanket is pulled almost completely off of me. I hold still as death, remaining as quiet as it as well. I don't want them to know I am awake. I'll just pretend to be asleep.

The end of my shirt is being pulled up now, exposing my belly and parts of my chest. The fingers that have a hold of it, let go and begin lightly raking down my stomach. I tighten up, I am a bit ticklish and don't want to move, but the icy fingertips keep ghosting on my skin so softly. I feel the smaller hairs on my body stand up under the chill bumps that the cold fingers are causing. My breathing is becoming more hitched out of fear now. I am trying to keep it even but I am failing. I hear myself sigh in my 'sleep' and I am sure the owner of these fingers smiled. My eye lids flutter a bit. I'm trying to see without making it look like I'm awake, this way it looks natural. I see the dark blurry figure reach across me as they start to trace their fingers up my bare arm. I just lay there, hoping they'll get tired and leave me alone tonight. The hand retracts and I feel a pair of lips press to my forehead.

"You're so beautiful, Jeff." I hear Matt's voice reply and I feel like crying, or screaming, or any fucking thing. But, I am too afraid.

I feel Matt's lips on my cheek next, then I feel them graze across my lips softly, stopping to peck them. Matt's hand is on my stomach now and he slowly starts rubbing my tummy at first, caustiously moving downward. He's gropes me through my boxes and I flinch a bit as his fingers wiggle on my crotch. I tighten up all over as an act of fear. Matt doesn't back off from me though, he moves his hand back up to where my boxers meet my skin, slowly dipping fingers down in the waistband and moving his hand down inside. My chest is heaving now. I'm shaking uncontrollably. Matt's fingers dance dangerously close to my privates, teasing me before he firmly takes a hold of me and begins rubbing down my length.

I gasp and arch up, opening my eyes to stare at my brother. My own damn flesh and blood who does this shit to me. Matt pushes me back down on the bed, holding me down with his left arm as his right hand fondles me roughly. Rubbing and touching me in places one brother should not touch another.

"M..Matt.. please.. not tonight.. stop.. I don't want it.." I whimpered, trying unsuccessfully to push him away and sit up.

Matt pushes me down harder. "Shh, hush now.. It'll feel good.. You like when I do this to you.. You're being a little lair.. and liars are not nice at all.." He coos like he's talking to a damn child.

I whimper and moan pitifully. It feels so good and it shouldn't. It's wrong, I've heard all about this in school, this is rape. This is incest. My brother should be put away for what he's been doing to me... But, my groin is on fire under his touches, whether they're light or hard. My cock likes it, but my conscience is screaming at me to yell for help.

"That's it, Jeff... you like that.. You're so hard.. you like what I'm doing to you.. Think about it, Jeff.." Matt whispers, as he runs his thumb over the tip of my cock.

I Shudder. "No.. no.. stop.. uhm.. please.. I won't tell anyone.."

"Oh, I know you won't tell.. Just think.." Matt panted, squeezing me a bit.

I let out a frustrated whine as he continues to rub my aching erection. I know he's getting turned on by what he's doing to me. The bastard gets sick pleasure out of it.

"Think.. Remember what I told you.. huh, Jeff? When you get excited, he gets stiff and starts to ache and hurt.. and the only way to take care of it is to play with him and make him feel all better.. I'm just trying to help you.." He talks to me like I'm sexually stupid. Like I don't know what he's fucking doing to me.

"But, you made him stiff.." I countered, trying to push him off me and failing badly, he's stronger than I am.

"That's a lie, Jeff and you know it.. if you didn't like it, he wouldn't of gotten hard when I touched him.. This just means you're healthy and happy.. Shh.. just lay back and enjoy it.."

I couldn't help it, I burst into tears and held my hands over my face as Matt continued touching me. Matt didn't like that and growled angrily as he pulled my hands off my face and held them down on my stomach.

"Stop.. stop.. please, Matt.."

He ignored my pleas and started kissing and licking the tears from my face before he began sucking on my neck. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the feeling of his hand fisting me under my boxers. A whimpered cry escaped my throat as I felt myself reach and unwanted climax. Matt continued to hold me down as my body quaked and shook, my semen ruining another pair of underwear. I flushed, my stomach turning. I felt so sick and dirty. I felt like a disgusting whore. I kept my eyes closed as I felt Matt's weight shift off the bed. I heard the floor groaning as he walked around to the end of the bed. Matt jerked off the covers and my boxers next. I lay trembling all over, my heart pounding like mad. He gave me mine, it was his turn. I knew that sadistic look that shown back from his cold brown eyes. Matt took hold of my ankles and spread me apart. I shook my head in protest.

"Please.. no.. no.. I can't.." I stopped and swallowed thickly, choking on tears as I felt Matt's hands on my thighs and his weight shifting on the bed as he crawled up in between them.

His hands went to my hips, tracing my form. I opened my eyes and stared at him through blurred vision. Matt was leering at me. A sinful, lustful smirk painted on his lips.

"No, Matt, don't... I'm.. please.." I began struggling weakly underneath him.

Matt only grabbed my arms and held them down at my sides. "Be quiet, if dad hears you, you'll get sent away. Everyone will think you're a filthy whore because they don't understand you like I do, Jeff. Now, you came already and are being really selfish since you know it's my turn."

"No.. Don't.. Matty.. please.." I cried harder, feeling a sock get shoved in my mouth to stifle my cries.

Matt pushed my legs back apart and began fighting with his boxers to find his erection. I watched him as he took hold of himself, stroking himself a couple of times to warm up.. like he fucking needed to. I cried uselessly under the sock that was crammed into my mouth and shut my eyes tightly as he forced his way inside of me. His cock burning me as it stretched and tore my asshole. Pain shot all through my body as he shoved all the way inside. He let go of my leg and of himself as he laid down further on top of me. One hand went over my mouth to help muffle my screams under the sock. The other hand became twisted in my hair, yanking it harshly as he told me to stop and shut up. I screamed louder as he began thrusting in and out of me, hard, rough. I could hear him grunting and groaning his sick pleasure as he began kissing on my face and neck.

"God.. Jeff.. You feel so fucking good.. You little slut.. you like when I fuck you.. You little cocktease.. Uhm, love how your little asshole feels on my hard dick.." He taunted as he thrust in and out of me.

I wanted to throw up.. Why was he doing this to me? It wasn't right.. this is not how it's supposed to be? Every stab of his dick hurt me more than the last. I felt myself ripping and bleeding, my asshole was aching. It felt like my guts were being ripped out. Like I was being gutted like a fucking Halloween pumpkin. It was excruciating. And did he care? Fuck no. Matt was getting off on it, telling me how tight I was and how good I felt.

"Ah, fuck, Jeff.. fuck.. Oohm.. You like when I fuck you, you little liar... like my dick stuffing you..?"

Matt was holding me down now, I had stopped struggling. I was too tired to fight. I just laid still and let him finish. I felt intense burning as Matt came inside of me. I was burning. Burning from the inside out. I could feel him breathing heatedly on my neck, sweating, small groans and grunts escaping his throat. Matt gave one final hard thrust that nearly took my breath away before he stopped, resting on top of me for what seemed like forever before he pulled out just as roughly as he had entered. I whimpered and covered my face with my hands.

I felt so used. So worthless. Matt made sure I'd never be the same. Matt made sure I'd forever be broken.

(grins cruelly) I am sadistic. Sorry, Jeffy, but I have let you have loads of fun with Addy's ass :P I should 'pologize to Matty too. I made him beyond horrible here. Eh, what makes it worse is, it's hard to write a rape scene from the victim's standpoint. Jeff was 15 in the flashback and I tried to be subtle, but fuck it. Jeff likes to look slutty and play innocent in our twisted world of fanfics, so it works. Doing this POV will be hard to have others fucking unless Jeff is watching/involved. So, I may do other chapters in other characters POV's every now and then. And I know we love when Jeff's the victim, and I promise he will have a savior in this fic. Whether it be Adam, or other ;)

And I would never imply that anything I write (for those familiar w/ me or not) did or ever would happen ever to these people. This NEVER happened. It's strictly AU/OOC. And please, don't tell me I need to work on the other stories rather than starts new ones, I am aware of this already, lol.