It never happened.

And there are two parts to this one. This is the first one (obviously).

You could say that its IggyxMax, but I'm no particular Miggy fan.

In any case, all it does is lead to some good old, hardcore FAX.

Max isn't doing this to Iggy because she likes him. Feelings aren't really involved here.

Jealousy, and possesiveness is though.. but thatll be more explored in the next part.

Helping Iggy. (Part One).

"Ughh," Max groaned, as her face contorted in a grimace of both pleasure and pain, as she sunk herself down into the depth of Iggy's enlarged penis. Her eyes were shut tight.

Iggy moaned in pleasure as Max began to go up and down on him.

"M-maax, wh-what're you doin'?" Iggy gasped, between his throes of what was beknownst to him, as ecstasy.

Max was breathing heavily, beads of sweat rolled down from her collarbone, down towards the line of cleavage of her breasts, swinging freely, cavernously, from the height which she was raised at.

She was gripping the sheets in the space between Iggy's seperated knees, she rode him up and down, her undulating butt facing Iggy's sightless eyes. Her fists clutched the mattress and the bedsheets, gripping them tightly, her thumbs touching each other in the space between Iggy's knees.

She was sitting on his stiff, and upright penis, long and gorged, right on his lap.

The painful entrance of his penis into her vagina.. it hurt her, but she reveled in the pain.. somehow—she liked it. The stinging up in the center, the feeling that moving her sore abdomen, inundated with the intrusive length of Iggy's penis, would kill her.. somehow, she liked it. She liked the uncomfortable stinging, she liked the uncomfortable, stinging pain, which made her feel like her endometrium walls were about to tear, explode, and bleed at any second.

Iggy was hurting her.. so much.. but somehow, she liked the pain. The uncomfortable longing, and the pointy thing sticking up her cervix, made her feel like blood was leaking out of her fallopian tubing. She felt like crying, but she liked the pain.

Fang wasn't like this—he held a lot more pleasure, so much thicker, with technique, so bigbut he wasn't long; he was thick and tight. Fang had a lot of girth on his penis, and knew how to pleasure her, make her sigh estatically and writhe uncontrollably beside him in impatience and frustration. Fang's penis could making her feel fireworks rocket up her abdomen. But Iggy.. Iggy was just long.

It gave her so much pain.. but she liked it.

Her elbows quivered, shaking slightly over the elevated height over the thighs of Iggy's. He was gasping and breathing hard behind her, wondering what she was doing to him, and why he heard pained, throaty sobs coming from her. He didn't know it was because she was enjoying it so much.

She stayed there for a moment, unmoving, just sitting on top of his large penis, gasping at the throbs of pain which were shooting up her vaginal walls to her intestines, caused by Iggy's engorged penis. She felt like throwing up, he was so long and big. There was an uneasy quake in her stomach, and she felt just about ready to get sick and throw up at any moment, the feeling of his penis just resounding within her. But she knew she couldn't—she liked it so much. The small hinting of the pain, the stings, like a small, slow knife was cutting a circle somewhere in middle of her hips and her cervix—that was what his penis felt like inside of her. She loved it so much—the pain.

She gasped once more, before closing her eyes tightly again, and propelling herself forward and up through her fists, which were resting on the mattress between his knees and thighs. She had learned that move from Fang—going forward, and up, like undulatingaround on him, similar to how a washing machine would churned.

She had once reached an orgasm just by sitting down ontop of a running washing machine. She would reach out so that the metal top made contact with her inner vaginal nerves as she sat onto of it, with no protective layer between the enthralling cold vibrations of the metal and herself. She had closed her eyes and slipped her hands up her shirt, squeezing her breasts in sync with the vibrations of the churning machine, as Fang had slightly steered her hips around in slow circle ontop of the machine, watching her slowly jacking herself off on the vibrations. She had reached an incredible orgasm with the help of Fang there. And it had been so kinky too; there was no doubt she was turned on by the fact that he had been helping her reach that by herself, alone.

Iggy groaned loudly from beneath her when he felt her move. It had made her feel good too, and now there was an inkling of sparkling masochism coating the pain in her stomach.

She knew that with every move, the feeling would just get bigger, and bigger, as she reached closer to orgasm, and he, too.

"Ahh.." she groaned, as she moved up and down once more. She was going extra-slowly, this was his first time, and hers too with him. He didn't know what to do or expect, so she was making sure to go slowly, and make him revel in all the pleasures of all the pain.

Though, she doubted there was any pain on his part. Probably just pleasure. So she corrected himself—she had never felt pain in this way before, not since Fang had first penetrated her, but this was different.

This pain was reaching up past her cervix, to her intenstines.

Before, Fang had hurt her, as intention, to make her get used to the pain.

He hadn't had the capability to hurt her, but had been trying to, purposely.

But.. but Iggy was different. He was hurting her simply because his penis was so long. It reached up way back inside of her. Maybe she shouldn't've tried to sit on his pelvic mound—that caused his penis to find itself way up past her insides. Sitting on his hips was painful for her, especially if his penis was inundated inside her.

At first it had hurt a lot; when she tried to relaxed with him, the pain still remained, but soon, she got used to it and the pain got delicious.

Using her wrists to propell her forward, she began rocking forward and behind on Iggy's hips. She focused on the feeling of her butt rubbing against his lower abdomen; she was slowly and sensuously rubbing back and forth on his upper abdomen, to his lower abdomen, as if she was slowly trying to get rid of a particularly hard-to-rub stain.

And also, because she knew he'd love it. From that time he had felt up her breasts, and rubbed and nicked her buttocks, she knew he'd love it. He liked how soft she was, and she knew, self admittedly, that her butt was the softest part of her. So she rubbed it against him slowly and torturously, on his lap, and he rocked his penis back and forth against her, trying to get the gist of how things were working around them.

Iggy quieted intensely, as he focused on pleasuring her, hearing mewls of pleasure from her in surprise satisfaction, as he did so with his long, stark erection. The friction it provided within her, as he moved, was unexpectedly news to him, in pleasuring her. It hit her clitoris each and everytime, and she let out a groan every time, which slowly turned into gasps, as she began to go quicker and quicker, reveling in the feeling of the quick clitoris stimulation against his penis as they rocked back and forth together, ontop of him.

Iggy soon slipped his hands up to grip the back of her hips behind her waist, right above the butt which he was facing. Slowly, he was focusing her movements and guiding her slowly over him.

Soon, their groans and gasps turned into loud, enthralled moans and groans of ecstasy. And the door was open.

And she had told the kids to stay downstairs, but the door was open.

And through the slip in the door, Fang was watching them, his eyes clouded over and slowly lidded darkly as he slowly watched Max sitting on top of Iggy, riding him.

Iggy had been lying flat down ontop of the bed, completely undressed. Max, too, was completely naked, her breasts swinging too and and fro as she leaned over his legs, propelled up by her fists, resting on the mattress between his legs.

Max was completely undressed, unlike the way she had ever been completely undressed with him. Why was she completely undressed with Iggy? Max had never been completely undressed with him, whenever they'd done it together. It was always.. just partially this, or partially that. But.. but Iggy got the priviledge to feel her entirely unclothed sweat-dripping body?

Her head was thrown back and up, her medium-length blonde hair trailing down her back. The veins in her neck could be seen through her throaty groans and delightful screams, the neck was stretched tight, her boobs thrust forward to facing Iggy's feet.

Her incredibly arched back was facing Iggy's face and chest, but he knew it was better because Iggy loved particularly liked feeling her butt—which he noticed, was rubbing erotically against his entire abdomen, as she rubbed against him slowly and tightly, as they rocked forward.

He casually observed the base of Iggy's pale pink penis, reddening in all the blood rushing through it, conjoined by Max's heart-shaped vagina. The sight of Iggy's small base of penis raised and lowered slightly by an inch, as Max's vagina moved in and out of it.

The image was erotic, it was so stimulating. Sure, Fang felt himself get hard, but he was angry. So angry.

He watched them quietly, through dark, half lidded eyes, before finally closing his eyes resolutely, his erection throbbing painfully within his pants, and before turning around and walking away from that room, his eyes still closed.

He went down the stairs with a dark look gleaming in his eyes, to find the three kids sitting around the living room couches, watching a bunch of tv. Gazzy was complaining because he didn't want to watch Barney, but Nudge ignored him and continued staring at the tv, enthralled. Angel was giggling enthusiastically at something the big fat pink dinosaur had said. The tv could amuse them for hours—at least when they liked what they were watching.

Gazzy wasn't, of course. He wanted to watch a Transformers cartoon, and was whining and complaining, yet still completely ignored by his fellow younger siblings.

Gazzy heard Fang quietly come and quickly twisted his neck to turn around, not being insightful enough, the child he was, to catch the murderous, dark look on his older-brother-figure's face.

"Faaang—" he whined, "tell Max to come down, so she can tell them to let me watch Transformers," he whined.

Fang's face didn't change as he listened to Gazzy's request.

"Your mother-figure, Gaz, is currently upstairs, giving your brother-figure, Iggy, a handjob, except instead of with her face or mouth or even her hands, she's using her vagina," he said in his head.

"Its gonna be a while," Fang dismissed quietly, the ominous statement meaning more than one thing, as thoughts circled around his head quickly. Ignoring Gazzy, he walked away from the face of the den, to the kitchen.

There his plot was spinning around in his head murderously, while he opened the fridge angrily and looked around.

Mayonnaise, he considered. No, he decided, that wouldn't work.

He turned 45 degrees and instead faced the cabinet shelves high up above the sink, staring at them intently while thinking, before going up to open one. He brought out the tub of vaseline.

And he felt his underwear wetten a little bit at a spot, as he released some pre-cum fluid. Just the thought of him.. doing.. he'd never tried it before.. it got him hot and wet.. thinking of what he was about to try and do..

But he put his mind off it and looked around the kitchen some more.

His eyes found the blender. Now, Iggy wasn't the only one who knew about nicknacks and how the world and electronics worked. He began to undo the outer workings of the blender and looked at the parts around him, finally calculating something in his head and picking the one instrument part which would suited his intentions right.

He tested it out on his palm and felt himself getting a little harder at the feeling of it undulating around on his palm.

And then he turned around faced the fridge again, getting something out of it.

Fang would make Max scream.

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