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It was a normal day at Rikkaidai. The sun was bright, the breeze felt cool. Too bad they were all stuck in the the school gym! You see, for some reason all the students were gathered there. It was obviously really crowded and it was hard to move that much. Luckily though, Marui and Kirihara found each other there.

"Marui-senpai! Have you found Yukimura-buchou or Yanagi-senpai or the others yet?", Kirihara asked.

"Nope, not yet. Damn, this place is so crowded."

"Yeah, what the hell do they want anyways?!", Kirihara, who was growing impatient said. "It's hot here!"

"Shut up brat, I don't care about your whinings!"

"Why you-!"

But, before they could continue arguing, the school's principal finally showed up on the stage.

"What has been taking him so long?", the other students grumbled. Oh how they hated this.

"Good morning students of Rikkaidai. I'm here to inform you that today a professor from a certain far away country came here to Japan to let you try a special medicine to improve your body. Be grateful and try it. Now, please form an orderely line so that it will be distributed to you one by one. That is all.", he said.

The students followed almost at once. While the doctors distributed the medicine..which was just a pill.

"Hey, Kirihara. Don't swallow the pill.", Marui told his kouhai

"Eh? Why not?", Kirihara replied.

"Dunno, let's just see what happens...nothing bad will happen to us if we don't swallow it right?"


When it was their turn, they pretended to have swallowed the pill, and spat it out when they got outside.

"Yo!", Niou said to the regulars when they started practice later that morning.

"Hello Niou-kun", Yagyuu greeted his partner.

"So, what do you think about the pill?"

"I think it's quite nice Niou-kun. It could really improve our strengths, hopefully."

"Pfft. I think it's a load of bullshit."

"Niou!!", said Sanada, and then proceeded to slap Niou on the face. "The principal is right. You should be grateful that they gave Rikkai something like that!"

The trickster of the court just grumbled at Sanada, took his racket and went to the door. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

After the whole day of school and practice, they all finaly went home.

"Hmm, nothing changed...", Marui commented.

"Yeah, maybe that medicine was fake", Kirihara replied.


The next day, it was still the same. Days passed by already, but it seemed that instead of becoming stronger or anything. It seems that everyone was moving slower, even the adults.

"What's going on here? Everyone is acting strange...", Kirihara mumbled while walking past the halls, observing the other students. "I've got to talk to Marui-senpai about this!"

Kirihara ran up to Marui's section. "No.......running...in the...halls....", the hall monitor said sleepily. Strange. He was mean and loud before...

"Marui-senpai!", Kirihara shouted. Wow, what the hell happened here?! Everyone in the room was acting like a bunch of zombies! and not the cool ones that eat brains, but the weird walking and drooling ones. Kirihara made a disgusted face, when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

"Ack!" he jumped out of suprise.

"Haha. Don't worry, it's just me", Marui grinned. How could he grin at a time like this??

"Where's Niou-senpai and the others?"

"I dunno..."

"They're your classmates!!"

"So?? It's not like I care!"

"Let's look for them!", Kirihara said. And they did! They looked at the rooftop, the library, all the rooms, and all they saw were a bunch of zombie-like people. And finally, they found all the others in the clubroom. Wow, they should have looked there in the first place...

"Okay team...let's...do our best today...", Yukimura said tiredly.

"Yukimura...are you...okay?", Sanada asked the blue-haired boy in the same manner.

"I'm fine..."

"Iidata...", Yanagi muttered while writing sloppily on his notebook. Everyone is acting strange, must be the cause of that medicine. And some other more stuff unknown to us all.

"Wow...what the hell is going on?!", both Marui and Kirihara said at the same time while watching everyone practice like a bunch of little kids on the court. lways tripping down, falling asleep everywhere, and all.

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