"Sam? Oh, it's good to see you," Daniel smiled. Jack sat on the other side of her bed eating her Jell-O, and Teal'c stood at the foot. Vala and Cam sat at the next bed.

"Oh, I just had the most wonderful dream!" she smiled quietly. "You were there, and Jack you were there, even Teal'c and…Dr. Fraser was there."

"Even us?" Vala asked.

"Even you," sam laughed.

"How is that funny?"

"You were the Wicked Witch," Sam smiled. Vala gasped as Jack stifled a laugh.

"So, you had a dream about The Wizard of Oz?" Daniel asked.

"What is that?" Teal'c asked.

"A movie from our planet, and yes, I did. I was Dorothy, and Jack, you were the Scarecrow."

"I find that offensive!" he exclaimed.

"You're smart," she grinned. "Teal'c was the Tin Man."

"Makes sense there," Jack murmured.

"Daniel, you were the Lion," Sam smiled. Jack laughed that time, then looked away. "Vala, you were the Wicked Witch of the West. Janet was Glenda. Cassie and my father were my aunt and uncle, Cam you were Vala's monkeys, and Bra'tac was one of the larger ones near the end."

"There are Jaffa in your movies?" Teal'c asked.

"In the one in my dream," Sam smiled. "Oh, and General Hammond was the Wizard."

"About that," Jack whispered. "We got word from his family. He passed away while you were in a coma."

Sam waited a moment before speaking. "What happened to me?" she asked.

"As soon as we walked through the gate, we were ambushed. When we were jumping into the bushes, you hit your head and got knocked out," Daniel replied.

"How long ago?" Sam asked.

"About six hours, you've been out," Vala replied. Sam nodded and looked to Jack.

"So why are you here?"

"Looking out for my team, introducing the new guy to some old guys, the Jell-O," he smirked. "I'm glad you're okay. They want you to rest, particularly with you hallucinating about The Wizard of Oz."

"That was a big word for a scarecrow," Sam smiled. Jack picked up her entire lunch tray and carried it outside. Teal'c and Daniel shook her hand then followed. Vala and Cam stayed behind.

"So, we get the crappy roles, huh?" Cam asked. "Just so you know, I'd refuse to work the movie if that was what the casting director had in mind for me."

"You were apart of the Lollipop Guild," Sam tried. Cam made a strange face the walked out. Vala sat down beside her.

"So what about this Wicked Witch character? Does she annihilate something?" Vala asked.

"I'll tell you later," Sam whispered, yawning. Vala nodded and left the room.

As Sam began a nap, she felt Janet's presence with her, along with her father's, General Hammond's, and Bra'tac's. She knew she'd never be far from home as she dozed off to sleep.

A/N: So, what'd you think? After some frustrating moments, I was able to get this typed within a day. Updating it? Hmm…it's the twenty-sixth today, so…you figure out how long it took me to get internet (of July, by the way).

So, I did add some characters I don't like (Vala and Cam) and I gave them crappy roles. The time line with the SGC is a little off, but…the movie didn't really help any. So, keep that in mind if you want to Flame me. Also, for those who are wondering, yes, I directly copied some lines from The Wizard of Oz. It was the worst part about typing this sense the Wizard uses big words that aren't even words, and…I have a VCR so, o clear it up: I got the lines directly from the movie, meaning I had to like watch it while I was writing (which is hard because I forget easy). So, I hope you enjoyed this and I think this is officially the best Wizard of Oz screw over in SG-1 history.