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Summary: Lupin goes to Konoha to ask for the shinobi's help, and Sakura and Kankuro come along as well to protect Gaara. Everyone is happily reunited, and Naruto gets Dumbledore's original watch from the will. They all help with the wedding, but then the Death Eaters come and Naruto and the Trio leave. With the Ministry fallen, the shinobi work with the wizards to best figure out how to fight back, warn wizards of the truth, and protect Muggle-borns.

Kankuro goes with the twins to get supplies from their joke shop but run into another Death Eater and some Snatchers. Kankuro defeats the Death Eater and gains a wand. Ginny and Sakura go to Luna's house to invite Mr. Lovegood to start publishing the truth of what's happening in The Quibbler, but also to discuss starting Dumbledore's Army up again with Luna. Gaara goes shopping with Mrs. Weasley and helps ease her worries about Ron and the others. Meanwhile, Naruto protects the Trio as they try to find a place to stay. Two Death Eaters find them, but are defeated.

The four of them learn that Voldemort's name is enchanted, and let Lupin know when he comes to check up on them. He rushes to inform the Order, but Kakashi and Kingsley are already gone tracking Snatchers. They're discovered, and during the fight it's revealed the enemy created new spells based on some of the shinobi's jutsu. Kakashi is injured by an imitation spell of Chidori, but is able to defeat his opponent when they Apparate to a desert.

Back at Grimmauld Place, Kreacher returns with Mundungus for information about the locket. To their horror, they learn the Horcrux is in Umbridge's possession.

Now on to the next chapter!

"Well this is just great!" Ron threw his hands up in the air. "We find out where the Horcrux is, but it's hanging around that old toad's neck!"

"Calm down, Ron," Hermione said. She held out a cup of tea for him that she had just prepared. Kreacher had taken Mundungus back after Hermione performed a simple memory charm on him to make sure no word of what they were doing could reach Voldemort. Upon returning, Kreacher had offered to make them all tea (since apparently, when Harry let him keep Regulus's locket he had in a way completely bought Kreacher's loyalty) but Harry insisted he get some rest. The poor elf looked like he needed it.

"How can I calm down when the thing we have to destroy is in the hands of one of the most dangerous people to our cause right now?"

Hermione gave him a look. Ron's shoulders sagged a little before he snatched up the chipped cup and took a few sips.

"We obviously can't go about this rashly," Hermione said, bringing the other boys into the conversation. "We'll most likely only get one shot at this and can't afford to make mistakes."

"Where's the best place to intercept her?" Naruto asked. He knew who Umbridge was from their earlier discussion when they brought him up to speed. While he hadn't been there himself, they described her to him so well his abhorrence of her was nearly on the same level. He also found himself grateful they managed not to arrive at Hogwarts at the same time as her, or else things could have been a whole lot worse.

"Best place would probably the Ministry of Magic," Harry mumbled.

"Why don't we start there?"

Ron scoffed. "Because we're not suicidal." Harry nodded. Hermione, however, was staring off into space and the others could hear the wheels turning in her head. It was eerily reminiscent of Sakura, though Naruto knew in this instance he wouldn't end up with a chakra-enhanced fist to the face if he said something wrong.

"Actually . . . Naruto might be on to something," Hermione said. Both Harry and Ron stared at her as if she had lost her mind.

"You do understand what you're suggesting," Ron said. "She's bound to be surrounded by guards, the place will have loads of Death Eaters, and oh yeah—they're saying Harry killed Dumbledore!"

"Of course I understand the risks!" Hermione snapped. "But it's our best option. What else can we do—attack her outside her house? It's not like we can just look her up in the Wizarding Yellow Pages!"

Ron and Naruto stared blankly at her. "You have pages that tell you where other people live?" Naruto looked horrified at the thought. Sure, the Hokage had an archive of scrolls that detailed where the villagers and shinobi lived, but it was guarded and only a handful of people could have access to it.

Ron shrugged at Naruto. "Guess it's a Muggle thing."

"Hermione . . . don't you think it'd be easier to follow Umbridge home rather than go into the Ministry?" Harry asked as Hermione added sugar to her tea.

She didn't respond at first, electing to instead slowly swirl the sugar into her tea. A few moments passed before she looked up.

"The Ministry of Magic certainly isn't my first choice," she began, "but it's probably the best place to catch her off guard. Just hear me out on this," she added when Ron opened his mouth. "Chances are Umbridge has a lot of protective spells around her home. As you saw from Dumbledore's funeral, Umbridge is still twitchy and paranoid about her safety ever since the centaurs carried her off into the Forbidden Forest."

Harry and Ron shared a look of pure glee as they thought back to the fond memory. "What I wouldn't give to have been able to video that," Ron muttered.

"So that means she most likely has every possible means of security around her house," Hermione continued, though she couldn't help but smirk as well. "Figuring out a way around all the enchantments she could use would leave us too exposed. She might even have members of the Ministry protecting her, and with our luck the one on shift could be a Death Eater."

"But the Ministry is crawling with people!" Ron protested. "You've never been there before; there's at least as many workers as there are students at Hogwarts, if not more!"

"But they wouldn't be expecting us," Naruto chimed in. There was a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"Well yeah, because who would be stupid enough to attack the Ministry at their headquarters?" Harry said.

"Apparently us," Ron muttered.

Hermione rolled her eyes at the ceiling. "Honestly, you two! At least Naruto gets it. Don't you see that the safest place for Harry right now is somewhere they'd never expect him to be? They don't know we're looking for Horcruxes, and even if they did, no one would know that Umbridge has one. To the Ministry and Death Eaters, there's absolutely no reason for us to be at the Ministry of Magic, which is exactly why it's the perfect place to be."

"And if things get bad you guys can always just Apparate, right?"

"You can't Apparate inside the Ministry, Naruto. They've got all sorts of enchantments against it like at Hogwarts."

"Well then I'm sure it won't work against me! My transportation jutsu worked just fine."

"But what if we get separated?" Harry asked.

Naruto gave him a look, and suddenly there were three Narutos smiling at him.

"Oh, uh . . . right. Keep forgetting you can do that."

"But what if—"

"Why don't we focus on coming up with a plan before we make a final decision?" Hermione said. "Then if it's doable we'll carry it out and if not we'll come up with something different." She grabbed some parchment she nicked from the study and the others settled in for a long discussion.

When Kakashi Apparated into the Weasley backyard he was rammed into by a pink blur.

"Ooops, sorry, Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura backed up to give the man some breathing room. She knew it was silly of her to worry, but she couldn't help it. This new world was so strange and all this sitting around and not doing anything was setting her on edge.

"You've been hanging around Naruto too much," Kakashi wheezed. "But you're just the person I wanted to see."

Sakura's posture stiffened and her eyes got that same critical, exasperated look to it that med-nins perfected to a science. Kakashi sighed. Tsunade did always say he brought out the best in people.

"What happened?" Her clenched hands shook and Kakashi was suddenly struck with the notion that Sakura's reservations about punching her former sensei could very well vanish in the foreseeable future. He needed to tread carefully from now on.

With that in mind, Kakashi contemplated the best way to explain and avoid a fist to the face. The adrenaline from the fight was wearing off fast, giving him a splitting headache. It also didn't help that the Weasley's backyard kept tilting. And Sakura needed to stop looking fuzzy. It was distracting.

"'mitation shpell o' Chidori," he slurred as his left leg gave out. Sakura caught him easily and held two fingers in front of his face.

"Keep your eye on it," she said. Kakashi tried but she was moving it too fast. Her tongue clicked in obvious disapproval. "Mild injuries but I still need to make sure you don't suffer internal organ damage. Just bring him inside." She started walking toward the house.

It was then that Kakashi realized he was being supported on either side by Kankuro and Gaara, with the later looking extremely worried (or at least that's what Kakashi assumed).

"The Death Eaters are adapting spells to resemble our jutsu?" Gaara asked.

Kakashi's tongue felt thick and leathery, so he resorted to nodding. He couldn't help but wonder if he was hallucinating, because Gaara was wearing a horribly patterned and frilly apron. He also smelled like chocolate chip cookies.

Kakashi was seated at the kitchen table where to his surprise, Sakura's med kit was already laid out. He glanced to his right and noticed Kingsley was also seated. There was a bandage on his forehead and he looked a little green. Kakashi opened his mouth for a status report but ended up groaning and wincing as Sakura carefully but quickly removed his flak jacket. She then started to gently probe his chest with green chakra to determine the extent of his injury.

"The family got away," Kingsley said, his words slow and strained. "After they took you, a Death Eater used Deprimo like I did, nearly knocking me out when it slammed me into a tree." His face contorted into a grimace as he shifted his position. "I was able to escape after incapacitating two of them. And it turns out they found us because we used You-Know-Who's name."

Kakashi's eye widened. Well at least they got that settled. He was relieved to learn it was a spell that gave them away and not a lack of stealth on his part. Or even better, it wasn't that the wizards had suddenly evolved to be on par with an ex-ANBU captain. That would be a nightmare, yet the question that remained was how—

"I found out from Naruto and the others," Remus cut in, anticipating Kakashi's question and wishing to spare Kingsley from aggravating his concussion further. "I'm not sure how they found out, but they were certain of it."

"I need you to breathe slowly and deeply for me, Kakashi-sensei," Sakura said. She braced her right arm against his shoulder with the left against his chest, still pulsating with chakra. "You did a good job directing the lightning away from your organs, but your right lung has some damaged nerves. I need to start repairing them so your lung doesn't seize up and possibly collapse."

That would be unfortunate, Kakashi thought dryly. He did as Sakura ordered and after a few minutes it became easier to breath. Some of the tension in his back disappeared and he sent a grateful smile in Sakura's direction. He didn't want to risk aggravating his wound by speaking.

As Sakura started healing the more minor injuries, Arthur sat across from Kakashi and Kingsley. "Now that both of you are here we can fill you in on what happened during your mission. We met with Mr. Lovegood, the owner of a newspaper that's helped us out in the past," he added for Kakashi's benefit. "Until recently no one had paid it any mind, but then he published an issue with an interview by Harry last year."

"A real interview," Remus added, noting the look on Kakashi's face. "Far better than Rita Skeeter and more truthful than the Daily Prophet."

"It helped Harry get the truth out about You-Know-Who's resurrection, so the majority of the wizarding community know to go to it for truth," Arthur continued. "In it, the article urges Muggle-borns to keep themselves safe and for others to protect and warn their Muggle-born friends. It hints at the Ministry being taken over and warns not to openly speak about You-Know-Who in a way that would seem rebellious."

The two injured men nodded their approval. There were parts purposefully left vague so their enemy would be unaware of just how much they knew. Anything more specific would have to be passed by word of mouth, but now the first hurdle of awareness was crossed. A newspaper could travel faster and in better secrecy than their tiny band could.

There was idle chatter for a time before Gaara addressed Sakura. "Is it safe for Kakashi to speak?"

Sakura glanced outside for the time then placed a hand on Kakashi's chest. After a moment of concentration she nodded. "Try not to overdue it."

"Maa, you know me, Sakura. A regular chatterbox," Kakashi drawled. He narrowed his eye in seriousness and looked to Gaara. "It's as I said, the Death Eaters have created spells that mimic our jutsu."

The color drained from most of the wizard's faces.

"You mean . . . they can do the things you guys do?" Ginny asked, her throat suddenly dry.

"Not exactly. We only saw two spells, but we can't rule out the possibility there are more. The good news is they aren't as powerful or effective as our jutsu. One spell conjured weapons similar to our kunai, though it was only with the amount of force on level with a genin. Unfortunately, it's still powerful enough to fatally injure wizards.

"The second spell was less destructive than my Chidori, but again—it's powerful enough to cause significant injury to wizards and civilians alike."

"You don't look all that injured," Tonks pointed out, sitting next to her husband.

"I'm a lightning chakra user, so I have a greater resistance to it. I also was able to alter the course of the lightning with my chakra paths, which you wizards don't have. And anyway I'm used to the justu, since it's my preferred method of assassination."

"Gaara's cookies are ready!" Molly cut in, carrying out a container of milk and cups.

As she levitated everything onto the table, Kakashi turned to Gaara with a raised eyebrow. "So you were making cookies." And I wasn't hallucinating, he added to himself. Always a good thing to know.

Gaara nodded, already nibbling on one. Thankfully, the atrocious apron was gone. "Molly taught me how."

"Pretty good too, man," Kankuro said. "You know—how about you bring some to the next council meeting? Just imagine the look on their faces!" Kankuro snickered as a tiny smirk tugged at Gaara's face.

"Perhaps they'll do us all a favor and die of shock," Gaara muttered, reverting to Japanese. He had decided to try and keep his more "morbid" comments among fellow shinobi. It led to less awkward pauses from some of the wizards.

"Death by chocolate chip cookies, what a perfect way for them to die," Kankuro said, catching on to his brother's intent.

Kakashi chuckled at the exchange then shifted his attention to the twins. "So what sort of supplies did you get from your shop?"

The two of them dunked a cookie into their cup of milk in perfect synchronization and grinned mischievously. "My dear, dear fellow—"

"—have we got some delightful goodies for the lot of you."

Many hours passed as the wizards and shinobi hashed out a rudimentary plan for infiltrating the Ministry. Ron and Naruto were the most helpful, with Ron's knowledge of how things worked in the Ministry and Naruto's experience in the matter. There were many holes they had to fill and spying that needed to be done, but even Ron had to admit their plan might actually work.

"'S'good thing Sirius left you this place," Ron said as he licked his greasy fingers. "Can't imagine having to do this on the run somewhere."

While Naruto knew he could easily handle living on the run, he couldn't help but agree. The forests didn't have pizza! He gleefully bit into another slice and savored the gooey cheese. He remembered the first time he tried pizza at Hogwarts. Neither Kakashi nor Gaara cared for it, but Naruto just saw it as more for him. While pizza was of course nowhere near the level of ramen, it was still delicious.

Since Kreacher was still sleeping and there wasn't much by way of food in the house, Naruto had been tasked with fetching some food. Hermione felt bad they had to resort to stealing (since none of them had any money left), but when Harry pointed out the only other option was to wake Kreacher from a well-deserved rest she quickly agreed. "So long as we don't make a habit of it," she warned.

It had been painfully easy to leave with his ability to henge at will, and Naruto welcomed the chance to stretch his legs and breathe the fresh air. Well, the air wasn't as fresh as he was used to, but it was better than stale air from an old, moldy house. Now that it was light out, the town they were in fascinated Naruto, but he found himself longing for trees. To his dismay there was a significant absence of trees here, but the buildings were massive! What he wouldn't give to run across the rooftops; it was like a playground just begging to be explored. Naruto resisted the urge, because even though he'd be moving too fast for the civilians to see, they would eventually notice something was up. He couldn't risk drawing attention to himself.

And so, after some brief exploration Naruto discovered a pizza shop. He decided to turn his search into a training exercise and entered through the front door. He ordered four large pizzas, then used all his concentration and willpower to make a small genjutsu. Because the shop was full of civilians and not shinobi, Naruto's practically nonexistent skill in genjutsu actually worked. It was enough to fool the cashier into thinking Naruto handed over cash for the pizzas. And because Naruto was the greatest ninja ever, he made sure to create a henged clone to alter the angle of the camera before he even ordered so no one could suspect a thing. Kakashi-sensei would be so proud of him!

And so, with his spoils in hand, Naruto had made his way back to Grimmauld Place. They had a lot of work ahead of them, but Naruto was determined to use every ounce of his shinobi skills to make things right. There was no way Harry and his friends could fail with Uzumaki Naruto on the job!

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"That's what cookies are made of?" Gaara examined the ingredients laid out on the counter in disbelief.

"Once you start mixing them together they'll look more like cookies." Molly's voice was muffled as she rummaged through the pantry. "Ah! I knew there was another one around here somewhere." She turned around with two frilly and vibrant pieces of material with string. "Here, this should be your size," she said, holding out the shorter and smaller of the pair.

Gaara stared at the offered fabric critically. "What is this for?"

"It's an apron, dear. It's to keep food from getting on your clothes."

"Is it really that messy?"

"Not all the time, but it never hurts to be prepared." Gaara couldn't argue with that logic.

He waited to see how Molly put on the apron before putting on his own, but ran into a problem when he tried to tie it around his waist. A full minute passed but his fingers just couldn't move the way they were supposed to. Gaara scowled. He could tie knots in pure darkness yet he was incapable of doing it behind his back?

"Oh don't worry about that, dear," Molly said. "That sort of thing takes some getting used to, and you can always tie it around the front if you'd like."

Gaara quickly crossed the strings behind him to bring them forward. He wanted to do so before Molly changed her mind and tied it for him. He knew she'd have no qualms doing so and he could do without that particular embarrassment.

"Now what I like to do to make things go faster and smoother," Molly began, "is to have all my ingredients measured out and ready before I do any mixing. Here's the list." She flicked her wand and a piece of parchment floated next to Gaara at eye level. "It'll follow you around so don't worry. Now how about you measure out everything and I'll put the containers away when you're done?"

After a brief explanation of what a "tsp." vs "tbsp." was, Gaara set to work. He started with the ingredients with the smallest measurements required and worked his way up. He slowly dipped the tiny spoon into the salt, held it close for inspection, lightly tapped some back into the container, then set it down as if it were made of glass. This meticulous process was repeated for each ingredient, and Molly was impressed by how conservative and precise he was. Deadly precise, the dark part of her mind supplied, which she promptly ignored.

Once he finished, Gaara turned to Molly. She could see the doubt and hesitation in his gaze. She opened her mouth in a wide grin. "That was probably the finest measuring I've ever seen, Gaara," she said. "I don't think I could have done a better job even if I used magic."

A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and he diverted his gaze. "Thank you," he mumbled.

"Have you ever baked before? You seem to have a natural talent for it." Molly had expected his first experience to be messy and uncoordinated like her other children's had been.

Gaara shook his head. "I've never baked, but most shinobi know how to make their own bombs. You can die if you're sloppy or follow the instructions wrong."

"Oh right. I . . . didn't think of that." Molly cleared her throat. "Anyway, it's time to start mixing. Put these in a small bowl," (she pointed to a fraction of the ingredients) "and then these in this bigger bowl," she said, pointing to the rest. Before long the cookie dough was ready and the oven was heating up.

"Now all that's left is to form the dough into little balls and place them on the cookie sheet, then they need to bake for a couple minutes, and you've got chocolate chip cookies!"

"Did someone say chocolate chip cookies?" Ginny rushed into the kitchen from around the corner, pulling her hair into a ponytail.

"Yes, I promised I'd teach Gaara how to make them," Molly said. "And he's done an excellent job."

Ginny peered into the mixing bowl and smiled at Gaara. "Yeah they look great! Have you tried some?"

Gaara frowned. "But I haven't put them in the oven yet."

Ginny gave her mother a scandalized look. "Mum! How could you not let him try cookie dough? You can't make cookies without eating cookie dough!"

"I've told you children time and time again it's not good for you!" Molly placed her hands on her hips and adopted her characteristic stern look. "How many times do I have to say you could—"

"—could get Salmonella from the raw eggs, blah-blah-blah," Ginny said flippantly. "Come on, mum, no one's ever gotten sick from eating a bit of cookie dough." With that she dipped two fingers in the bowl, scooped out some of the dough, and stuck it in her mouth. She hummed a noise of contentment and turned to Gaara. "Go on, try some. It's all part of the experience, don't mind my mum."

Gaara took a step toward the bowl before sending a hesitant glance at Molly.

She sighed. "Ginny's right, it's all part of the experience." She flashed him a wry smile. "Children never listen to their parents on this part, so I suppose you should do it right."

Ginny winked at him and Gaara scooped some cookie dough into his mouth the way Ginny demonstrated. His face lit up at the taste and he eagerly licked the rest of the dough off his fingers. How could he have gone this long without trying this?

"See, told ya." Ginny rested a hand on Gaara's shoulder in mock seriousness. "You have successfully completed this vital rite of passage." Her determined look morphed into a gleeful one. "Now let's finish making these cookies!"

Some time later, the scent of cookies in the oven drew everyone into the dining room (even Kankuro and Sakura who were sparring outside). The treats were finished before they had a chance to cool off.

"Could we make some cookies again? Some other time?" Gaara asked as he helped Molly put away the dishes. Molly turned and noticed the way Gaara was intently staring at the plate he was drying. She reached out and lightly touched the towel in his hands.

When he lifted his gaze Molly smiled warmly at him. "As often as you want, dear."

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