2,190 days 13,140 hours and six years later" I' m still married to my abusive controlling and mantupilitve husband, James Tracker.

" I am with his second child which is due in another three months.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan- Tracker.
James and I have been married for six years.

We started dating in eighth grade and only lasted all through high school, but who knew he would threaten my family and I to date him.
About three years into college, James brutally raped me and that's how our first child Danielle Elizabeth Tracker was born.
You ask why I haven't left him; I'll tell you why.
I' m a kindgertan teacher in Forks, Washington, where as my husband is a big time athletic recruiter for the NFL and NBA.

So say as you wish," I' m their for the money.
No, I' m here because I" m scared for my life if I leave, and I" m not sure how to bring in more money.
" The only things I enjoy in life now is my six year old daughter, my kindgertan class, my father and best friends who are like my sisters Alice, Rosalie, Angela, Esme and Zafrina.

Let's not forget our yearly marriage exercised trips where James has to act civilized.

"We've been all over the world such as Spain, Africa, Tokyo, and Hawaii. This year I get to pick we are going. I'm choosing Italy.

"Who knew Italy made me question if my marriage was for sex? Money? Or love?

So, come follow me on my journey of self discovery, self confidence and a little bit of Roman romance to show me life has so much more meaning than rape, beatings physical or emontial pain.
" Once you' ve started the journey into Italian alleyways with the off limits Italian doctors you'd want to fasten your seatbelt and keep an eye out for the green eyed sexy doctor.

Or I would like to call him Dr. Sex Muffin.'

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