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Pov: Edward

"Don't fucking move!" Has been running through my mind for the last twenty minutes. While I was signing the letter a tall man with blonde hair swept back in a ponytail.

Somehow got into my hospital room. And from what I can tell he is not happy, but unbelievably pissed. At the sign of the gun he held. I froze, and reached for the nurses button. But his next words made me pause scared out of my mind.

"Don't fucking move or I'll shoot!" "Now listen up! Since you feel the need to go and sleep with another man's wife. I decided to come and pay a visit so we can talk man to man. Now tell me what the fuck possessed you to sleep with my wife?" I know the bitch didn't keep her fucking mouth shut and told you what goes on.

But that is between a man and his wife! " You need to know that I apologize for taking what's yours, but what we have is beyond love it moves heaven and earth." It's stronger than the whole world put together.

What you never need to worry about is taking care of her, because that is a given. I knew in my mind that I just said would have me killed, but I never knew it would be this painful.

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