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------------------------------------------------------------RON SEES RED-----------------------------------------------------------

Ron eyed the pair in front of him with narrowed eyes. Turning to his Potions partner, he asked in an undertone, "Harry, have you noticed how ... friendly... Bumfluff here has been towards Hermione recently?"

Harry added the Flobberworm's mucus to the potion, and then joined Ron in watching Draco Malfoy remove a bit of unicorn hair that had lodged itself in Hermione's hair. Hermione's response - blushing - didn't go unnoticed by her two best friends. Ron's eyes, if possible, narrowed even further.

Harry returned to their potion - well, really, his potion, considering the fact that Ron couldn't refrain from focusing his attention on Malfoy's every movement. "Jealous, Ron?" he teased.

Ron rolled his eyes dramatically. "As if! I just find it weird how the bloody idiot can suddenly rise from the dead."

Harry cocked an eyebrow. "He was never dead to begin with."

Ron hissed in frustration. "A guy can dream. But seriously, Harry, what I meant was that before the war, Malfoy was this hard-hearted, cold bloke devoid of any feelings. And now, oh-so-bloody-suddenly, he acts as though he has a heart! The guy's barking mad!" He continued to burn daggers into the back of Malfoy's head.

Draco, without turning, raised his voice slightly so that they could hear him, "I can feel that, Weasel."

Ron obstinately intensified his stare, but returned to assist Harry when Slughorn said, "Ten minutes left!"

Looking at the bubbling potion, he asked, "So, what are we making?"

"I am making Veritaserum. Or trying to, at least ..."

"Oh. Right." Ron fiddled with the apparatus. Bored, he returned to monitoring Malfoy's every move.

Harry observed Ron, and said quietly, "Ron, he did explain to us about it." Ron let out a "humph!" sound. Harry continued, "He - could you pass the snake venom please - he said that the war taught him compassion -" (here Ron laughed; Harry ignored him, trying to hide his irritation) "-and how, what kind of blood a person has doesn't matter. He said it taught him to respect the value of love. He said it taught him -"

"Wish it taught him how to make you shut up," Ron mumbled darkly.

Harry sighed. "Look, Ron, I'm not saying I believe him. But I've learnt to accept him." And control myself,unlike some people, he added as an afterthought, but didn't mention this to Ron. "Besides," he continued, "he can't be half that bad if Hermione doesn't mind his company." Ron stared at him incredulously. Harry chose to ignore this, and retired to his own thoughts, stirring the potion absentmindedly.

Harry recalled Draco's discomfort of trying to fit in after the war. Draco still had that condescending manner of his, though, but Harry could still see that a little warmth had highlighted Draco's eyes recently. He recalled getting a half-hearted handshake and a curt nod out of Draco. He recalled Ron's and Hermione's post-relationship awkward phase. And speaking of relationships, he and Ginny -


Ron's yelp snapped Harry back to the present, only to find himself surrounded by a cloud of steam.

Ron's voice came from somewhere on his right. "It's ten stirs anti-clockwise, and then four stirs clockwise - not twenty!" Harry cursed. So now the git decides to pay attention?

The steam slowly faded, and Harry was met with an alarming sight. Ron's hair had gone from his usual red hair to a reddish-brown colour. "Y-your hair ..." Harry didn't have time to complete his sentence. A figure approached their desk.

"Harry, m'boy!" Slughorn's voice boomed. He inspected their potion. "Ah, you managed to concoct a Mood Reflector Potion. Very clever, of course, but today we're brewing Veritaserum! So I'm afraid Mr Weasley, your hair will be changing all sorts of colours - according to your moods - for approximately a week." At this, Ron's hair turned even more red-brown. Many of the Slytherins jeered at him, whereas the Gryffindors shot him sympathetic, yet partly amused, looks.

Slughorn chuckled, and returned to inspecting the other cauldrons. "However, Harry, ten points to Gryffindor for brewing the potion so perfectly!"

Slughorn had returned to Hogwarts on McGonagall's request. He reoccupied his post as Potions Master, with Harry still being his favourite student.

Ron whimpered, catching his reflection in the window, "My hair!" He looked at Harry's jet-black, haphazard hair. "How come nothing's wrong with yours?"

Hermione piped up, reciting, "With-a-Mood-Reflector-Potion-the-steam-produced-affects-any-person-within-one-foot-of-the-potion-excluding-the-potion-brewer." Ron's hair turned blood red.

Malfoy smirked at Ron. "Angry much, Weasel?"

If steam could have come out of Ron's ears, it would have. He withdrew his wand. "Why, you arrogant, little b -"

The bell cut him off. "Save it, Weasel. Such perfection -" here, Draco pointed to himself, "-really shouldn't be insulted." And with that, he winked at Hermione who produced another blush, and casually strolled out of the classroom, a satisfied smirk on his face.

Hermione shook her head disbelievingly, a small smile playing on her lips. She filled a vial with the potion from her and Draco's cauldron and deposited it on Slughorn's desk. She walked out of the classroom with Harry and Ron flanking her. She stopped abruptly at the end of the passage, and turned to face Ron. The two, not expecting the sudden stop, collided with her, and they tumbled to the floor. A moment past by, when all three burst into laughter. Ron's hair turned blue-green. Seeing this, the friends laughed harder. They collected themselves, and got up, brushing off the dust from their robes. Hermione, still giggling, told Ron, "I was going to say, Ron, that you really shouldn't insult Malfoy." A teasing glint coloured her eyes. "Anyway," she continued, glancing towards her right, "I need to go to the -"

"Library," said Ron and Harry together.

"Right," Hermione smiled, and ran off.

Harry rolled his eyes, and walked in the general direction of the Great Hall for lunch. Ron followed him, his hair turning orange, as he pondered over something Hermione had said. The wheel of thought began to spin in his head...

------------------------------------------------------ -----to be continued----------------------------------------------------------


Red-brown - Alarm

Blood red - Angry

Blue-green - Normal, easy-going, relaxed

Orange - thoughtful, stimulation of ideas.

These are definitely accurate! I verified with Mood Rings Colour Chart: .com/