Summary: Edward and the rest of the family goes hunting for the weekend except Jasper who stays behind to watch Bella. But what happens when more than innocent thoughts and touches become involved. Will the two be able to resist the temptation.

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I watched Bella fidget for the fifth time in a row. She was nervous about staying at the house this weekend alone with Jasper. "Bella it's only until Sunday morning." "Love, I will be back before you even miss me."

She looked at me with her doe like eyes and bit her bottom lip and said "I miss you already, does that mean you won't leave." Before I could even say a word Alice rushing in the room. "Don't you dare give in Edward. You need to hunt and Bella this has got to stop. He can't keep putting off hunting ever time you stay at our house. Besides you'll be fine Jasper will be here with you." Just as quickly as she came she left again but not before telling me that everyone else is waiting on me.

I turned to look at Bella "You know Alice is right love", I have to go I haven't hunted in almost a week." " Jasper is the only one who has hunted this week, I will see you Sunday morning." She looked at me and sighed in defeat but then gave me the most breathtaking smile and said "Well I guess I'll see you Sunday." Before she could even blink I had her in my arms racing down the stairs to the front door where I sat her down. I gave her quick kiss and I was out the door sliding into the back of Emmett's jeep.

When I heard Jasper's thoughts "Don't worry Edward I'll take care of Bella she is safe with me. Enjoy your hunting trip." I turned my head slightly and nodded to Jasper, and with that we were racing down the drive. Alice looked at me " She will be fine Edward, Jasper is in control of his bloodlust now."


I watch as Edward and the rest of the Cullen's except for Jasper disappeared down the drive. I suddenly felt calm I turn to find myself looking at Jasper. This was our first time ever being alone so to say I wasn't nervous would be a lie.

"Bella." My name rolled off his tongue like an caress it sounded beautiful coming from his lips. Whoa where the hell did that come from, why is he looking at me oh he is waiting for me to respond quick say something Bella use your words. "Yes Jasper." He looked at me and gave me the sexiest smirk I have ever seen. Whoa stop it Bella he is with Alice you are with Edward so that means no touchy he is off limits. "Are you going to stand at the door until that get back or you actually going to come back inside the house."

He looked at me with amusement in those golden eyes they were so beautiful even more beautiful than Edward's. Jasper eyes were like liquid gold with a light that seem to burn from within. As I shook myself from my thoughts "You are such an ass Jasper." He looked at me with mock hurt on his face. "Well Bella I didn't know you had such a colorful vocabulary there darlin', I don't want Edward thinking when he gets back that I have corrupted you my first time watching you." Did he just call me darlin' in that sexy southern accent of his that seems to be sending chills down my spine. Whoa Bella down girl Jasper is Alice's mate, I guess that was going to be my motto for the weekend. Besides even if he wasn't her mate he wouldn't be interested in me. I shouldn't even be thinking this way about him I have Edward.

"Hey earth to Bella" I looked up to see Jasper looking at me with concern. " Those are some pretty strong emotions you're putting off there Bella." "Care to explain the reason behind them?" Shit Shit Shit I forgot about my emotions he must have felt my lust and guilt. " Uh no I don't care to explain and I wish you wouldn't read my emotions." " I wish I could darlin' it's just one little problem you keep throwing them off in waves and I can't help but feel them. So either you can tell me what is making you feel such strong emotions or you can try not to think about whatever got you feeling lustful and guilty."

With that said he looked at me and smirked as if he knew what was causing me to feel that way. "You know what Jasper it's none of your goddamn business what is going on in my head and as far as me putting a lid on my emotions how about you try not to fucking tap into what I'm feeling." With that said I stormed up the stairs to Edward's bedroom. Shit this was going to be a long weekend Sunday couldn't come fast enough.

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