Well, sense i wouldn't have any requests for this one sense it is the first chapter i will do echo the hedgehog.

The house lights turn on, dimly at first but brighten onto a stage set that looks like a view of outer space from a space shuttle window. In front of the window sits a green sofa and to the right of it is a Brazilian cherry wood desk. From the left a white and blue hedgehog walks onto the stage and a character who looks like NiGHTS in 4Th of July, Uncle Sam clothes, floats in from the other end. They shake hands and sit down.

Me: Good evening free people of fanficopia. I have decided to wear this disguise as i do not wish to put my personal info out on the net for any old Scotsman to see. Anyway tonight i will be interviewing my namesake; Echo the hedgehog!

*audience claps. Echo bows.*

Me:Now because he and I have the same name, I will be using my online fake name, Landon.

Echo:Fine by me.

Landon: So lets get this started. First question: How the hell did you lose in Bakuda's Inner devil tournament?

*Audience laughs*

Echo:*shifts nervously.* I was stunned.


Echo: Oh, no one rps me better than you, seeing how you made me. I just wasn't rped right.

Landon:Good answer. For that i will let you live...for now.

Echo: In all fairness I should have used an over-soul. That would have worked but No I had to stand their like an idiot.

Landon: *nods* I hope bakuda doesn't flame us for this.

Echo: Me too.

Landon: Next question......are you a player?

*uproarious laughter. echo sweats*

Echo: Wha?

Landon: *glares* Answer the question.

Echo: NO! of course not!

Landon: *snickering* Really? cause so far you have been paired up with- *echo cuts him off.*

Echo: You, you don't have to really read the um, the whole list there do you? *gets extremely nervous*

Landon: *begins reading form paper* Chaos the hedgehog, Starlight the hedgehog, Skye the hedgehog, Tikal, a failed relationship with Diamond the Cat, Cristal the Cat,

*audience booms as echo sinks into his chair, blushing furiously.*

Landon Equis D'lafayette.*looks up from the paper and looks at echo disgusted.* Equis D'Lafayette?!?!?!?!?

Echo: *wipes sweat away from face* I still say to this day that we were both drunk, and she was so pretty is was ooc and you forced me at gunpoint.

Landon:*hasn't blinked in minutes* You enjoyed it though didn't you?

Echo: I plead the 5Th.

Landon: And what are all these beta testing rumors of a future relationship with Blaze the Cat?

*audience oo's*

Echo:*points finger at Landon* That idea was scrapped at beta testing and you know it!

Landon: Now then. That brings us to an interesting topic. Beta Testing. Remember some of our wacky ideas for your story.

Echo:*rolls eyes.* yes...unfortunately.

Landon:remember when I thought about making you and shadow one being split in two and when you combine nazo was formed?

*audience bellows*

Echo: *sigh* That was right before you thought of Gilgamesh.

Landon: Yup. And now its being revised again?

Echo: It will make more sense this way. It's just a little addition to the storyline that helps us with the-

Landon: *cuts him off*We really shouldn't give away spoilers.

Echo:Yeah your right.

Landon:Well, I guess that is it for now. I may interview you again as I can interview people more than once in this story.

Echo:Alright, it has been good to be here.

Landon:Ladies and gentlemen, Echo the hedgehog!

Echo:*takes bow and exits*

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