The curtain opens to the spatial studio. Nights is sitting on Landon's desk with his head on her lap. He moaned up to her as she looked down at him with sorrow in her eyes.

"I'm just a poor boy...I need no sympathy." She lifted her head as they sang together.

"Because its easy come, easy go: little high, little low." Landon rose up an wrapped his arms around Nights.

"Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me..." He looked at the audience.

"To me!" The Nightopian dressed in Uncle Sam's red white and blue, topped with a star spangled top hot floated over to center stage.

"I would like you draw your attention to the screen." He pointed to the backdrop which displays a large flat screen.

"We have been getting calls from the FFC about this television show. They claim we are breaking some broadcast rules. Now I don't understand this 'Fourth Wall' thing. It reminds me of the Matrix movie. But whatever it is we're not breaking it." Nights nodded. A statement appeared on the screen.

5. Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.

"This statement does not affect us." Nights said. "We are not asking for people's OCs. They help us, but we aren't asking for them. So it's not so much a 'choose your adventure' type story as a 'we choose the adventure and people sending us letters saying what adventure we might choose is greatly appreciated but unecesary'." She finished. Landon nodded.

"Letters with OCs in them are not needed, but we like them. But we aren't asking for them. They are no more than helpful suggestions." He sighed and pulled out a clip board.

"Now that we have that all done...Ladies and Gentlemen, Leah the HedgeSlut!" A green female hedgehog came out onstage and sat down on the couch.

"Hello everyone!" She shouted to the audience. Landon looked at her.

"I had to guess your gender."


"When your profile letter came you forgot to write 'female'. I thought you were a guy." The audience laughed. She blushed.

"Well, sorry." Nights sat down next to her.

"'re a Shadow fan girl?" The audience groaned. Would there be no end to the ShadOc? Leah shook her head.

"I'm not crazy. I'm just in love with him."

"You two have a child called Grace."

"Yes. I know." Landon laughed.

"I've seen it all before. What I want to know is why would Shadow the hedgehog fall in love with you? Really? What is it about you that the emo boy fell in love with?" Leah didn't respond. She just looked down. Nights sighed.

"I have seen it all before. Why is it that girls like Shadow?" She stood up.

"I'll tell you why! He's emo! Girls always want to try and fix people and open up emo guys' hearts. The producer was talking to me before we went on the air. He said that he's seen it many many times before. They think they can melt hearts of stone. And that combined with moderate attraction becomes severe obsession!" Leah blinked.

"Hey! I'm special!" Nights patted her head.

"Of course you are. What is your personality?"

"I'm Cool, Kind, Caring...and sometimes hot tempered." Landon nodded.

"You're Amy with a milder complex." Leah growled.

"I'm not her!"

"Was Sonic or Knuckles ever attracted to you?" Upon hearing that, Leah folded her arms.

"Maybe." Landon smirked at her response.

"I'm surprised you don't have a black and red gothic blouse; just to hammer in how loudly, arrogantly, and shamelessly uncreative you are." Leah slapped him. The audience roared in approval.

"I got Shadow to love me." Nights laughed.

"That's what they all say." Leah shook her head.

"Why did I even come here?"

"To get some sense knocked into you." Landon said. He leaned back in his mid air hover.

"All Shadow fangirls are like that. It's an archetype. If you and Shadow were put into a room together with all of the other fangirls in the world, do you think you would win his heart?" Leah looked down.

"You are nothing compared to him. You are a small and insignificant Oc." Leah put her head in her hands and began to cry. Nights sighed.

"Look at the screen again." She told the auidience. The words dissappeared and a picture of Shadow and Sonic appeared.

"You have Sonic powers." Landon said. She nodded. Nights sighed.

"Just another nail in the coffin." Leah sighed.

"I have a question."


"Why did you call me a hedgeslut?" Nights and Landon laughed.

"Because we figured the only way you could get Shadow to sleep with you was if you were a $20 hooker!" Landon laughed. Leah tried to hit him but Nights held her back.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Leah the hedgeslut!" She announced. The audience sheered as the curtains fell.

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