When Alec Hardison woke up he knew without thinking that it was going to be a very bad day. Waking to Nate ranting "this isn't our kind of case" while knowing that he was the one that brought them to the client's attention…well, it was probably wise to hide out for a while. But while trying to be stealthy getting out of bed he managed to trip over his sneakers and crack his shin on the chair. It was going to be a no good, very bad day.

Finding himself in the kitchen in the company of Parker and Eliot, Alec tried to find something to eat. But Eliot was emptying the box of Cheerios into his bowl, and Parker just finished the last of the Lucky Charms. She even got the prize in the box. Adding insult to injury, there wasn't any orange soda in the fridge. It was going to be a horrible, no good, very bad day. Alec thought about Australia.

After Sophie talked Nate off the ledge they gathered for a team meeting. Alec tried very hard not to make eye-contact with Nate which was difficult when their esteemed leader kept asking direct questions. When Nate started handing out assignments, Alec began to relax a little; once they got rolling on the job, everything would be fine. Sophie, Eliot and Parker all got their roles to play; Parker even got tapped to use the new GPS tag that Alec had just invented.

Alec was assigned no role; he was strictly communications and electronics. Even though HE was the one who brought in the client; even though HE had better contacts than anyone for this case. But that was exactly the reason Nate wanted to keep him hidden, so he wouldn't tip off the mark. And that meant Alec was going to spend the foreseeable future cramped in a closet, with no ventilation and crap ass reception. Australia was looking better and better.

As the day went on Alec's mood grew bleaker. With her character and costume for the job already worked out, Sophie had time to practice for an audition she was going on. Alec got stuck listening to her monologues. All seven of them. More than once.

Eliot saved him before he took a spork to his eye, but it was only to insist on some hand-to-hand combat training. Alec tried to beg off, but Eliot knocked him on his ass to prove his point. The water stain on the ceiling looked like Australia.

The fuses in the new building blew twice. The mainframe nearly exploded. Alec ran across and got rid of three of Nate's "hidden" bottles of bourbon. Eliot made peas to go with dinner and no one had gone out for orange soda. All in all it was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

When Alec crawled into bed that night he thought fondly of the days when he worked alone. But then a lithe, blonde lady crawled into bed beside him and snuggled against his side. The kisses she started to trail along his neck and chest were leading elsewhere, and suddenly Australia didn't seem so inviting.

It looked like it was going to be a good night.