Chapter One

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"Lucius Philippe Malfoy you are hear-by officially pardoned from your actions during the war. It is clear from your memories and that of your wife; Narcissa Malfoy and by those of Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore that your actions were those necessary to keep your façade as a spy for the Light." Declared the Minister of Magic: Cornelius .A. Fudge that morning.

"Finally." Lucius sighed. It had been three years since Voldemort had been killed and yet it had taken that long for Lucius Malfoy to finally get his name cleared. Narcissa had been cleared almost immediately for she had not been branded with the mark and she had not taken part in any of Voldemort's schemes. Severus Snape had also been cleared although only a few weeks ago.

He stood and nodded to the Council who all watched him with stern eyes. He knew they didn't believe anything of what had been seen in the memories but it's not like he could do anything to change the old crones' minds.

He walked proudly out of the Council chambers for the first time in three years not escorted by armed Aurors. He smiled softly as he saw his wife sitting outside of the chambers their five year old son Draco playing with a toy griffin that was charmed to move at her feet.

She stood up immediately as she saw him; the anticipation clear in her periwinkle blue eyes. He walked up to her and hugged her. He felt her relax and she hugged him back.

"Thank Merlin." She whispered and he stroked her golden blonde hair comforting her. She pulled away as she felt a small tug on her robes.

"Mama, can Daddy come home now?" Draco asked tilting his head to the side. Lucius chuckled and bent down lifting his son from the ground and throwing him into the air catching him soundly in his arms. He giggled like mad and hugged his Dad.

"Yes I can come home." He said smiling down at his son.

"Yay!" Draco cheered loudly placing a childish kiss on his Father's cheek. "I miss Daddy when's he's not here."

"I miss you too Dragon." Lucius said. He looked to Narcissa and saw a tear roll down her cheek. He wiped it away before kissing her. "Let's go home."

"Yes." Narcissa smiled brightly and Lucius bent down picking up Draco's griffin toy. He gave it to Draco who hugged it. "Home."

Lucius took the arm of his wife and side-apparated with her to the gates of Malfoy Manor. He smiled softly as he walked inside of the gates after Narcissa disabled the wards around the gate.

They walked up through the impressive front gardens to the door of their home. Draco wiggled in his Father's arms and Lucius put his son to the ground. Draco giggled running in front of them.

Narcissa and Lucius linked arms as they walked home together for the first time in three years. Not many people realised that their marriage unlike so many pureblood marriages was for love. They both truly loved one another.

"Hurry up Mama, Daddy!" Draco called from where he stood on their porch waving to them. Narcissa and Lucius smiled as they reached their son. They entered their home happy and at peace for the first time in years.


Severus Snape was a stern looking man with his pale features and slightly hooked nose. He had black hair that fell to his shoulders which he usually tied back since it got in his way while he was making potions.

He was now officially a free man. He had just visited his old friends Narcissa and Lucius who was now also freed. Severus was glad. Just because Dumbledore had practically forced them to become spies after leaving school does not mean that other people knew this and there was a lot of prejudice against them now.

He was now walking slowly through a Diagon Alley enjoying the hustle and bustle of all of the Witches and Wizards around him. He entered Flourish and Blotts and walked towards the potions section. Who he saw there surprised him.

"Lupin." He said and he watched as the man turned not at all surprised. After all Remus could probably hear him.

"Hello Severus." Remus said and Severus took time to notice the drawn look to Remus' face. The way his once so vibrant amber eyes had sunken making the man look tired.

"How have you been?" Severus asked and Remus shrugged.

"As well as expected. I'm coping." He said and Severus winced as he remembered what Remus had to go through. Remus had been one of his closest friends in school along with Lily Potter and although he hated Remus' other friends that insufferable prat James Potter and the other insufferable prat Sirius Black he knew that Remus cared deeply for them and he had a feeling that Remus' feelings for Black in particular ran deeper than mere friendship.

He knew that Remus must have been suffering. He had lost all of his closest friends in one night and he heard that he was the second godfather to Harry Potter but because of the prejudice against werewolves the Potter was given to his Aunt and Uncle.

"Congratulations by the way." Remus said breaking the awkward silence that had fallen between them and Severus nodded.

"Thank you." He said and Remus shrugged.

"It's not everyday that someone gets declared a free man." He said and Severus chuckled.

"You should have seen Lucius' face. I don't think I've ever seen him that happy aside of course for when Draco was born. He's practically bouncing off of the walls. In a very Malfoy like manner of course." Severus said with a smirk and he was rewarded with a chuckle from the werewolf.

"I'd give anything to see Lucius Malfoy acting like that." He said and Severus smiled.

"So what are you doing now? Did you get the place as Professor of Charms at Hogwarts?" Severus asked and he instantly regretted it as Remus' face fell slightly.

"No. You know all of the stuff around werewolves. Parents don't want their kids taught by someone like me." Remus said and Severus stood awkwardly for a moment.

"You know Lucius and Narcissa have invited me to dinner tomorrow. You could have a chance to see the child-at-Christmas version of Lucius Malfoy if you want." Severus said and Remus looked undecided for a moment.

"I'm sure Lucius and Narcissa wouldn't want me around their son." He said and Severus frowned.

"Don't be ridiculous. Why I know for a fact that Lucius' Uncle Maurice was bitten a vampire at the age of seventeen. And he comes around for tea from time to time. I won't hear any nonsense about not being wanted. I shall meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at six tomorrow." Severus said and Remus chuckled.

"Fine, fine. But be it on your head." Remus said and Severus smiled at him before he took his leave.


Severus sat at the bar waiting for Remus to turn up. It was almost six o'clock when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Ah Remus. Come on then. Narcissa is expecting us." Severus said and Remus nodded. They walked towards the fire place and Severus threw a handful of floo powder into the fire as he stood there.

"Malfoy Manor." He said clearing before he vanished and Remus followed suit. As he stepped out the other end he was greeted by Lucius Malfoy.

"Why hello there Remus. Bet you haven't seen me in a while. But I'm free now. Free!" Lucius said excitedly and Remus took a step back but just then Narcissa entered the room followed by Severus.

"Do ignore him dear. He got into one of Draco's boxes of fizzle sticks and I just can't get him to calm down." Narcissa said smiling. "It's lovely to meet you Remus and welcome to our home."

"Thank you for having me here." Remus said graciously.

"Uncle Sev!" A loud voice rang through the room and the next thing Remus saw was Severus getting barrelled over by a blur with white blonde hair.

"Hello there Draco." Severus said sitting up to see Draco standing in front of him beaming away.

"Who's your friend Uncle Sev?" He asked turning to Remus.

"This is Remus Lupin. He went to school with me." Severus said and Draco nodded his eyes wide.

"You went to Hogwarts?" He asked and Remus nodded cautiously. "That's so cool! I'm gonna go to Hogwarts too. I'm a wizard!"

"That's…good." Remus said slowly and Draco nodded.

"Mama! Dobby said to tell you dinner's ready when you want it. He let me make some cookies which we're all going to eat for pudding!" Draco said proudly.

"That's good dear. Well let's go into the dining room." Narcissa said smiling. Remus watched slightly shocked as Draco grabbed Severus' hand and dragged him away into the dining room.

"Uncle Sev?" Remus asked Lucius who shrugged.

"Draco's called him that ever since he could talk. We've never been able to get him to call him something different." Lucius said and Remus nodded.

"I never figured Severus to be a child person." He said.

"I know. But Draco tends to bring out the best in him." Narcissa said before she led them out of the lounge and into the dining room where Draco was sat next to Severus telling him all about how he was going to be in Slytherin just like his Mum and Dad.


Later that Night…


They had all moved to another lounge after dinner. Draco had fallen asleep and was now curled up on the sofa next to Remus.

"He's a lovely child." Remus said quietly.

"We know." Narcissa said smoothing her son's hair before going to sit next to her husband.

"Harry's around his age. It's his birthday in a few weeks." Remus said quietly and everyone fell silent. No one had wanted to mention Harry or Sirius or the Potters in case Remus was upset by it.

"Remus, is it true that he's living with Petunia?" Severus asked tentatively and Remus nodded sighing heavily and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"But why? Petunia hates magic. Remember that time at Kings Cross. She practically spat in Lily's face." Severus said and Remus nodded.

"I know. But Dumbledore said something about it being protected." He said. "It makes no sense."

"Aren't you the boy's godfather? Surely he should have gone to you." Lucius said.

"Yes, but the ministry thought it best that he was not with a werewolf as his guardian. If Sirius hadn't… if Lily and James had died then Harry would have gone to Sirius and me or just Sirius but since Sirius is in Azkaban he can't and the Ministry don't think it's safe." Remus said.

"I know that Sirius wasn't my favourite person but I can't believe he would do that. He loved Potter and Lily, everyone could see that." Severus said shaking his head. "It makes no sense."

"Maybe not. I asked myself the same question over and over but it does no good. I just wish I knew why he did it. I wasn't even allowed in to see him to ask him why." Remus said putting his head in his hands.

"Remus. I have lots of pull down at the Ministry and now that I'm cleared I have all of my titles back. If you want I could pull some strings and I'd be able to get you into Azkaban to speak with him." Lucius said and Remus' head snapped up.

"You could?" He asked and Lucius nodded.

"If nothing else it'd give you closure." Narcissa said softly and Remus' eyes filled with tears.

"Thank you so much." He whispered.

"Think nothing of it." Lucius said. "Now it's late. You shall stay here for the night as will you Severus. It's too dark to think of going home. You can stay in the guest rooms."

"Thank you." Severus said and Narcissa stood picking up Draco, he stirred before falling back asleep.

"We shall see you in the morning." Narcissa said smiling as she went to put her son to bed. Remus followed Lucius as he led them to their rooms.

"Thank you again." Remus said and Lucius nodded.

"I will go to the Ministry tomorrow." He said and Remus thanked him once again before he went to his rooms.


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