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Severus POV

When it was nearly curfew those idiotic gryffindors had finally left my office. Damn them, damn Potter.

Really must that boy torment me every single day of my miserable life?

While it is quite laughable, if not ironic that my enemy's son harbours such feelings for my alias, it still leaves me with the question 'Why must it be me!'

Of course if I hadn't promised to help the dunderhead, Granger and Weasley would have kept whining until I gave in out of annoyance.

I have to admit though, it will be entertaining to exploit this. Oh yes, I will make this worthwhile indeed. I promised to help the bloody brat, but I gave no indication whatsoever in which way I would go about it.

So Potter thinks he knows the Half Blood Prince…

Well, well… will the Golden Boy be in for a nasty surprise.

Normal POV

Snape got up from his office and walked through the door leading to his personal quarters. He sat down on his armchair and poured himself a glass of fire whiskey. After tonight, he felt he could indulge himself a little.

He pondered on Potter's problem and his lips quirked up slightly. It would be tempting to just outwardly confess that he was the Half Blood Prince. He assumed Potter's expression would be priceless. He could already imagine the expression of horror on the brat's face when he realized he had been obsessing over his greasy git of a professor.

He took a long sip of his fire whiskey. While it was a tempting thought, it simply wouldn't do. He wanted to get as much out of this occurrence as possible. He was a slytherin after all...

He wanted to see just how far Potter's obsession stretched.

He placed his glass on the table and traced his lips with his finger. An annoying habit he had adapted when thinking about something rather interesting.

He sighed, his lips curling up in a sneer when a headache started to form.

Really Potter's more trouble than he's worth, but he had to admit that having another chance at embarrassing the boy and knowing that James Potter must be rolling in his grave right now, made it all worthwhile.



"Come now mate, we'll be late for breakfast! We overslept!"

Ron was already dressing himself when Harry jumped out of bed. He sighed deeply taking his wand "Accio school robes!"

He dressed quickly, grabbed his bag and followed Ron out. He paused at the door and ran back. Ron rolled his eyes "We don't have potions today…"

Harry shrugged as if he hadn't heard Ron, grabbed his book from his bed and tucked it safely under his arm. He grinned at Ron "Okay, all set!"

Ron sighed "Fine, let's go. Hermione is going to kill me!" Harry rolled his eyes. Ron really was quite the drama queen sometimes.

To their dismay everyone was present in the Great Hall already and ignoring all stares they went to sit down at their table. They were greeted by an irritated Hermione "Where have you two been! Honestly Ron, one would think you'd never be late for your favourite activity."

With his mouth full he turned a questioning gaze to Hermione "Wot? is lo kwidige oday." Which could be translated as "What? It's no quidditch today…"

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes "I meant eating!"

While Ron and Hermione had another meaningless quarrel. Harry opened his book and started to read. This was one of his most favourite pages. The Half Blood prince had indicated almost everything and written his own version next to it. Absentmindedly he trailed his fingertips over the delicately written words. If only he had been their teacher…even Neville would be brilliant at potions.

He supposed Slughorn was alright. At least the man had enough patience to teach everyone about potions. Unlike someone…

He turned to look at the head table and was shocked to find that Snape had been watching him. He glared a little at the man and turned his attention back to the book.

Snape narrowed his eyes as he glared at the boy. Really the nerve that brat seemed to have!

Not only had he shown up late for breakfast and was obviously engrossed with his newest obsession, which dismayingly was none other than himself, but he'd also had the audacity to glare at him! Of all the cheek!

Fortunately, Snape possessed a lot of self control, otherwise he would have gone and throttled him.

Potter looked like a lovesick puppy while reading in his cherished book. Oh how he dreaded to think about all the teenage angst that'd surely be connected whenever the boy thought of him. He would surely vomit if he were to cast legelimens on him now…

Ignoring the chatter of the staff around him he started to think of ways to get the boy alone with him.

He couldn't provoke the boy in class about it. Not only would his snakes have a field trip about it, but the smart ones like Granger and Malfoy would surely figure out that the Half Blood Prince was him.

He didn't mind Potter getting humiliated of course, but as it would be, he could get his own share of humiliation and that just wouldn't do.

He refused to be humiliated for Potter's sake.

The answer was simple then, he would have to give the boy detention.

Smirking he took a sip from his drink.

Knowing Potter… that wouldn't be a problem.

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