Chapter 1: Unleashing the Reason

The sound of heavy breathing could be heard through the dark streets of Konohagakure. The person had been running hard for a long time. He was just sleeping in his apartment dreaming of ramen when they kicked in his door. He shot out of bed and attempted to escape. One of those attackers saw him and launched a kunai at him. The small knife was still lodged into his shoulder. He stopped for a second but knew that he could not stay for long.

What had he done to deserve such treatment from this village? He was born here just like everyone else yet he was singled out. His own village cursed his existence and he did not know why. He had done nothing wrong. He was just a five year of boy who had a dream of being Hokage. Why did they hate him so much? He heard the voices of his attackers and began to move when someone appeared in front of him.

"There you are you little demon!" the man snarled. He kicked him in the chest, driving the air out of his little body. He hit the wall with such impact that he spat up blood. He struggled to stand but his attention was to the mob that finally caught up to him.

"Please," he begged. "I've done nothing wrong."

"Nothing wrong it said, you've killed our loved ones." Shouted one

"I've lost my son because of you." Another shouted.

"You should have been killed the day that you were born." Someone roared

"I… I don't… know what you are talking about." He said. He suddenly screamed in pain as another kunai was lodged into his other shoulder. The mob started to grab glass and rocks. They threw the harmful objects at him. They didn't care that it hit him. They didn't care that he cried. He raised his arms to shield himself but it was useless.

'Why aren't they stopping? Why isn't anyone coming to help me? Why do they hate me? Why? Why? WHY?'

'Destroy them,'


'Destroy them, eliminate them, and tear the flesh from their bones!'

"Who are you?'

'Look at what they've done! They deserve to die! Unleash you rage, unleash your anger, UNLEASH YOUR FURY!!!'

The young boy let loose an inhumane roar that stopped the mob. The roar could be heard throughout the village. The mob watched as a red chakra engulfed the small blond. His cuts began to heal at amazing speeds. The red chakra took the form of a fox.

"It's the Kyuubi, he's unleashing the Kyuubi!" a female shouted. One of them ran at the boy, hoping to end his life but he never reached. He felt to the ground, blood spraying from his throat. Every one watched in horror as the boy's hand was covered in his blood. He glared at the rest of them. He charged at the mob, not giving them the time to run.


Three figures ran on the roofs of houses. Each had a mask on their face and a sword strapped to their back. They were responding to the blast of chakra they felt earlier. As they ran on the rooftops, one of them saw a blood spray on the ground. They landed on the ground and investigated it. They found more blood and saw that it led into an alleyway. When they entered it, a horror awaited them.

They gasped at what they saw. Blood was everywhere, coating the whole alley. Bodies and limbs decorated the ground. They all looked like they were attacked by several beasts. In the middle of it all, was a small boy. His whole body was covered in blood. One of the ninja reached for his sword when he recognized him but was stopped by the leader. He looked at the boy's eyes. They were in shock. He kept looked at his hand and had a very confused and scared look on his face.

The leader, who had silver hair that stood up, approached the bloody child. He knelt to his level and looked him in the eye. The small boy flinched and attempted to get away.

"Wait a minute, I'm not here to hurt you." He told him

"No, you'll attack me like they did." He shouted

"I promise you that I won't. Just relax, you can trust me. What happened here and why are you covered in blood?" That stopped the boy in his tracks. He looked back at the mutilated bodies. He then looked back at his hands.

"D-Did I do this? I don't remember. They threw things at me and after that," the boy began to freak out. He grabbed his head and screamed. "What is happening to me?" The silver haired man shot forward quickly and placed his hand on the child's head. The little boy stopped screamed and suddenly felt over. The man watched as tears fell from the little boy's eyes. The man sighed sadly.

'Minato-sensei, I'm so sorry. Look at what they have done to your son!'


Hiruzen Sarutobi was not a drinker. He enjoyed a good smoke and enjoyed his student's literature. He rarely drank as it was a very depressing thing to do. However, tonight it would be a different story. He had just returned from the hospital where he just finished visiting a boy he thought of like a grandson, Naruto Uzumaki.

The report that his ANBU had told him disturbed him greatly. He, like several others, felt the wave of chakra that was released and knew what type of chakra it was. He had sent for Jiraiya in case the seal was weakening but he knew that it wasn't the boy's fault. To think, that these people would attack a five year old within his home. It made his blood boil and did not feel sorry for those who died.

Still, the fact was that Naruto used the Kyuubi's chakra and the council was in an uproar about it. Several called for his death while a certain war hawk attempted to get him. He unleashed a large amount of his killer intent within that room that he put one council member in the hospital. He stormed out of the council room and grabbed some sake on his way to his office, telling his receptionist not to disturb him.

He took a sip from his saucer when there was a knock at his door.

"I said that I do not wish to be disturbed." Hiruzen said

"Sarutobi, we need to talk. Please, allow us entry." The old man sighed as he knew who was behind the door.

"Enter!" The door opened to reveal just who he thought it was. They were his old teammates, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado. "Esteem members of the council, what else can I do for you tonight?" he asked sarcastically

"Don't make us into enemies, Hiruzen. We have been teammates for too long for it to end." Homura said

"Just teammates huh, glad to know that our time together didn't make us friends."

"Sarutobi, stop this! I know that you care for the boy but you cannot just sweep this under the rug." Koharu injected

"You want me to either kill the boy or create a weapon. Sorry if I am acting crabby about it." He snarled

"What would you have us do then? As soon as word gets out about this, his life will be in danger. Minato would not want his son to be killed by the very people he protected." Homura said

"Do you think I don't know that?" Hiruzen snapped. He slammed the saucer on his desk. He looked out to the village. "I swore to his father as he laid there dying that I would protect him. I've feel that I have failed him." He said sadly

"Not all of us see the boy as the demon. He is a shinning hope but this must be taken care of." Koharu said softly. Hiruzen sighed and looked out his window. He stood straight and turned to his former teammates.

"I shall take responsibility for Naruto myself." He informed them. Koharu and Homura shocked at that statement.

"What do you mean by that statement." Asked Koharu

"I shall take Naruto in, I shall train him in the arts and along the way, help him control his demon." He said

"That is insane! You can't do that!" Homura shouted

"I refuse to kill the boy and I would burn this village to the ground before I allow Danzo to take him. I will not be questioned about this. As of today, Naruto Uzumaki is under my care. Anyone who has a problem with that will be dealt with personally by me." He shouted back. The two glared at each other for a while before Koharu spoke.

"If this is your wish Hiruzen." She said

"Koharu!" Homura exclaimed

"No, I have no reason to doubt your judgment. If you believe that this is best, then I will not stop you. The council will be informed of your decision." She said. Hiruzen said nothing nor did he thank them. He walked pass them and out his office. He had to inform Naruto of the change his life will take.


Naruto awakened to the vision of white. He groaned as he tried to move. His body protested but he ignored it. He forced himself into a sitting position and attempted to get his bearings.

"You've awakened, that's a good sign." Naruto turned to the sound and smiled at who he saw.

"Old man," he cheered. Hiruzen smiled at him. Suddenly he got quiet and looked at his grandfather figure. "I'm in the hospital again, aren't I?"

"I'm afraid so Naruto. What do you remember about last night?" he asked. The young boy went into deep thought.

"I was sleeping, dreaming about ramen," he began. Hiruzen smiled at that as he was not the only one who liked the boy. "That's when I heard me door get kicked in. I knew that it may have been some villagers along with some ninjas so I tried to get away. One of them caught as I was jumping out and hit me with a kunai. I ran for a while but they cornered me. They started to throw rocks and glass bottles. I was getting cut badly and then there was a voice."

"Voice, what voice?"

"It was a scary voice. It told me to do bad things. It yelled at me and that's when everything is a blank. When I came to… there was blood and guts everywhere. I thought it was those men with animals for faces but then I saw that I was covered in blood. Did I… Did I kill those people old man?" The aged man looked at the boy and sighed. He knew that he could no longer keep his dark secret from him.

"I sorry to say Naruto that you did." He said

"Then, I am a monster." Naruto said sadly

"No, you are not. They are the monsters for trying to kill you." Hiruzen explained

"Why do they hate me grandpa?" Naruto cried

"Do you trust me Naruto?" the small boy nodded at him. "You remember the story about the Kyuubi?"

"Yeah, the Yondaime kicked its ass and killed him."

"Well, that is only half true. The Yondaime did kick his ass as you say but he could not kill him." Naruto gave him a confused look. "The Kyuubi is nothing but raw chakra and evil intent. It is a beast that has lived for years and only wreaks havoc when the world is plunged into evil. Despite the Yondaime's great skill he was not able to kill the beast. He could only seal him, in the body of a newborn." Naruto was amazed by that. That's when something clicked in his head. He wasn't stupid like people thought. It just took a while for him to process things.

"That newborn he place the Kyuubi in, it's me isn't it?" Naruto asked. Hiruzen nodded slowly. "But why was I chosen?"

"This is why I asked you if you trust me. I cannot tell you that information." Naruto looked ready to shout at him but he was stopped by the Sandaime. "I cannot tell you because of the increased danger that you would be in." Seeing Naruto's confusion, he continued. "The Yondaime, Minato Namikaze is his name, had many enemies. Image if word got out that he used you to seal the Kyuubi? They would think that you were weapon left by him to protect the village. They would do anything to have you killed." Naruto froze at that statement. It was bad enough that the village wanted him dead but other villages trying to take his life was an eye opener.

"I understand, I guess." Hiruzen chuckled at the sour tone but he quickly gained Naruto's attention.

"Now listen, because last night it will be too dangerous for you in your home. I would have waited until you reached seven before sending you to the academy but we must start your training right now. For this day forward, you shall be my student." He said

"Really?" Naruto asked in joy. He started to jump up and down on the bed in celebration. "All right, I'm one step closer to becoming Hokage."

"You still what to be Hokage?" he asked

"Well yeah, I going to have to find a new reason for being the Hokage but I'm still going to take that hat from you." Hiruzen looked at this boy in amazement.

'Even after everything he's been through, his will is still so strong.' He smiled at his future student. "Well Naruto, let's get you out of here."

"Right!" Naruto threw the covers off him and looked for his clothes. He couldn't help but wonder what the future held for him not.


Authors' Notes: This story was original the idea of Sarutobifan45. The plot was that the villagers forced Naruto to unleash the Kyuubi chakra much earlier in the series. Because of this Sarutobi takes it on himself to train and protect him. Sarutobifan45 didn't have the time to do his story, so I have adopted the story with his/hers blessing. This will be different for Sarutobi's original work but I do not take the credit for the idea as it belongs to him. So I hope that you guys enjoy it and to his old reviewers, I hope you enjoy it too.