Chapter 25: Team Anko's Vacation, final part

Naruto decided that he would spend his last days hanging out and causing mayhem. He also decided to get his protege in on the fun. He was to be his successor after all. It wasn't too hard to get him out of class. As the two gathered supplies, Naruto noticed something that made him laugh. He told Konohamaru to wait for him while he went to observe the funny scene.

He watched as a pink haired girl chased his pal, Tora. The cat easily kept out of reach of her as she ran for her life. Naruto saw two boys waiting to use a nest against the feline. When it got close, they raised the net. Tora easily shredded through to net and kept on running. Naruto just kept smiling as the team was frustrated and angry.

"You know, you could have helped my team Naruto." Naruto turned to see Kakashi standing there.

"What makes you think that I could help?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"It's a well known fact that Tora seems to like you, your teammates and your sensei." Kakashi said.

"While true, why deprive your team of their mission? Besides, I still have a week left of vacation. I'm not going to help you or your team." Naruto said.

"It was worth a shot." They both heard a female scream. "Well, I guess that's means they've caught her. I'll see you around Naruto." Kakashi left Naruto alone. The blond returned to Konohamaru and to his prank.

Naruto and Konohamaru were hiding out in a training field that was near the Hokage monument. They had just pulled off their prank on members of the Yamanaka clan. They managed to get away clean but was later chased by Iruka and several other Chuunin. Naruto gave them the slip by unleashing a number of Shadow clones. Once it was safe, Naruto took him to his training grounds.

At the the training grounds, Konohamaru was rubbing his head while Naruto laughed at him.

"It's not funny!" Konohamaru exclaimed.

"Yes it is." Naruto laughed. He calmed himself enough to give Konohamaru his attention. "Haven't you be practicing like the old man has been telling you?"

"Yeah," Konohamaru said. Naruto didn't looked like he was buying it. "Okay, maybe I haven't been practicing. But it's so boring doing it over and over again."

"That may be true but it helps. Now come on, for the rest of the week, I'm going to be teaching this staff form until you can do it in your sleep. We can't have my successor hitting himself over the head when he goes into battle." Naruto joked. Konohamaru just grumbled and got into the stance. The two began to do the staff form until the sun began to set.

Tenten was enjoying her va

cation. She had a month off and she was going to enjoy it away from Gai and Lee. As she was on her way to buy some new weapons, she saw something that made her pause. It was Jakken. He was sitting at a table and he looked very frustrated. She could see that he was glaring at a notepad. She was curious and made her way over to him.

She saw that Jakken did not noticed her presence. She carefully leaned in until she was near his ear.

"What are you doing!" she exclaimed, causing Jakken to fall out of his chair. He glared at Tenten who was laughing her ass off.

"Are you amused now? Do you feel better now that it's out of your system?" Jakken growled.

"I'm sorry but it was too good to pass up." Tenten said while laughing. She helped him up and the two were now sitting across from each other. Jakken took notice to her change of clothes.

"You really like those type of clothes huh?" Jakken said.

"What, they're comfortable." Tenten said. "Anyway, what's up with you? It looks like you wanted to set that pad ablaze with your glare."

"Well, I got this letter from this person. She was this woman that we protected a while back. I don't know why she wrote me but it was mostly to tell me what's up and how her life was. I don't want to be rude, so I'm trying to write a letter but it's freaking impossible! I don't know what to say and I don't even know why I'm writing this!" Jakken finished with a huff.

"Well, maybe you made an impression on her and she just wants to know more about you. What does she do for a living?" Tenten asked.

"She provides company to wealthy men." Jakken said. It was much nicer to say that than to call her a whore.

"Okay," Tenten said with a pause. "Where's the letter she sent you?" Jakken handed her the letter. She read it and smiled at what she read. "Okay then, she just telling you what she's been up to and wonders if you're OK. Just tell her what you have been up too and wish her the best, plain and simple. Here, I'll help you get started." Tenten said. She helped Jakken start the letter and stayed with him until he finished it. She helped him with some corrections and stopped him from putting anything stupid in the letter. It was a pretty interesting day.

Yakumo let out a very tired sigh as she was released by her father for today. As soon as her family returned from their vacation, she thrust herself into clan duties and her training. She couldn't believe what her father had to go through. She had to learn all the rules and regulations, how to work the finances and so many other things. It was a very tiring thing to learn and remember.

Her uncle Unkai was not easy to deal with either. With the fear out of the way, he pushed her harder than usual. He hit her with various Genjutsu which she had to counter. He also increased her physical exercises as well. He taught her some new jutsu and how to wield a tanto. Her biggest accomplishment was to gain much more of the Ido's power. Whenever she used its power, she would get an image that was kind of ghostly.

She groaned as she though about her training for later today. Her uncle told her that they would be really going at it. She couldn't wait for this week to be over. She couldn't believe that she was missing Anko's training. She entered her room and grabbed her flute. She made her way to the garden where she usually played. She went to her favorite rock and sat on it. She composed herself and began to play.

She enjoyed this time that she had to herself. She could relax and have no care in the world. She continued to play even as an audience started to gather. They always enjoyed her music and she enjoyed playing her music for them. She continued to play, forgetting about clan business and training.

It was sunny out and Anko decided to enjoy the sun. Dressed in a red, two piece bikini, she made her way to the roof of her apartment building. She unfolded her chair, placed a small cooler to the right and held her copy of 'Icha Icha'. She sat down and began to place on some sun lotion. No need to be ruining her amazing bod. After made saw that everything was finely covered, she placed on her shades and began to read her book.

As she read, she wondered what her little brats were doing. She knew that her vacation was almost up so she decided to check on them. She found Naruto with the Sandaime's grandson, refining their staff techniques. She found Jakken walking toward the gate. He had met up with a courier and handed him a letter. She visited Yakumo at her clan's home where she was in an intense Genjutsu spar with her uncle. The flowing hair and glowing aura thing she was doing was so awesome. She was glad that they were increasing their skills and not slacking off.

She wasn't slacking either as she spent most of her vacation working with Yugao and Kakashi. She now had five new jutsu and she was coming along with her Kenjutsu. Her kids would be in for a surprise when they met again. She couldn't wait to use that other jutsu Kakashi showed her. Speaking of the one eyed pervert, Anko had him on her brain as of late and was starting to worry.

Sure, without his mask, Kakashi was a total fox. They had a few things in common, like 'Icha Icha' and annoying their students. They hung out some aside from training. It bothered her because she was never that close to other men. They always wanted the same thing from her. Some, she allowed to get what they wanted. They turned out to be real disappointments. Still, Kakashi was different. He was a horn dog but when they talked, he gave her his attention. Granted, they only really talked about favorite book but he still gave her his attention. There was even a time that she pleasured herself thinking about Kakashi.

She quickly banished those thoughts. She was Mitarashi Anko. There wasn't a man in the village that could tame her. She suddenly heard what sounded like a flesh against flesh collision. She looked from her book to see two men fall to the ground below. She just grinned and went back to her book.

The week was over and so was Team Anko's vacation. Each member of the team was waking up and preparing for today's team meeting. They each left their respective homes and made their way to training ground forty four. They all arrived and stood at attention. Anko faced her group with a smile.

"Well my little brats, I hope that you are well rested. Now that we're back together, the fun can resume." Anko said.

"Before we get into that, the pipsqueak has something to give you." Jakken said and pushed Naruto forward. Anko noticed that Yakumo and Jakken looked very uncomfortable. She saw that Naruto had a case with him.

"Here, this is a present for us. I'm a bit reluctant to give it to you because of how you are but I trust you to use this when it things get important." Naruto said. Anko raised an eyebrow and took the case. She opened it and was very surprised. It was a beautiful sword and its sheath. She held the sword and did a couple of swings with it. Anko found that the sword was great and how the blade wobbled, it was prefect. She looked at the sword lovingly.

"I will call you 'Doku' (Venom)." Anko said. She saw that her team was giving her a look. "What? It's a pretty name." Anko placed the blade in its sheath and placed it back in the case. "I cannot thank you guys enough for this."

"How about you let us do a mission instead of sparing?" Jakken asked.

"Be happy I'm not testing my new blade on any of you?" Anko countered. She then gave them a serious look. "Well then, you guys are suppose to be showing me what you have learned during your vacation. So, demonstration time. Each of you are to come at me and show me what you've got. Bangs, you're first." Naruto stepped forward. He faced Anko who stood waiting. Naruto took off at her. He quickly summoned two clones. He pulled out his staff and attacked. Anko dodged his attacks with a difficulty. This was a new staff form that he was using against her. She saw one of his clones come at her from her left. She saw that his hands were in the 'Mi' (Snake) seal.

"Doton: Doryu Taiga! (Earth Release: Earth Flow River)" the clone called out. The ground turned into mud and carried Anko away. She quickly regained her balance to hear the next two attacks.

"Doton: Doryudan! (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet)" the first clone called out.

"Katon: Karyudan! (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet)" the second clone called out. The fire combined with the mud projectile. Anko quickly did some seals and slammed her hands on the ground.

"Doton: Doryuheki! (Earth Style: Earth Style Wall)" Anko shouted. The earth rose like pillars and protected Anko from the fire barrage. She pulled out two shuriken that were attached to wires. She threw them both at the clones, wrapping both of them.

"Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)" She was surrounded by fire which then shot forward and crashed into the two clones. Once the fire died down, Anko was struck twice in the back of her knees. Naruto threw a hard punch into her back. He was surprised that his fist got stuck. He watched as Anko turned into mud. Anko appeared behind him.

"You were so close." Anko said with a smile and brought entwined fist down on him. Anko was now the surprised one when Naruto turned into mud. A shadow fell over her. She looked up and cursed. A man-size blue toad landed on her. Naruto looked below only to find mud. That's when things got weird.

"Sennen Goroshi! (One Thousand Years of Death)" Anko shouted. Naruto was then violated and sent flying back toward his teammates and beyond. Yakumo and Jakken could not believe what their sensei just did. Anko was just laughing her ass off. "Oh my god, that was so funny. Remind me to thank Kakashi for this technique."

"That's just wrong man. I wouldn't wish that on my enemies." Jakken said.

"Poor Naruto," Yakumo said. Naruto rubbed his ass and glared bloody murder at his sensei.

"I swear to all that is holy, you and Kakashi will pay for this!" He growled.

"I'm shaking in fear." Anko said with amusement. She then looked at him. "You've did some interesting things there. I was a bit surprised that you knew the Doton Kage Bunshin (Earth Release Shadow Clone) but the toad thing I heard from Iruka. I'm glad that you've improved on your sneakiness as well."

"Did you not here me? My ass will be avenged!" Naruto shouted.

"Yeah, yeah, let's continue shall we. Knuckles, let's see what you've been up to." Anko said. Jakken stepped forward. He pulled out his kusarigama and readied himself to attack.

Authors' Notes: Well, the vacation is over. Now it's time to get back to work. Enjoy the chapter and the little joke at the end.