Of Football and Ideas

Bella's Point of View

"Guess what, guys," Alice's voice was very excited. I cringed, that voice rarely meant good new for the rest of us.

"What, Alice?" Jasper said carefully. He was probably thinking about Alice's last birthday also. As a gift to herself, she decided to give everyone makeovers and make them her slaves. Thankfully, the blue hair dye she used on Jasper was only good for 48 washes. I didn't even see Jasper the rest of the weekend while he tried to wash it out. And it worked. Almost. His fair hair still held a faint tinge of green, but for the most part, the colour was gone.

Alice glared at me as I chuckled quietly, and then continued as if nothing had happened. "On Saturday, there's gonna be a really big thunderstorm…right over Forks!"

I sighed in relief, as did many of the others. More rain, especially during flood season, could mean nothing but bad news. However, since it came from Alice, I was extremely grateful it was not more.

"Great," Jasper said happily, "We haven't played football in forever!"

"Football was the last thing we played," Edward argued. "Give baseball a chance."

Let's take a vote," Rosalie cut in impatiently.

"You already know what Jazz and I want," Edward said. "Alice? Rose?"

"Baseball," Alice said. "The conditions will be perfect."

"Football," said Rosalie, shooting a sidelong glance at Alice. She didn't disappoint.

"Football!" she shrieked, loudly enough for a couple of juniors to look at us warily. C'mon, Rose," she pleaded. "Us girls gotta stick together."

But Rosalie had clearly already made up her mind and there would be no changing it. Before Alice had a chance to try though, Japer cut in.

"How about you Bella?" he asked hopefully.

I really didn't want to disappoint him, but I would really rather they played baseball. I just seemed slightly safer. As five pairs of golden eyes pleaded with me, I thought of an escape.

"Well," I began, choosing my words very carefully. "Since I obviously won't be playing, I think I should leave it up to you guys." Jasper looked disappointed, although Edward looked like he had been expecting my vague answer. "Besides," I added brightly. "This way there won't be an even number of votes."

Alice groaned. She knew just as well as I did that there would be no hope of Emmett choosing baseball over football.

"Well, let's hear it Em," Edward said gloomily. "Just try and contain yourself."

But even with the mention of his favourite sport, Emmett continued to stare at the spot on the wall where he had been staring since lunch began.

"Emmett, you okay?" Alice asked, waving a dainty hand in front of his face

"Emmie-bear!" Rosalie shrieked.

Emmett's Point of View

My brothers and sisters and I sat down at the same table we had been sitting at since we started at Forks High. In two years, the only thing to liven up our lunch periods has been the addition of Bella to our table about three months ago.

I glanced at the clock above the vending machines. Only three minutes had passed since Rose and I walked in after civics. It felt like a lifetime ago. Right now, Rose and Alice were arguing about which was better; Vera-wongs and Goo-somethings. Definitely not wanting to get involved, I let my eyes drift over to the south wall where a new poster had been put up. Random Acts of Kindness Week was written in bold lettering across the top. Random Acts of Kindness Week, huh. I thought to myself.

I remembered the spirit event from last year. Smiling girls were handing out free sodas, and student council members were walking around offering free hugs. Idly, I wondered why Carlisle and Esme didn't insist on our participation. Normally, they were in favour of anything we could do to appear human, like all the other kids running around this tiny school.

Then I got it.

Rosalie's Point of View

Upset, I reached out to shake my husbands shoulder at the same time as he decided to whirl around to face me. My hand and his nose met with a boom that rocked the cafeteria. Most of the students jumped and some looked warily at the ceiling, wondering if tomorrows promised storm had come early.

"Emmett," I hissed under my breath. "Be careful." The collision had been too quick for weak human eyes, but no one wanted to take any chances.

Of course, Emmett was not listening to a word we were saying.

"I got it!" he shouted, oblivious to the multitudes of students that were now staring openly at us. I quickly clamped my hand down over his mouth. When he had calmed down enough to contain himself, I released his face and glared at him. Thankfully, he got the message.

"Random Acts of Kindness week just happens to start on Monday," he said in a quieter voice, although his eyes were still glowing madly; almost like a toddler being presented with a new toy. Oh no. "And I think we should each do a random act of kindness nest week; one person per day."

Jasper's Point of View

Shock. Of course, there were other emotions too. Confusion. Agreement. But mostly just shock. Rosalie was worried, probably about interacting so closely with the human percentage of the student body. Edward was also worried, but I imagined it was for a slightly different reason. A quick peek in my peripheral vision confirmed my theory. I sighed and thought, I'll be fine. I knew Edward got the message because he nodded and turned his gaze back to Emmett.

And me? I supposed I shouldn't have been surprised since crazy ideas are Emmett's specialty. I did wonder where Emmett's enthusiasm for his new-found project had come from. Normally, he ignored the other students just as much as I did.

I saved the worst for last. Alice was overjoyed. I groaned as I imagined the lists and extensive planning that such a big event would require. Never mind that the acts of kindness were supposed to be random.

As if she could actually hear my thoughts, she turned to look at me. Her eyes were glowing as much as Emmett's.

"This is going to be fun," she whispered so I would hear her. "I can see it."

I stifled another groan.

Edward's Point of View

After Jasper caught me worrying about him, I turned my attention back to Emmett. His and Alice's excitement was catching. Beside me, Bella finally spoke up.

"I think it is a really good idea," she volunteered, and most of my family silently agreed. Of course, each still had their own share of reservations but for the most part, they were sure they could work around them. Alice was shifting through ideas of Acts so fast that I didn't get a chance to look at them before they were gone. She was going to be a nightmare until this was over, that was for sure.

With a sigh, I peeked at Bella. As always, her head was infuriatingly vacant. She turned to me and smile. I loved her smile so much. It reminded me a bit of my mother, Elizabeth Masen's.

What are they all doing?" she whispered to me, and I hesitated for an instant before deciding to tell her.

"Well, Emmett is was to excited for his thoughts to be coherent," she smiled and I continued. "But, I did get the impression that it involved cookies."

"Well that's better than some options, I guess," Bella said grimly, and I had to agree with her.

"Rose and Alice are going to work their Act around makeup," again, I couldn't help but laugh at the horrified expression on her face. Bella glared at me, and I put on my 'infuriating' poker face.

" And you?" she asked after she had lost the staring contest.

"To be honest, I really have no idea."

"Me neither," she laughed. "And it looks like Jasper's in the same boat we are."

It was true. Jasper looked like he was struggling to remember something that he had only half listened to in the first place. It took every ounce of my self-control not to peek into Jasper's head to find out some of his ideas. The only reason I didn't was that there has never been so much laughter at the Cullen table and some of the students whose tables were closest to ours where beginning to get nervous.

I groaned. Next week was going to be torture.

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