A/N – This was originally an excerpt from the previous chapter that I had sent to all my reviewers. Unfortunately, I realized that without reading this first, the story will not make very much sense to you. So, I am posting it now, and then everyone will be caught up when I finish the next chapter. As always, thank you to this chapter's beta, Claire. Sunshine for her awesome work!Jasper's Point of View

Today's history lecture was on the Civil War. I have lost count of how many Civil War lectures I have heard over the years. The disappointing thing is, no one ever gets it right. Right now, the teacher is blaming the Confederates for all the Unions problems, and I just want to go up to her and smack her. History class is always biased based on what the people think was the right side, when in fact, if they had grown up under confederate rule, they would think it is the right side because it is the only side they know. The hypocrisy of the situation always bugs me and it is always a struggle to keep control of my emotions.

"Okay, class," Mrs. Sharpe called us to order. "Mark here has a question. Go ahead and say it Mark."

A skinny boy with a shock of red hair stood up and nervously asked, "Why don't we teach both sides of the war instead of just focusing on the Union?"

"Why, Mark, that is a very good one. Who can give us the answer?"

A blonde girl with a tight, pinched face raised her hand. I recognized Mikaela Mallory from Law class last year. "Because they were wrong and their idea of what a human right was would not have been a suitable start to a democracy."

"Very good, Lauren," Mrs. Sharpe praised as the lunch bell rang. "Have a good lunch," she called as the students dashed for the door. All but two. Mark quietly walked up to the teacher's desk and listened meekly as she talked to him. I pretended to pick up my books while really listening.

"I was very disappointed in your last unit's test, Mark," she told him sternly. "Unless you pass the Civil War test on Friday, you might be in danger of failing." The poor kid gulped nervously and nodded. I could feel the waves of tension and fear rolling off him. He left the teacher's desk and I stopped him at the door.

"Hi, I'm Jasper," I introduced myself.

"M-m-mark," he stuttered. Poor kid was terrified of me already.

"I was wondering if you would like to study with me for the upcoming test." It was perfect. I would study with him, and give him all my knowledge on the civil war. Then, he would pass and I would have completed my Act without suffering from being around too many humans.

Alice and Emmett would be pleased.