"Malcom go cleanup your room!NOW!" Lois sreamed from outside. "Alright I'm going!" he snapped back. He didn't know what her problem was. She was anal about a lot of things, but this was weird. Normally she was like this when we were gonna have guests over or we have guest over. But he couldn't think of anyone coming over or he couldn't understand why someone would come over this Shithole house. He decide he might as well clean his room it was smelling a little gamey lately. He walked in to his room and jumped. "SHIT" He yelled. The thing He saw in Reese's bed was startled, woke up and fell on the floor. " Ugh... Dammit Malcom", it said. He took a good look at the thing a being with silver hair with a streak of black, topaz eves, an Evanescene shirt, and CKY Hoodie and ears, pointy ears. Malcom fell back on the floor "Who are you" he said freaking out. "Terra", The thing said apparently annoyed for being woken up like he was. " Your probably freaking out so I'll give you sometime." Terra picked up a book from his back pack by the bed got back up and started reading.

"Ok" Malcom mumbled trying to reason with himself. " It's just the stress from school or home, or the cleaning fumes. They're just messing with my mind so i see this ummm..." He looked up to see Terra had looked up from his book at Malcom in disbelief and just rolled his eyes "Hedgehog" Terra snapped. "Right and its just making me a little woozy, I'm not insane." Malcom contiued on. "From my standpoint your still crazy" Terra said annoyed. " So what your real?" Malcom said skepticly. "Of course!", Terra snapped. "Alright prove it." Malcom said feicely. "Alright! What time is it?" Terra said obviosly pissed at the challenge. "Like 4. Why?" Terra jumped up of the bed. He walked past Malcom just muttering angrily to him self. Malcom heard a few words that Terra said and this is what surprized him. " I can't beleive you have the same IQ as me."

Terra walked in to the kitchen where Lois was cleaning. " Hey Mrs. Lois", Terra said in a calm, charming voice that surprized Malcom. "Hello Terra" Lois said in a calm, nice voice, malcom new that voice was reserved for welcomed guests. "I saw you cleaning and I know you must be tired. So how about I cook you all a wonderful dinner." He said. "Oh! Thats so nice of you. Well Ok then." She said overjoyed. " Do you know of a store where i supplies?" He asked. "How about the Lucky Aide, Malcom can take you there." Lois said. Malcom's jaw dropped. No one was this good with his mom, not even Jessica."Thanks! I'll be back in a little bit." Terra said. " Youre taking your car right. Do you need money for gas." Lois called "No I got it. Thanks anyway." Terra Replied He grabbed Malcom's arm and draged him out the door.

They steped outside. Malcom's eyes widended when he saw the Purple and Black Camero. "Well are you coming?!" Terra shouted. Malcom just nodded and noticed that the voice that was used with Lois had complately changed back to his normal tone. The car imediatly roared to life and Malcom shuddered at the sound. Terra then sped off. "Go dovn this road and make a lef.." Malcom started to say but was interupted. "Look If you think that in need directions to that place your a bigger dumbass than a thought you were." Terra said annoyed. "Then why the hell am I here?" Malcom said just as annoyed as Terra. " Hey, You wanted to know more and would you have gone if I gotten Lois to force you. He considered the thought. "No" Malcom finally said. "Exactly" Terra said smuggly