C l i c k

Song choice - 'Glitter in the Air' - P!nk

E p i l o g u e

They took a trip to a rocky mountainside overlooking gentle waves at a welcomed sunset, leaning against heavy boulders with their eyes on the horizon.

She glanced over at him. His eyes shone with the blazing colours of sunset and, for a moment, she felt like an intruder to a man at peace. He caught her looking. A smile played on her lips for only him to see, but his look was one of the utmost sincerity as he leaned in slightly towards her.

"I think we should spend the rest of our lives together." he murmured, and something about his expression told her he meant it. "If that's okay."

She blinked, a shaky hopeful hesitance pressing to her reddened cheeks. "Is that supposed to be some kind of proposal, Seaweed Brain? Because engaged at eighteen kind of comes with a whole host of judgemental undertones, usually to do with buns and ovens."

"Not a proposal." He smiled a little at that.

There was a pause, filled by the waves crashing down on a shore below.

"How about a promise, instead?"

She didn't have anything to say to that, and so she nodded.

"Good," he said, and he looked relieved, as if the weight of the sky had been lifted from his shoulders (she knew the feeling). "Because I've been trying to say that all day."

"I know," she smiled. He looked outraged.

"That's just mean."

She shrugged. "I've told you before, Seaweed Brain, that I am never –"

"- never make things easy for me – I know, I know," he grumbled, scuffing his sneaker along the dirt. "But y'know I meant it, though, right?"

She leant her head on his arm and closed her eyes.

They stayed, silently content, for a few minutes longer, before Percy shook his arm gently against her. "I've got cramp," he complained.

She rolled her eyes as he made towards the car, gesturing in the direction of the waiting vehicle. "Coming?"

She nodded, waving a careless hand to the landscape. "Yeah, I'll just be a sec."

Stowing a hand deep in her pocket to reach for her cell, she turned back towards the waves.

The message was written and sent quickly. Replacing it back in its original place and moving towards the car, she opened the car door and felt a familiar drowsiness wash meekly over her as she collapsed into the passenger seat. He chuckled at her sleepy form, throwing her a blanket from the glove compartment.

She clutched her cell tightly in her palm with the coarse fabric of her jacket pocket brushing softly against her skin, feeling safe and secure. Opening one eye drowsily, she checked her sent messages. A warm flush of success overcame her as she spied the message, with Thalia's name under recipient.

She closed her eyes.

It was her final thought as sleep finally found her – those five letters glowing brightly on her phone screen - but there was no shame in it now.

"Don't you go drooling in your sleep all over my car, Wise Girl."