Hey so this is my first fic and I hope you all enjoy it. It could get confusing do to a twisted plot but its gonna be good promise. Also I realize Annabeth doesn't have black hair as it implies in my story but if you would be patient and read on you'll find its not her and with that said read.

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own PJO, ah duh! I only own Kiley.

Annabeths POV

The cold wind bit at my cheeks as I walked through the night filled forest. I pulled the dark cloaks hood tighter over my head to block the cold and shadow my face, I couldn't let them know its me. I'll surly die if they recognize me.

I snapped my head to the left and scanned the trees, something seemed amiss. The bark moved ever so slightly and the brush around it snapped and broke. Imprints of shoes slowly appeared drawing closer to me. At that moment I knew they had found me.

I sprinted forward at a break neck pace watching as the shadows of trees followed me. With luck they wouldn't catch me and maybe they hadn't seen my face. I glanced behind me to see the bark being ripped off the trees left and right and trails of dust flying into the night air. Great they caught up to me. I turned around just in time for me to see a tree branch in my path but I saw it to late. It caught my face opening a small cut on my cheek and ripped my hood off. My black hair tumbled down my left shoulder, my grey eyes shone in the moon light and a necklace I had hidden in the hood fell back down around my neck, a small piece of coral carved into a swirl hanging on brown braided fishing line. A chorus of high pitched screams echoed through the forest.

" Oh joy they recognize me." I mumbled to myself while pushing myself harder. I could almost make out the edge the forest, if I can just make it there before they- before I could finish the thought my shoulders exploded with pain. Long claws raked my shoulder blades and slammed me down on the forest floor hard. I was harshly flipped onto my back and kicked about ten times in the ribs mercilessly before the shadows shimmered into existence. Six of them stood around me and one sat on me with his claws digging into my skin. None of them where in there true form but instead showed me my worst fears. Tall gangly monsters. The tallest one on my left took a step forward and bent down onto my level only inches away from my face. He smiled a cruel smile of jagged barbed teeth.

"Nice to see you in pain Kiley," he whispered in my ear," You know that your suffering can be ended shortly."

"How's that?" I asked through gritted teeth. The shadow atop of me pushed his claws deeper as a punishment for speaking. I suppressed a scream but couldn't stop a lone tear from breeching my tear duct.

" Tell me where to find Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson and the exact location of their precious camp." He said a bit to loud as if he where excited or something.

" Yeah that's gonna happen." I said quietly into his ear. The shadows smile faded into a scowl. He stood slowly not once taking his eyes off of me. His long arm reached for his comrades sword, his blood stained talons gripped the hilt tightly as he pulled it from its sheath with a demonic ring.

" If that is your choice then so be it." He raised the blood painted blade above my chest and in one quick motion sunk it into my chest.

I woke with a jump sending blankets to the floor. My heat raced and sweat drenched my grey tank top. I grabbed my alarm clock, 2:34am. Quickly I jumped from bed and raced into the bath room of my dorm. I looked into the mirror to confirm that it was just a dream. Blond hair. Check. Grey eyes. Check. No cuts or stab marks. Check. Just a dream. Again. The same dream I've been having for weeks.

"Annabeth are you all right?" My groggy room mates voice sounded. I turned to face Jenny's tired blue eyes and confused expression.

"Ah yeah, just a bad dream, no worries, sorry I woke you up." I said returning to bed.(AN/ha that rhymed) I laid back down thinking about my dream. I needed to figure it out it was so confusing. Who was this Kiley and how would she know about Percy and I let alone where we are? And what where those things? Why would they want to know about us and where camp is?

"Okay whatever I'm going back to bed…. Geeze dose your boyfriend know you suffer nightmares like every night?" Jenny mumbled into her pillow before falling back asleep. My boyfriend. Percy. I think its time I tell him about my dream, he could possibly help.

I quietly slipped out of bed, grabbed my blue hoodie; actually it was Percy's but that's beside the point; and left the dorm. I ran down stairs and hailed a taxi telling the driver Percy's street and we soon sped off.

Okay so I know it seems like this is a sad story but trust me its not just not a happy beginning thats all. BUT I promise it will get better and happy I'm not a depressed person… also i have an obbsession with music an addtion if you will, so in every other chapter there will an implacation of music. I'll update if this story is liked.

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