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Annabeth's POV

Astra and my shield. Greaves and the armor Erin and Kiley made me. I was ready for the war. Astra fit over my head nicely and for the first time I looked in the mirror with it on my head, my face was covered from the neck up and giving off intimidation. It clashed with the leather jerkin I wore, that was armor, and the leather greaves with Athena's symbol on them. Daedalus shield and my knife, both freshly polished and ready for war. I stood next to Percy on Half-Blood Hill staring down at the black swarm of shadow enveloping the lands, the sun was nearly set. Erin and her group of people looked battle beauty. All of them, completely ready for this, gripped half-bloods hands so that they held their swords a little higher. Smiling into the night and smelling the air for the stench of Shadows marching our land, playing with the weight of their weapons and Trenton and Airabella both defying the Shadows in their own langue. The temperature had dropped so low we could see our breath in the air. Black clouds loomed above our heads threatening to drop its contents any moment. And the spirits of the fighters were low as it was cold. They not only were cold, but most of them had never even seen a war let alone been about to fight in one. Erin, who was on the other side of me, knew this. She stuck her sword in the ground and raced up Thalia's pine, hanging off a branch and letting everyone see her up there before she spoke.

"Half-Bloods! Friends and enemy's of my name, the ones who hold their swords close to your heart and ones who flee at the sight of it, blood lovers and death haters, to the frightened and the weak, to the strong and the able, listen to me now! Listen, I call your aid," She jumped onto another branch and crouched down, her hair falling over one shoulder, "This is your hour; this is your time to show your metal. This is the hour of the weak, of the undermined, of the ones who were always told no! Who were told they could not! Listen to me, the Shadows out there; they know you can not beat them, they know they outnumber you 5 to 1, they know you are scared little children. And they know for a fact you will not win. I am asking you to prove them wrong! You are not weak, you are the strength in my heart, you are what makes me fight, never let the enemy think such things of you!" Rain began to fall from the heavens and soak us, nothing but the faint ping of water hitting metal and Erin's proud, strong voice could be heard.

"When the dragon bears fire on you, you do not run but cut the serpents head! And when a sword falls your way, you do not step back but meet its blade with your own! Fire for fire, blood for blood and will for will! We will win, so young demi-god hold your banner higher and raise your chin to meet the standard of our adversaries! Apollo grip your bow and let your arrows fly straight! Ares, hold your might for the breath of the Shadows will be sure to run short when you are near! To the Smiths sons, you are my friend on this field for you are the ones to hold the hammer in hand! Break their shields! Bend their bones! Teach them a new meaning of power, Aphrodites, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hermes, and even to the minor gods present here, you all hold a power no can touch! These shadows are nothing in your wrath; nothing can stand up to you on this day! Your power is greater than my own, strong and fierce are you! Show them! Show them true!" They all were silent, they had never heard a war speech quite as good as this one, so they showered her with cheers. People banged their swords on their shields, jeered the Shadows, and raised their fist to her as she walked back to stand at my side. She was smiling and her cheeks were flushed from the cold.

"Think that helped?" She asked me laughing as she did. In response Percy banged Riptide on his shield shouting, "Victory!" Everyone took up the chant. A silver mist of power fell around our heads, Erin was right; we had a power in us. But it all faded to the sound of a war horn, it sounded three times like a dying animal, short and choked. A trail of fire was now visible in the lake of darkness at the feet of our hill, torches and the reflection of torches in black armor. Shadows crowded the road below, hundreds of them. And two of them were striding up the hill leisurely to meet us. Erin and I stepped ahead and stood face to face with them. Both of them were dressed like a shadow and had their faces hidden behind a helmet, which they took off and held under their arms. It was Kiley and Lyle.

"We come to make an offer," Lyle said cockily, Brennion stood behind me biting his lip so hard blood trickled from the corner of his mouth, "Give up and I won't kill you all. Just a select few, the rest can become my slaves for my new world." Erin laughed a real, goodhearted laugh.

"That's a good one Lyle, I didn't know you had a sense of humor. No, I think we like the idea of crushing you better so turn around, march right back down, and suck your thumb while my sister here does your dirty work." Kiley stiffened; Lyle no doubt had drugged her up so she had no idea who Erin was. A fire burned in her eyes though, something I had not seen in Kiley sense she had been taken as Lyle's prisoner. She knew us somewhere in her head, if not as her mission then as her family. Lyle blew air between his teeth, muscles in his jaw clenched.

"If that is your answer then-" Erin rolled her eyes and started waving her hands around.

"Yeah yeah, I've heard this speech before. 'The shadows will destroy you' blah blah blah! Bring it!" She said an inch from his face then spun around and, while walking away, stuck up her middle finger over her shoulder. Lyle gasped, never been shown such disrespect before, and stormed away. Kiley stood there, staring at me and gripping her sword. I suddenly remembered my promise to her and ran away to catch up with Erin, glancing over my shoulder to check if she was behind me. She was gone from sight. Airabella was rubbing her hands together smiling.

"When the demons come out-" She started-

"The angels get to play. Yep, its rock and roll time Bell. Whip tight?" Erin said holding up two fists and throwing one at Bella playfully. Bella slipped under her shot, in slow motion, and wrapped and arm around her neck.

"Always is. Let's get this party started." She said letting Erin go and turning to face the multitude of Shadows. It was almost mesmerizing to watch them, the mixed bloods. They stood in a line, Erin next to Bella and Nate, Trenton next Amber and Ronny, Den Raney next Brennion and DJ. The shadows seem to hiss louder when they saw them and the vigor of the half-bloods seemed to grow with them in front. That's when I noticed Brennion and Nate's blessings were glowing. And when you looked at it, you felt yourself being lifted up and having a fierce pride in them. Like a follower in a leader. That's when I got it. What the blessing did. Their grandparents were Zeus king of gods and Hades lord of the dead, and they got a power from that. The tattoo's gave them leadership over half-bloods, just like Zeus over gods, and probably the dead as well.

The shadows were advancing up the hill. And the half-bloods ran to meet them, archers and Hecate kids throwing arrows and whatever else at them from atop the hill. We met with a clash. But it wasn't like I thought it would have been. I thought it would have been like it is in the movies, like when Gandalf rides down the hill with his other horsemen to back him up and they just wipe everybody out. I thought it was going to be like that, it wasn't. It was more like running in slow motion and watching the people beside you run in slow motion to, then you watch as one small boy running with you gets killed and his blood stains your clothes and he falls under the feet of the others still running. Then you catch up with time and you're at a normal speed and you're fighting. All around you, in a mess of them, like a swarm of bees on flowers. Except it's not as pretty as that, and it never ends. You can't stop or you die. Blood and death and blood and death. It becomes a rhythm and a song playing over and over in your head. You kill six of them and six more come. I became so tired at one point that I began to side step so that the Shadows lunges for me would kill the shadow behind me and then I would stab that one. I soon found myself standing next to Stefanie, she would stab a Shadow with an arrow through the throat when it got close then, with that same arrow, she would kill two more by shooting it. I only stayed with her a moment before the death cloud carried me away again.

The rain beat down harder with each blow of the sword, we fought on mud and blood, our only traction were the dead bodies that littered the ground. The darkness helped with that. That way you wouldn't have to see who it was that died but be fueled by their death and take one back for that one lost. Death was a putrid smell and it poisoned the air. It burnt my nostrils and made it so I couldn't smell anything else, just the last breath of a shadow or the final beat of a half-blood heart. I pushed it aside, I had no other choice, and focused on taking down the Shadows in front of me. I wondered while in the process of burying my knife in a Shadow, if we were wining. That's why I stopped and turned back toward the hill so I could look over things.

It was like watching black swim in white. Like the static of a TV, just swarms here and there engulfing each other. I couldn't really tell who was winning or losing because from this vantage point, everyone was dying. I could see that more half-bloods died, more of our banners lay on the ground and more of our people seemed to be being pushed back by the enemy but I wasn't sure this meant we were losing at the moment. I could see Erin and my gods……she was like gold in copper. She weaved in and out of the fights leaving bodies in her wake; every time she was engaged in a fight she would laugh and kill them all in two moves. But her haughty display of swordsmanship ended when Kiley swung at Erin's head. Their swords met and sparks showered every which way, illuminating the dark like fireworks. Fighting around them seemed to stop and everyone went to a standstill. Kiley struck like a snake and Erin caught her blow everytime with one to match. Rain didn't touch them, it hung in the air above their heads and when one would strike it would be sent flying at them in a big ball. When a sister was knocked down they would jump right back up and smack the other with the pommel of their sword. Kiley was bleeding; Erin was bleeding, but only from each others wounds. Neither of them had been hurt before they fought and I had a feeling they were going to kill each other before one lost. Then it happened. Kiley kicked Erin in the stomach and she fell to the ground, Kiley was on top of her, punching. Erin's grip on her sword loosened and it fell by her side, she wasn't even trying to stop the punches. She couldn't. Her hands would bounce from her head to her hip like a drunkard man but she couldn't ward off Kiley's blows. Erin's movement stopped and Kiley stood up. I was in horror and I soon found myself running, pushing people out of the way until I was kneeling by Erin. Her face was a bloody mess and it filled her mouth, spewing from the sides like an unearthly fountain. I felt like throwing up.

"Erin!? Erin," I was shaking her to wake her up and didn't realize I was crying, "Erin damn you! ERIN!" Her eyes fluttered open and she groaned. Spat up blood and rolled over so she could throw up….more blood.

"Erin damn you if you even think about dying I swear to the gods I'll-" I stopped because something grabbed me and pulled me away from her. I looked up just in time to catch hard platinum eyes glowering down at me before a got a swift kick to the ribs. Pain blinded me and sent my head spinning. Gods….that felt like being hit by a parked car. Then I felt her hand jerk me to my feet by a handful of hair. Her sword was at my throat….just a quick movement and I would be dead. And there was a quick movement but it wasn't her sword. Her sword hit the ground with a clang. DJ held my knife, the one I dropped when Kiley had grabbed me, and had it at his sister's throat.

"Let her go Kiley so you and I can fight properly. Taking prisoners is cheating" Kiley looked at me then at DJ and dropped me, pouncing on him with one of those blades that pop out of her gauntlet. DJ jumped back and took a swipe at her; she was surprised when he actually hit her. He caught her cheek and opened a small cut. DJ smiled and ducked back in the crowd of the people, just as Kiley went after him Brennion came into view. He was holding a dagger in one hand and something I couldn't quite make out in his other. Kiley ricocheted right off Brennion's chest, falling on her butt. She looked confused when Brennion pushed her down even further, holding her wrists and locking his ankles around her legs so she couldn't move. DJ ran back up with what looked to be a syringe in his hand and a bottle about an inch tall with illuminant blue liquid in it.

"Got her down big bro?" DJ asked Brennion who nodded. Kiley started screaming, she didn't look like she was in pain but was screaming like someone who was being kidnapped. DJ filled the syringe with the blue liquid and bent down about to put in Kiley's arm when she flailed and hit it. It went flying through the air, doomed to smash on a rock or the helmet of a fallen but Nate caught it. He jogged over and bent down to give it to DJ.

"Here you go little man, give us our Kiley back. I got your back" Nate threw it in DJ's skillful hands just as three Shadows charged them. While Nate fought them in a fist fight DJ pierced the inside of Kiley's arm with the needle, slowly injecting the liquid. She screamed one last time before passing out completely. Brennion looked at DJ worried.

"Is this supposed to happen? Is she supposed to fall asleep?" DJ nodded.

"Yeah, she'll be that way for a little bit while her nervous system gets cleaned by the salt water and the gardenia pollen. Ahhhh…up there! By Thalia's pine, lets lay her up there and we can wait until she wakes up." Brennion scooped her up and raced after DJ, swerving in and out of the fights, trying desperately not to get caught up in them. I was brought back into reality when I heard a gun shot and watched as a Shadow, with his sword raised above his head a foot from me, clenched his chest and fell dead at my feet.

"Geeze daydreamer, pat attention, your gonna get yourself killed." Trenton said swinging his white pistol around his finger. For one second I let my self look at his gun, it was matte white with silver etchings on it and blood splattered from the barrel back. Paint and real blood.

"Thanks, I'll get ya back some time. Now ya got a present for me, DJ took my knife." He smiled and pulled something from his back pocket because he was, again, not wearing a shirt. It was a gun, the twin of his pistol only it was black with a rose painted on it.

"Hope you know how to use it," He turned and shot three guys before turning back to me, "Watch the kick, it bites like a snake." He made claws with his fingers and hissed, smiling, then left me. I fingered the gun; it was heavy in my untrained hands. I had never shot a gun before. Shadows fell out of the crowd, four of them, booking it in my direction. Now was the time to see if I could. I raised it and pulled the trigger back four times, with my eyes closed and rocking with the kick of the gun. Hands pulled the gun down and I opened my eyes, jerking the gun away and trying to punch whoever it was that was touching me. It was Airabella.

"Not exactly your strong point Annabeth. Here give me this," She took the gun and tucked it in her pocket, "And you can have this. I know it's a little longer than your knife but it is shorter than a sword. Use it instead. And I could use some cover while I get Erin outta here." It was shorter than a sword, with a curved blade painted black and three glowing stars tattooed on its blade. I liked it. Light pooled around me, a silver light like a moon lantern and it helped me to see where I was going in the midnight blackness. Bella fell next to Erin and began looking her over but I didn't pay much attention because I was busy fighting a Shadow. He hated the blade Bella had given me. Every time the light touched him he hissed and backed away into the darkness. And when I cut him with it, he screamed a high pitch blaring sound and crawled away. I loved this sword.

"Okay, follow me and cover my flanks." Bella said rushing toward the hill with Erin draped on her shoulder. We raced up half-blood hill and she laid her down by Kiley, who was still sleeping with two worrying guys hovering over top of her. DJ shrieked when he saw Erin.

"Airabella get Ronny for me now! Please….ah, what happened to you Erin!" I was planning on staying there until I heard Percy call my name. I turned and saw him under the weight of a Shadows shield and about to be stabbed by the lurking blade. My legs moved faster than my brain and I was soon on top on that very same Shadow with my new sword buried deep in his back. Percy collected himself and stood up, also dusting me off.

"Thanks Annabeth, I owe you one." He kissed my cheek and I smiled.

"Shocker there." I mumbled. He elbowed me then froze. I frowned; Percy was looking at something over my shoulder and I couldn't quite make it out when I turned. It looked like…..a mass of Shadows attacking our mall group of demi-gods. Nothing new from what had been happening, maybe he's just-oh. I saw it now. He was noticing the fact that our little army had scattered and were being devoured by the blackness of Lyle's men. We were losing, because we had no leader to command them. They were going every which way, unsure of what to do or who to kill. The chaos of battle was attacking their brains. Lyle was pushing his men with a leader's voice and his men did what he said, pushed the enemy back. And we were clueless.

"We have to do something," Percy said looking around, "Have to-"

"STOP!" The voice was shrill and made me flinch it was so demanding. It was coming from the direction of the hill. Kiley was standing up with her hands in the air and Erin was standing besides her looking determined. The wind pushed both of their black hair to the side, picking it up and making them look even more like a war goddess. Beautiful in blood splatter and moonlight. And standing next to each other, pshhhh, nothing could touch them. Everyone was still, swords lowered and breaths hitched, all of them looking to the twins expectantly. Lyle pushed past everyone and stood at the base of the hill, fuming.

"Kiley! I command you to kill that infernal Erin right now!" He yelled pointing his sword at Erin. Kiley fell behind Erin and put her arms around her neck, touching her forehead to the back of Erin's head.

"You want me to kill my sister? Animal! I would not, nor could I ever do something like that! If you want her dead so badly climb your fat ass up this hill and do it yourself!" Lyle growled and slashed at the thing nearest to him, which happened to be his flag barer.

"Kiley Jackson!" He yelled slashing around some more. Kiley pulled away from behind Erin and stood by her gripping her wrist.

"Lyle I have a proposition for you," He stopped slashing, "I say we have a little fight you and I. If I win-well its simple really, if I win you die and your men dispatch, never to attack another half-blood so long as they live." Kiley began walking down the hill, her sister, little brother, best friend, and boyfriend on her heels.

"And if I win?" Lyle said when they stopped in front of him. Kiley grabbed a sword off the ground and flipped it over to inspect its knocks in the sides.

"If you win, camp half-blood is yours and I die. Simple." She threw the sword in the air and caught it after the second flip. She rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck.

"Simple." Lyle repeated pulling his sword. Kiley nodded with a smile and slashed at his head experimentally. Lyle fell back and slashed at her rips as he fell. Kiley knocked his blade away with very little effort.

"Yep, you still suck, just checking." She said sweetly making him turn red. Then the fight started. He jumped at her swinging his sword with all his weight put into it and she just pushed it away like a fly. In fact, Kiley seemed to be using the water to weaken him. She was whispering, what I couldn't tell, but whatever she was whispering made the water fall harder on him. Next to me Airabella laughed.

"That little cheater." She said in-between laughs. The fight went on for a good five minutes before something actually happened besides Kiley laughing at Lyle. Lyle tripped over his foot and fell backwards. Suddenly Kiley lost all sense of humor and stabbed Lyle. No talking, no chance to get up, she just stabbed him. Right through the stomach, blood bubbled up from the wound and squirted up the side of her sword. She twisted it when he made a motion to talk.

"I win." She said. A look of horror imprinted it self on his face.

"No….please, have mercy Kiley-" Kiley pulled the sword out and grabbed him by the arm so she could pull him up and threw him at my feet.

"Funny, I remember my mother screaming the same thing as you killed my father, as you killed her. You want mercy Lyle? Ask her." Kiley threw the sword at him and he cowered away from it and looked up at me.

"Please….don't let her-" Erin kicked him in the face and he folded up.

"Don't bargain for a life she should take from you." Erin kicked him again and picked up the same sword Kiley had stabbed him with and slit his throat. His face was made of wax, like someone had shaped a blank surprised look on him. But the blood was painting the ground and pooling around his wax face. And Erin and Kiley were both standing over him, fist clenched, tears streaming, and teeth grinding. Lyle was dead. All the Shadows hissed, screamed, squealed, and ran but everyone of them turned to dust. The Shadows were gone. It was all over. We had won. The half-blood yelled as the sun rose up and raced up half-blood hill to start a victory fire no doubt, but the mixed bloods and two remaining Shadows stayed. All of them staring at Lyle's dead body. Amber, to my surprise, kissed Trenton and he was blushing when she pulled away. Airabella was leaning on Erin wiping the sweet off her forehead on her sleeve, both of them smiling. DJ was doing a happy dance, which was basically dancing around Lyle saying "screw you" over and over again. Den Raney, after glaring at Amber profusely, laughed and punched Nate in the arm which was his way of saying, "Job well done guys." I guess. Ronny and Deadra shared a kiss that made DJ gag and pretend to throw up. Kiley was standing directly in front of Percy and I, crying and smiling. Then she collapsed in our arms, pulled both of us against her.

"I did it. I did it, your safe. Oh gods I did it." She whispered over and over. Erin looked up and came over to tap on Kiley's shoulder who, after letting another choked sob out, gave her a hug.

"You stupid idiot, if you ever do that to me again I'll kick your ass all the way to grandma and grandpa's throne." Erin whispered into Kiley's hair as Kiley sobbed on her shoulder. DJ came over and kicked Kiley in the shin breaking up the hug and making Kiley fall to DJ's level. He rested his forehead on hers and tugged her hair.

"And I'll help." He said then melted into her arms. Kiley kissed the top of his head while crying still then looked up at me and Percy. Everyone was looking at us it seemed. Trenton was behind Amber with his arms around her tiny waist and had his chin rested on the top of her head, she was blushing but looked happy. Airabella was sitting on the ground by Deadra and Ronny's feet while Erin had found her self in Nate's arms. Den Raney was smiling like a devil with an axe slung over his shoulder. Brennion sat by Kiley, holding her hand and ruffling DJ's hair. And they were all staring at us.

"You haven't told them yet, have you?" Bella asked, looking up from her drawing in the dirt. Kiley dropped her head, burying it in DJ's ash blond hair. Brennion ignored it too, choosing instead to play with a particular curl in Kiley's hair.

"No we haven't actually." Amber said.

"Tell us what?" Percy said. Everyone kinnda just sat down, Erin in Nate's lap, Amber in Trenton's and me in Percy's. All of us looking at Kiley. She sighed and laid her head on Brennion's shoulder, whispering something in his ear that made him blush.

"Well," Kiley began with her eyes closed, DJ had curled his arms around Kiley and was very close to falling asleep, "We are from the future, Lyle brought us here, right?" Percy and I nodded.

"Right. Well because we killed the person that causes your death in future in the past….well, let me make it more simple. If you take something out of the future and put it in the past then the future hasn't happened yet. In this time era Lyle hasn't killed you and if we kill him now, before he killed you, you won't be dead in the future. So…..we are no longer orphans. All that stuff that happened to you guys, it never happened now." We don't die! That means Percy and I can be together forever, with our amazingly awesome children. And that means-

"But," She opened her eyes and looked up at me seriously, "You will never remember who we are. As soon as we leave it will be like we never existed. Sure, you'll still have the armor we made you, the helmet. But you won't remember who made them, just the memory that a good friend made it for you and died in the war thereafter-"

"You won't remember our stories, our names, anything. Because we aren't from this time. And…..we have to go. The portal to our world won't stay open long after Lyle is dead and it's been to long already." Erin finished, standing up. They all stood up. Amber and Trenton waved then walked off into the distance, both their image shimmering then they were gone. Like a mirage. Den Raney gave us a finger gun, made a clicking sound with his tongue, then walked in the "portal" and was gone too. Ronny and Deadra went next, kissing our cheeks and giving me a letter with Grover's name on it.

"Give it to my Dad for me, would ya?" Ronny said giving me a smile and a green eyed wink from behind his curtain of lime green silk. Deadra gave me a sly smile and whispered, "Be nice to my friend chick." Then they were gone. Airabella laughed, it was nice to hear and she gave me a hug and Percy one too.

"Later losers, see you guys in the future," She started to walk away, her arm becoming blurry, then she stopped and turned to face us, "Oh and Annabeth…..ha, take care of my sword would ya? It has a lot of good stories to go with it." The last thing I saw of her was a crooked grin. The only people left were Brennion, Nate, Erin, Kiley and DJ. DJ gave Percy and I a hug then looked us both in the eye.

"Okay, first things first, you may not remember me but you will remember when I tell you that I do not like it when dad makes my birthday cakes….they turn to goo and then mom makes me eat it so not to make dad feel bad, therefore mom it is your soul responsibility not to let dad cook under any circumstance……unless he is trying to kill someone, in which case it would be fine. Second, I love you both so please don't have that stupid contest you will have in the future. Annoying and I don't want to give you guys the silent treatment for a week like I did last time. Okay? We good? Good. Love you guys, see you later." He ran off and was gone. Nate gave Erin a kiss and waved us goodbye, then was gone like the rest. Brennion kissed Kiley, kissed my forehead and shook Percy's hand.

"Just so you know Percy," Brennion had said while shaking his hand, "Kiley said yes." And he left us with those words. Percy looked at Kiley confused. She blushed and looked at her hand, which now had her white ring on it again. The one that turned into a sword.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked glaring at her. She smiled sweetly.

"Um….he kinnda….asked me to, ah," She stopped to laugh nervously, "He asked me to marry him and I said yes." Erin's jaw must have hit the ground.

"WHAT!?" Kiley looked at her mischievously.

"Oh shut up miss he's-not-my-boyfriend, that kiss looked pretty darn real to me." Kiley put her hands on her hips and Erin blushed mumbling something inaudible. Kiley, after shaking her head at her sister, turned to us.

"You two take care of yourself and we'll see you in the future." She kissed our foreheads, Erin doing the same thing and they linked arms beginning to walk away when Erin turned back.

"Oh and mom? You weren't 22 when you had me and Kiley, you were 18. And Grandma Athena gets pissed let me tell you something! So dad, two thing; one, consider protection; and two, run like hell when that fails you cause Athena gets her chariot and plays catch-the-stupid-son-of-Poseidon-that-got-my-daughter-pregnant. And she uses a golf club to catch you." They laughed then walked away. Fading into the future with the rest of them. Leaving Percy and I blushing and thinking about our future because we sure had something to look forward too.

"Hey guys," I looked up and saw Stefanie waving at us from the top of the hill, 'Come on, we want to celebrate Percy killing the bad guy!" I smiled at Percy and grabbed his hand.

"Yes lets go shall we? Just be sure to…." I stopped to laugh just because I suddenly got an image of my mother chasing Percy all over Olympus in her chariot.

"Race ya there?" I finally decided. Percy grinned and took off like a rocket with me chasing him screaming, "CHEATER! I DIDN'T SAY GO!"

And that my friends, is the last chapter. Keep an eye out because I'll be writing a second one about what happens when Percy gets Annabeth pregnant and the life with Kiley and Erin growing up. Chow!

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