Wah it's the final chpater! The Epilogue, and i'm sad to say there's no lemon, or heck even speech in this. But I will write a sequal to this. Probably a one shot which will be a bit more involved ne ^_^ I hope you enjoy this and thanks to everyone who reviewed and what not ^^ made me feel this was a good peice i wrote ^^ I hope the sequal one shot will live up to this :D

The silence that ensued the room was a new experience for the brunette, sitting back on top of his bed, eying the small, barely noticable frown on the tensai's other wise relaxed face, skin cooling and reurning to it's usual colour slowly. Even though the other slept, the silence was still at odd ends, unheard explanations, unresolved issues and misrible memories of a time not a month ago.

It astounded him, looking down at the now sound asleep, bandaged boy; white cream covering certain sections of his body, cooling the effect of that mornings shower. It was so small that fragile inner balance of the hazel haired male, that even the slightest personal invasion could tip the scales dramatically.

He wondered vaguely, the image of a furious tensai, crying out, winding himself up further before storming out of the appartment fresh in his mind, just how quickly he had decided to take that sordid route, trying to find ecstacy through pain, to feel remorse through hate.

He couldn't fathom -his memory of looking for the exhausted boy for two weeks, chasing bars and clubs and always being a step late- how the tensai had come to such a rash decision. The words traced and flowed through his mind repeatedly; stabbing and insulting, the enraged eyes that had flared open catching him with pure fury. It hadn't been planned, but life was never a set decision, things had come up, dates had been missed, shows forgotten or skipped.

Life never dealt you a perfect hand, and just like a stone tossed into a pond, the small ripples began to grow; the cards were laid on the table, because some things were not preventable.

He guessed that night had been the final straw, him calling on the younger boy, telling him straight, being responded by a steadily growing voice, calm turning to rage in mere minutes, a deadly smile that vanished, and cold eyes that burned.

Perhaps for once, life had gone one step too far, plans for the weekend being canceled at the last minute; the rush to complete the university work before deadlines looming over them. The days they were called out by friends from work, from Uni, begging them to lighten up, to have some fun or help the out. Once again their plans to spend time together in this busy life were shattered, that thin line of patience finally snapping.

Hypocritical was a word that described them both, both in the wrong, yet only one starting this whole affair. They had tried, so hard it became tense, yet maybe not hard enough, to meet with the other, to be on some level and some kind of plea to wait just that little bit longer.

Work was distracting, course work was overwhelming, time was sparce and sometimes life just hated them. But they could have tried harder he thought. Instead of flying of the handle, instead of the harsh words that had cut him, not that he had shown it, watching his other half spin around and slam the door on his way out. The cerulean eyes boy had never been this mad.

It was his own fault though, he sighed stroking a fallen bang away from the sleeping boys face, and the damned tensai had started it all, a small rolling stone escalating into a rockslide, crushing them both under the collapsing pressure. A simple request that couldn't be met no matter how much they wanted it to, a simple thing that had grown in need and desperation, the thread finally snapping as the other could not meet the request. They had shouted, fought back tears, and said harsh things on one side, ignored on the other. He knew the younger boy had been at his final point, tired of waiting, tired of deadlines and work, just wanting to be with the person he loved, and he too wanted that also. But the younger had taken it too far, had said some rash things, and he saw in the others pleading eyes, that he knew it himself but was too stubborn to apologise.

Even still, as angry as he was, he had given the boy a week to cool off, certain his lover would realise himself, come home and talk. But the oldest sibling had only shook her head in worry, him suddenly disapearing with out a word or note, her cards telling her of her brothers chaos but not of his safety. The brunette had never moved so quickly in his life, calling a familiar phone number in hopes of finding some answers.

Eighty-six percent chance he is doing something reckless had been the answer. Another phone call, a different number, a name of a bar visited not long ago with old friends. The waitress had seen him there, she had told, saying she saw him go off with a group, planning to check out the scene.

The hazel eyed boy had a head ache, he knew this would not end well, he just didn't realise how much trouble the small boy was about to cause.

There were over twenty odd clubs around the area, then adding the number of bars he just wanted to hit something. Calling for help, asking his regulars to try and search too, to calm the older female's nerves of worry; to find that stupid boy before he got himself hurt.

It was almost hopeless, the stoic captain had thought, visiting many of the night scenes, always finding a lead yet always being too late. It was coming into the second week and still no sign or word from the sadistic boy, his sister just about ready to call the authorities. By the middle of that week he had almost given up, coming away from the latest club he had ventured to check, coming out with neon colours plastered to his clothes to his dismay.

A bench nearby had called to him, beckoning to rest his weary body and mind, and he hadn't denied it, sitting down on what had once been a newly varnished brown bench, now speckled in bright colours.

He could hear random drunk and exctied people in the back ground, giggling, laughing, talking about some crazy child who drunk himself silly. He shook his head, thinking how irresponsible that person must be, paralytic was by no means fun. A sudden sharp noise broke through his displeased thoughts, the familiar ringtone of his mobile peircing through his reverie, the sun soft against his cheeks as he opened it up and answered the call.

He had seen the name, a person he had asked for help from, what with his various connections, and the time together on the screen; it was almost ten, the sun long sinse raised and the last of the club dwellers were drifting off.

The voice on the other end nearly made him drop the phone, relief and shock running through him, turing back to worry and concern as the others description was relayed to him, shocking him further.

The tennis captain had never moved so fast in his life, as he did leaving the bench and racing off down the street to the nearest bus station. He couldn't believe his luck, the scheduled buses running half an hour late, an accident up ahead causing a huge traffic jam, but that was fine right? After all, it was as if the younger boy would be going any where soon.

It had been nearly two hours, and as soon as the bus stopped an he rushed off, figuring he'd get there quicker walking, he received another call from the previous number.

Something had happened; he could hear it in the caller's voice, regret and concern as well as guilt, such an odd mix in this particular male. He had firmly ignored the caller, he had spent two weeks searching for his lover, or what he still hoped was, to be told no.

Through what ever miracle had shined on him, he made it to the mansion, for it rightly was, and demanded entrance from it's resident, the silver haired boy waiting for him at the front door, a silent nod of acknowledgement before being led in and set down to business.

The truth in the others words had floored him, leaving him shocked breathless in his seat, sudden emotion taking all senses over as he seathed over what he had heard, lashing out and striking the person before him.

He stood in frozen blankness, realising his actions and apologising, if not stubbornly and angrily, to the other out of habit from growing up, being taught right from wrong.

The other shook his head ruefully, holding a hand to his cheek, saying he deserved it, that it was understandable and not to be judged. From what he had heard, he could only guess at what had been going on in the others head.

He had been disapointed and annoyed, he felt hurt and betrayed, yet for some reason a small understanding of what the others thought process was at the time; unpredictable and quite often foolish.

He didn't know whether to feel angry or sorry for the tensai, choosing to keep some reserved center around himself rather than judge, a cool detatchment to help him figure this out.

It was at that point that the door clicked open, and the mornings events really happened. The diva host had left the room, whispering something in the small, frozen, yet oddly red raw boy's ear. He couldn't help the twang of jealousy and hate that fired up, seeing the sliver haired bou touch his partner, then remembering he had done more than touch him, seeing the marks on the younger male's neck.

That had been a tense conversation; he could see the boy fidgeting, uncomfortable, scared and vulnerable. He had been confident though too, his soft voice gaining a stronger fuller sound, resolute and some what wiser, though definately sore.

He hadn't thought, pulling the other up, wincing, and leading him out the house, doing everything on autopilot as he sat in the rich boy's car, the chaufer driving the two of them to the hospital where the other promptly gasped and whimpered at the doctor's touch.

So now, looking down at the curled up form, dosed with pain killers, he couldn't figure out why he had brought him back to their appartment, half asleep at that time. Surely he would have been better of at his sisters, but then again, he was still so broken. Tonight he would stay here, and then tomorrow he would march him to his siblings home to be watched and cared for, not allowed to leave the house other than for fresh air.

He sighed again hearing the contented mewl the other gave at his touch, sleepily moving closer in his unconscious state.

It would be hard he knew, but as much as he loved the tired male dearly, this was not something he'd get over with quick. It would take a while, who knew how long, to get things even moderatly back to a normal relationship. But he couldn't live with the other at this current time; he needed to clear his own head before trying to decipher his tensai's.

For the time being he would stay with his sister, visiting him sometime soon, hoping to get an explanation from the other, waiting for the right moment that he knew the gears would start shifting, for the time that they could move on together, get passed this and carry on.