Sum: HPXSaiyuki. Voldemort attempted a ritual, only he got it wrong and the result is four souls taking over the bodies of four unborn wizards. Harry Potter, Neville Longbottem, Ron Weasly and Draco Malfoy? Er, not so much. Try Cho Hakkai, Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Genjyo Sanzo.

The Ritual

Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle, smirked as he looked on the ritual circle. Tonight he would summon four demon warriors, place them in four loyal but unremarkable Death Eaters, and use them to take over first England, and then the world.

Cho Hakkai; Thousand slayer and the liquid lord.

Son Goku; The Great Sage and earth soul.

Sha Gojyo; the hanyo, a master of smoke and air.

Genjyo Sanzo; another Thousand slayer, the lord of fire and lighting.

With these four at his command, Lord Voldemort would rule all.

"We shall begin."

The chanting started, it would open a gate to the neither world through which the spirits could be summoned. If it worked.

It worked. The gate opened, and the spirits answered.

Four orbs. One was composed of clear water and black oil, the next a mix of stone, soil and tiny chunks of metal, the third a swirling orb of wind and smoke, and the last an ever shifting ball of black flames and blue/white lightning.

Voldemort smiled triumphantly… and it all went wrong.

The orb of lightning and fire touched that of oil and water. A second later the ritual circle went up in flames, which spread fast due to an unnatural wind, and the casters found themselves under attack by electrically charged whips made out of water.

One of the casters fell, sizzling, the magic collapsed with an audible thump. The orbs vanished.

Lord Voldemort screamed his fury into the night sky.


Four children, one due in just four months, another just conceived, all touched by fate.

-Let me in. I'll protect you.-

They had hosts, and forms. They would live again…

Gods have mercy on any that stood in their way.


Two years later. Halloween

"Lily, take Harry and run!"

"Out of the way, foolish girl."

"Not Harry! Please, not Harry!"

There was green light, and a body hit the floor.

Harry Potter watched the snake man though gave green eyes, the same green as his mothers.

Voldemort looked him over, sneered, and cast the killing curse. It bounced straight off the energy wall that had appeared before the child and hit him in the chest.

Voldemorts body crumbled, and his shade fled.

Harry watched with eyes that seemed much too old for his face. He didn't seem to notice that he was bleeding slowly from a cut over his right eyebrow. A simple flowing line, like those used to represent water.


Bellatrix Lestange, her husband and his brother were torturing the Longbottems. She laughed delightedly at their agonised screams.

"NO! BAD!"

The child's shout was unimportant. The stone spikes that erupted from the floor weren't as one of them went though her husbands' chest.

Swearing a blue streak, Bellatrix fled, taking her brother-in-law with her.

When Alice Longbottem got up, she found a corpse and her beloved son watching her with worried golden eyes. He didn't seem to be aware of the jagged cut on his left cheek that was bleeding slowly and looked rather like a mountain range.


Death eaters were attacking the Burrow, and though Mr and Mrs Weasly were fighting like tigers they really needed some help.

Their youngest son had escaped the room he'd been locked in, leaving his tiny sister with his brothers, and was headed for the kitchen. He got there in time to see a cutting curse aimed at his mother, and reacted on instinct.


Blades of wind flashed across the room, beheading one Death Eater and taking limbs off two others.

Once Molly and Arthur had subdued the rest of their attackers they turned, and saw their youngest son sitting in the doorway.

His cinnamon eyes were stern, and blood was trickling from two cuts on his right cheek that drifted from cheekbone to jaw. A breeze made of blood.


Malfoy manor was quiet, and dark. The heir to this rather foreboding house was wandering the halls, as he had been inclined to do ever since he learned to walk, without fear. He wasn't scared of the dark. No one could find you in the dark, which suited him just fine as he was currently watching his parents fighting and didn't want to be seen.

"He's far too young!"

"It's an excellent match."

"They've never even meet, we should at lest find out if they can get along-"

"Enough! My decision is final! Do not defy me!"

"He's my son and I have a right-"


Draco Malfoy lost his temper. He did not love his farther, and his farther did not love him, taking it as a personal insult that his son didn't look like him. It didn't seem to matter that with the golden hair of Narcissas mother, the features of Lucius's mother and amazing purple/blue eyes that where a little like his Aunt Bellatrix's Draco was going to be a beauty. Lucius had wanted a clone, and had been furious when he realised he wasn't going to get one. Narcissa had raised her son with no help from the man she had married, and Draco loved her immensely.

So when she was hurt the reaction was swift and violent.

A whiplash of white fire removed Luciuses right arm at the elbow. The severed arm turned to ash.

"Don't. Hurt. My. Mother."

Lucius snarled, kicked his wife and headed for the child in the doorway. About halfway there he was struck by lightning and fried instantly.

Draco tottered around his fathers smoking corpse, and plopped down by his mother.

His strange twilight eyes were unreadable, and he gave no reaction to the blood dripping down his face from the five pointed star cut into his forehead.

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