Sum: HPXSaiyuki. Voldemort attempted a ritual, only he got it wrong and the result is four souls taking over the bodies of four unborn wizards. Harry Potter, Neville Longbottem, Ron Weasly and Draco Malfoy? Er, not so much. Try Cho Hakkai, Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Genjyo Sanzo.

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Significant Events for 7 Year Olds 2

Potter and Malfoy

It was common knowledge among the darker side of pure blood society that the heirs of 3 of their rich families were just a bit bonkers.

Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy. Otherwise known as Flare, Yuki and Indigo for reasons known only to themselves. The trio had been fast friend from the first time they meet, having bonded over the horrendous stupidity of their peers and the fact that none of them thought like normal people.

Yuki viewed the world as a big game that she was determined to win, she had a decidedly odd set of morals as well, even for a rich, dark pureblood.

Flares morals were also weird, perhaps due to the frequent deaths of his stepfathers, and considered it his purpose in life to have as much fun as possible.

Indigo's morals were just as strange as those of his friends, if not stranger, and he had made it his mission to befriend everyone's house elves. He had also turned much of the Malfoy estates into nature reserves, and spent too much time with the fey that had taken up residence in the forests for anyone to be comfortable with.

All this considered, Narcissa Black-Snape shouldn't have been so surprised to return from her daughter's nursery school to find Yuki and Flare panicking because Indigo had been cased through the floo by the 'Huffelpuff Marshmallow Man'.

That didn't stop her staring at them blankly for a while, then swearing in French before contacting Severus Snape, her husband of 4 years, father of her 3 year old and godfather to the missing Indigo.

The snarky potions master was one of the very few adults that understood the trio somewhat, and due to the bond between godparent and godchild should be able to find Indigo with a minimum of fuss.


Indigo/Genjyo Sanzo had always been something of a trouble magnet, but he was almost completely certain that the appearance of the Huffelpuff Marshmallow man was not his fault. His having gone through the floo was, but why the hell was he in a blocked of fireplace? He'd been aiming for Sev.

And more importantly, was the animated marshmallow going to come after him?

The question was swiftly answered when a fwumping noise and the weird groan of the marshmallow man came from above his head.

Indigo panicked, slammed his hands against the block and sent a heartfelt scream of Move, damn it! into the cool metal via his magic.

The electric fire hit the opposite wall with a violent claanngg and Indigo tumbled out of the fireplace in a messy pile of awkwardly long limbs and long golden hair. He was currently in that stage of development that normally hits during puberty and gives you arms and legs that were a bit to long for your body until it's over, and makes you look like a young foal.

But it clearly didn't hinder Indigo in the slightest as he rolled to his feet with the ease of one who had done this a thousand times and headed for the nearest source of chi.

Normal people getting involved could not end well.


Harry Potter/Cho Hakkai had already been in trouble, but when the loud clang came from the sitting room his aunt lost it, and swung the frying pan at him. It was practically the only time she touched the thing; he'd been doing all the cooking for a year now.

Fixing the woman with the unnerving stare that had gotten him his own room, Harry waited for pain.

It never came. The pan glowed red hot, and Petunia dropped it with an agonised scream before it came within a foot of Harry's head.

-That wasn't me!- Harry had been able to make things happen by wishing hard for as long as he could remember. But this wasn't his work.

The chi in the doorway finally registered, and Harry turned to see a boy about his own age with tousled shoulder length golden hair, limbs that seemed slightly too long and the most remarkable purple/blue eyes…


Those eyes; defiantly Sanzo's eyes, there was no mistaking that look, even if there was some of the Merciful Goddesses deep blue and crooked humour in them now; shifted to him and a smile lit up the boys face.


It might have become a touching moment, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Vernon Dursly, with his beach ball of a son, and a weird groan from the living room.

"Who the bloody hell are you? What's that thing? PETUNIA?"

"Oh shit, it got though." muttered Sanzo, spinning on one foot and backing into the kitchen, eyes fixed on the 7 foot, person shaped, squishy looking thing that was standing in the sitting room and groaning.

"What is it?" asked Hakkai, eyeing the thing and pulling a long knife from the block on the side.

"The Huffelpuff Marshmallow Man." Sanzo sounded just the slightest bit guilty.

Hakkai turned slightly and gave him a 'Look'.

Sanzo shook his head.

"It's one of those things that cannot be explained. You had to be there."

"Marshmallow?" asked the beach ball.

"Yeah." replied Sanzo absently.

"Yummy!" Dudley charged, and was swallowed up by the huge lump of animated sugary goodness.

Vernon Dursly bellowed in fury and went after his son.

Hakkai and Sanzo exchanged the looks that Gojyo had long ago proclaimed a form of psychic communication, turned as one and ran for it.

Having left the house and barricaded the doors with garden implements, the duo paused to get a good look at each other.

Hakkai saw a pretty boy with the bone structure of a future beauty, golden hair that reached past his shoulders and clothing with the comfortable elegance of hinted wealth.

Sanzo saw a boy with startlingly green eyes, the cheekbones of a supermodel, clothes that were several sizes to big and hair with the tousled look the teenaged males spent hours trying for.

Hakkai smiled brightly and offered his hand.

"Harry Potter, pleased to meet you."

"Draco Malfoy." replied Sanzo, taking the proffered hand. "But only to people I don't like, call me Indigo. Seriously Harry Potter?"

"Seriously, is that significant?"

"Very much so. Magic is real and you're famous. So nice that I'm not the one with a target on my forehead this time."

"No, you have a 5 pointed star, an upside down star at that."

Sanzo/Indigo gave him a smirk that was a wicked blend of amusement, sweetness and mischievous evil, and Hakkai couldn't help but laugh.


When Severus Snape came to get his godson, who was also his stepson, he found the boy talking to Harry bloody Potter, glowing with some nameless joy and dissecting an enormous marshmallow while a whale of a boy howled from inside it.

Damn. No Potter baiting for him.

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