Here it is children! The final chapter. ENJOY!!

Of True Love and Happiness

Albus' POV

I am an utter genius! I have a plan to get Rose and Scorpius together (finally).

Those two are ridiculous, so I thought I'd take matters into my own hands, and I'll get Sam to help me. She loves helping the cause of life.

Rose's POV

God I hate Mondays, double Potions with the Slytherins, followed by an hour and a half of Transfiguration. It's heinous I tell you.

I had a crappy weekend because of a certain blonde, grey eyed arsehole, along with mountains of work which I still haven't done (McGonagall is going to murder me), then, to add to my cornucopia of shit I have the worst lessons on a Monday morning.

The Gods clearly don't like me.

Speaking of the blonde git, I wonder where he is?

He and Albus weren't sitting in their usual seats at the back of the Transfiguration classroom. Knowing them, they're probably pranking first years or setting dungbombs in Filch's office (again).

They are such terrible prefects! I really don't know what ol' McGonagall was thinking when she made them prefects. I know each house supposed to have one boy and one girl, but recently they changed the system, so now there are two boys and two girls. Gina Roberts is the other Gryffindor prefect, she's okay I suppose, a little promiscuous, but nice all the same.

I start doodling all over my notebook, not really listening to McGonagall's lecture about the Colour spell, again. Just because there are some idiots who turn their eyebrows fuschia, instead of green, doesn't mean she needs to bombard us with information we already know!

God I am so cantankerous today; it's not even TOTM. maybe it has something to do with Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. We haven't spoken a word to eachother since our rather horrible encounter on Friday night. I can't help but feel a bit bad for some of the things I said to him. I really and truly love him but I can't have my heart broken again. I can't and I wont.

The bell rang, thank bloody God. McGonagall is trying to shout instructions over the ruckus as people pack their bags away. Epic Fail, Minerva.

I headed out the room intending to go to the library, when I bump into the person I least expected to see.

"Bugger! Oh shit, hey Rose" says the awkward voice of Scorpius Malfoy.

"Hi" I reply, looking at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"Rose can you at least look at me? I know you hate me, but please look at me", he begs.

I look up at him through the bangs which have fallen into my eyes. He looks pained and broken, his eyes surrounded by dark circles as if he went haywire with any eyeliner pencil.

"I c-cant" I stammer, and a tear falls down from my eye. Scorpius sighs, and he reaches out and slips a finger under my chin, forcing me to face him.

"Please don't cry" he says sadly, "I hate it when you cry, especially over me"

"I don't want to cry over you, but I can't help it" I sob, and I instantly feel his arms around me.

"Shh, Rose it's okay" he says soothingly, rubbing circles in my back.

"No it's not!" I snap, yanking myself away from him, "Stop having this effect on me Scorpius, you can't kiss me, tell me you love me, say you can't date me, then do this whole comforting thing. Make up your damned mind!"

"I HAVE" he yells back, "I love you Rose, and I was an idiot before, but I want to be with you. Screw what everyone else thinks, I don't care. I don't want anything or one but you".

Well there's a shocker for ya.

"Scor-" I begin to say, but Scorpius grabs me and presses his lips to mine. I let him kiss me because I know I want this just as much as he does, I love him too, and nothing will stop that.

He pulls away at last after what seems like an eternity, and looks deeply into my eyes.

"Rose? Will you go out with me?" he asks softly.

"Yeah, I will" I reply, before pulling him in for another kiss.

Albus' POV

Well here Sam and I are, trudging down the corridor, carrying string, string spray, dungbombs and a bunch of other stuff we found lying around.

"Albus, are you sure this plan is going to work?" Sam asks again for what seems the umpteenth time today.

"Of course it is!" I say proudly, "I didn't skip Potions and Transfiguration for nothing!"

Sam rolls her eyes at me, and we continue trudging down the corridor, until we catch sight of Scorpius and Rose making out against a wall.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Sam and I shout, looking incredulously at them.

The snogging pair break apart for what seems a nanosecond before they start eating eachother's faces off like no bloody tomorrow.

So much for my brilliant plan. Hmph.

Well i hope you enjoyed my story, and i hope you all have a fantastic New Year, i don't know when i'll next be writing againg, but keep an eye out :)

Danny xxx