Protectiveness and scissors

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Kabuto was sitting peacefully at Naruto's table, quietly eating a cup of ramen.

"So, I've got the stuff for our…" Naruto stopped near the entrance to his kitchen, dropping a pair of scissors and several pieces of paper and colored pencils. "Oh my god!" He screamed.

Kabuto, startled by Naruto's sudden cry, glanced at his friend. "What is it? What…?"

"M-my…" Naruto slowly came toward Kabuto, hands reaching toward the almost empty cup of ramen. "…la-last ra-ramen…"

"Oh…" Kabuto glanced down at the cup. "This is your ramen?" He shrugged, looking at his friend. "Sorry. I was hungry and it was just sitting there on the counter."

Naruto headed back to his dropped supplies and picked up the scissors.

"Whatcha doin' with those scissors, Naruto?"

Naruto threateningly came toward Kabuto, the scissors glinting dangerously. "No one eats my ramen."

"Now, Naruto…" Kabuto hopped up and started to back away from his angry friend. "Let's be reasonable."

"Now your hair gets cut for what you did to my poor ramen!"

"Naruto, I'm sorry!"

Several people walking outside stopped when they heard crashes and a cry of "Careful where you aim those things!" coming from the house nearby. Otherwise known as Naruto's house.

"Aha!" Naruto, after chasing after the fleeing Kabuto for a few seconds, finally managed to cut off Kabuto's trademark ponytail.

"Not my ponytail!" Kabuto whined, putting his hands on the back of his hair.

Naruto laughed, "Now you look like Ryunosuke!"

Kabuto blinked. "Who?"

"I dunno." Naruto shrugged.

Somewhere far away…

Ryunosuke sneezed.

"Are you getting sick again?" Ryoko asked her boyfriend.

"I don't know." Ryunosuke answered. "But I had the strangest feeling that two people I don't know were talking about me just now."


Note: No Kabutos were harmed in the making of this story. Read B.O.D.Y. to understand who Ryunosuke and Ryoko are.