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Author's Notes: Welcome to the story which is ultimately going to kill me! ;) So let me just set this up for you, not that you really need much of a set up. Anyway about a month or so ago I went to an Anime Con with my friends and one night we were talking in the hotel room about what would happen if you took the OP characters and Walmart and put the two together...

This story is the answer. Anyway this is an alternate universe sort of thing. People still have their powers since that just makes them, them but there is no grandline and no pirates. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I'll try to update this as frequently as I can.


It was a bright and beautiful Friday morning and the store's lights flickered fully into life, illuminating the almost vacant building, it looked like it was going to be a prosperous and wonderful day. The store's manager hummed happily to himself as he inspected what had been accomplished by his always efficient and professional night crew. He really had to hand it to them; the place always looked fantastic when he strolled into the store in the mornings and considering what his day time employees could do to the place that certainly said a lot. He was really fond of his day time associates but they could get a little rambunctious.

He made his way to the front office once he had finished his morning inspection and was quite pleased with what had been done. One wouldn't even have known that the furniture and crafts departments had been completely covered in fluorescent yellow and blue paint or that the sporting goods counter had been melted down into some sort of odd sculpture. How those events had transpired he would never know. Flopping into his chair, the store manager went about checking his e-mail and sighed at all of the junk from head office. He skimmed the irrelevant ones and was almost done by the time his two assistant managers wandered into the office.

He nodded in welcome before opening the last of his e-mails. He briefly went over them and was about to delete the last e-mail, thinking it was nothing more than more corporate bullshit, when the subject line caught his eye. He carefully read the e-mail and cursed loudly once he had finished it. Running his hand through his shoulder length red hair, he dreaded what this e-mail meant. Having heard their boss' curse, the two assistant managers wandered over.

"What's the problem this time?" The gold eyed one questioned as he glanced at the computer screen.

"Now what did you mess up?" The red nosed other asked before getting an elbow in the ribs, hard. He glared at his attacker but said nothing more.

The red head sighed once more before swiveling his chair around to face his assistant managers. "There's going to be an impromptu visit today from one of the higher ups."

"Which one?"



"Oh fu –" Another elbow to the ribs stopped the red nosed manager's exclamation.

"I know," the red haired store manager sighed. "Buggy, Mihawk. We need to try and keep the hellions we call associates somewhat under control today. I'm counting on you two."

Mihawk nodded in understanding before turning to leave the front office. Buggy nodded absently but his mind was running wild with thoughts on how to use this surprise visit to his advantage and finally get the store manager out of the picture. He left the office shortly after Mihawk cackling evilly as his devious plans formed in his twisted mind. The store manager watched them go and an overwhelming sense of dread overcame him as he heard the chaotic sounds of his day associates filing into the building.

He turned back to his computer to re-read the e-mail when a loud smash reached his ears, followed shortly by an even larger crash. Slumping forward, he let his head hit the desk and sighed once more. The store was barely even open and they were already destroying the store.

"We are so freaking screwed," Shanks mumbled despondently.

On the other side of the front office door, the Customer Service Manager's voice could be heard welcoming the day time associates and early bird shoppers cheerfully to the store. "Good morning shoppers and welcome to Walmart!!"