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This happens right after Thriller Bark and I will include everything (Merman, Sabaody Archipelago, Kuma, and the separation of the Strawhats) from that point on. I will change, leave out, and add things accordingly to better fit my story.

Rated T for slight sexual contents later on and moderate language. All resources belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of these characters, events, and/or plots.

He couldn't stand it any longer. He'd been following Chopper's orders for as long as he could, but sometimes, he had a limit too. The bandages were restraining him of any movement, and not to mention, pissing the hell out of him.

Without even opening his eyes he grabbed Wado Ichimonji from his side and neatly cut lose the bandages on his chest.

The sword and his promise were the only things that still linked him to his past. He had always kept the sword near him for fear of losing it, though he knew that he couldn't even if he tried. For some reason, despite his horrible sense of direction and despite how far away he was from it, he was always able to sense his sword. However, he was very close to losing it when he gave up his life for Luffy in Thriller Bark. If he had lost his life, he would have lost his sword and his promise along with that, but that Kuma bastard showed him mercy up 'til the very end, challenging him , taunting him, and now he was here as a result of that mercy, laying in the dark infirmary of Thousand Sunny where, outside, the weather was perfect for training.

He didn't know why Chopper was so worried about him all the time. He knew his body, his limit, better than anyone and he knew he couldn't rest even for a day until his name reached heaven itself and that name being 'Roronoa Zoro: the strongest swordsman in the world'.

He was about to get up and sneak out when he heard the familiar clicking of footsteps in the hallway.

"Mr. Swordsman," came a familiar voice as the raven-haired woman stepped into the room. Zoro only grunted in reply. Caught.

"You should listen to Doctor-san more often," she said as she closed the door behind her. She wore a simple dark tank-top along with a black jacket and matching pair of pants. It looked like she hadn't been out in the sun for a while either.

"What do you want?" asked Zoro, ignoring her.

"Doctor-san told me to check on you," she replied. "To make sure you didn't try to cut your bandages"

Zoro looked at the door and was surprised when he saw her move in front of it, blocking his way; smart. "Damn you, woman," he muttered and, realizing that he had no other choice, laid back down.

She smiled. She enjoyed teasing him and messing with his mind; it was funny.

She sat down on the chair near the bed and opened her book and began to read.

Zoro had seen the cover of the book, and that had gotten him interested. It was a simple dark cover with swords of all kinds placed around the title, and it had caught is attention right away. He tried to sneak a quick look at her book. He'd always seen her read huge volumes of books in her free time and never did figure out what she found so interesting in them, but he sure as hell wasn't going to ask her now.

The title of the book read 'Vegapunk's Theory on Inanimate Devil Fruit Users'.

Huh. Zoro had heard about that from the people on Thriller Bark. They were ranting about how the world government had found a new theory on being able to have inanimate objects consume and use the devil fruits; such as weapons. That had caught his attention but when he turned to learn more, they were already talking about something else, so he let it slide. Besides he would never depend on his sword to make him stronger; he needed to gain it himself. Even from the very beginning he believed that the sword should only be as strong as the user and has kept that in his mind even up until now.

"Interested?" Robin asked and lowered the book as she noticed him staring.

Shit, he thought to himself. "No." He turned and stared up to the ceiling.

"Mr. Swordsman," Robin smiled, "I'll lend it to you if you wish."

"No... thanks."

There was a strange pause between them as it seemed like nobody was moving, or even breathing for that matter.

"Mr. Swordsman... I also heard what happened at Thriller Bark," she said, speaking what had been on her mind for all those days. She clasped her book closed.

"...So? It's got nothing to do with you," he answered. "I did it for myself, don't get the wrong idea."

"No," she said, "you had the intention of dying to save us."

She had said it in a tone like it was no big deal, but she was actually very impressed. She had realized his determination and will on that day. It was not like he was any different before, but she never really knew much of him aside from his stories that others told because he always kept everything to himself no matter how much it hurt him, and she was impressed by that. She had even began wondering if he might have gone through the same thing in Enies Lobby for her.

"I had my own intentions, woman."

"Say what you want, Mr. Swordsman," she smiled and went back to her book.

Suddenly he got up, slipped his three katanas into his haramaki, and walked out of the infirmary. Robin knew that she couldn't stop him so she clasped her book shut once more and went out as well, after him.

"Zoro?!" screamed Chopper as he saw the green-haired nakama walk out of the cabin. He leaped off the stairs on the Thousand Sunny and ran to Zoro climbing on him and examining him up and down. "Zoro! Your wounds are still fresh! Why did you take the bandages off?"

"You knew I was going to," he thought back to Robin's visit.

"What are you talking about! Why would I think of that! Please Zoro, go lay down! Even now, you're close to death, please don't go walking outside like this."

"Sure, I'll go lay down," he smirked, "while I lift weights."

There was nothing the reindeer could do as the swordsman made his way toward the ladder that lead to the Crow's Nest.

"Oi, Zoro, feeling better?" grinned Luffy as he turned around from facing the ocean.

"LUFFY, DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM," screamed everyone. Nami went up and K.O punched him on his head. As Luffy held his head and doubled over on the deck, Nami walked over to Zoro with the devil's look.

"If you get injured again, I'm not paying for your hospital supply bills. Got it?" she basically screamed and jabbed her finger and nail as hard as she could into his chest.

"Ung," he breathed as he held his reopened wound on his chest. The blood already beginning to soak his hands and drip down his chest.

"Nami! What are you doing?" screamed Chopper as he ran around in circles screaming for a doctor.

"Oh, now that you mention it, I've got the bill on how much you owe me," Nami smiled, devilishly.

Out of her back pocket she produced a large roll of bills that, looked like, she had kept just for this special moment. She unrolled it gracefully and gave it to Zoro.

"The hell?" Zoro's eyes widened as he read the bold numbers at the bottom, "363,000 Beri? I don't owe you even half of that, woman! ...W-whatever, I'll pay it later... I suppose."

He didn't have time for her right now. Besides, he'd repay her in full when he fulfilled his dream.

Robin walked out of the cabin just at that moment and saw Zoro climb up to the Crow's Nest. She had heard commotion from the inside.

"What happened?" she asked as she laid down on the tanning chair beside Nami. She noticed that Luffy was on the ground, a boil forming from his head and foam forming around his mouth. She smiled, she could guess.

"Oh nothing," replied Nami with that look in her eyes again. "Just got some bills straightened out with Zoro."

Robin laughed, "how much now, miss navigator?"

"He owes me 363,000,000 Beri, and I told you to call me Nami," she replied," it's not like you're new to this crew."

"Oh, yohohohoho, but I am. Do I get a prize? Yohoho, like maybe... seeing your panti-" And before Brook could even finish, he got another beat down by Nami.

"Don't say such creepy things!" she screamed and kicked him a few more times.

The archeologist chuckled. She still couldn't believe that she had left the cruel old life she once had and joined this crew. This crew... It was one of a kind. Definitely one of a kind, with one of a kind people...

"4302... 4303... 4304," Zoro grunted as he finally felt the reassuring pressure of his long-needed weights in the Crow's Nest.

His mind wandered back briefly to the conversation with Chopper.

"Zoro! Your wounds are still fresh! Why did you take the bandages off?"

"You knew I was going to," he thought back to Robin's visit.

"What are you talking about! Why would I think of that! Please Zoro, go lay down! Even now you're close to death, please don't go walking outside like this."

Had Chopper been lying, or... that woman, he thought. Why did she care about what he did at Thriller Bark? It was his own damned business, and yet she decided to stuff her damn nose in it. But Zoro couldn't deny that what she said was true; he had done it for the crew. Nonetheless, he didn't want anyone to know. It was fine the way it was, and he had a 1 on 1 score to settle with the Pacifista. "4402..."

"Oi, Marimo! Dinner's ready," called Sanji from the kitchen. He waited for a bit, but then leaped back inside when his precious 'Nami-swan' called for him.

"That stupid love cook," muttered Zoro as he set his weight down, careful not to crack the floor.

He wiped off his sweat with the towel and put his opened-yellow jacket, that he wore in Enies Lobby, back on. He jumped down from the Crow's Nest.

He had always avoided the ladder as much as he could because he thought it was too slow and the sound of it pissed him off, but with his injuries lately, he had noo choice but to use it to get up.

Only once he reached the bottom and looked up did he see the faint full moon in the dark sky. It was only dinner time but the sun had already set and the stars were already out.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

He lowered his head slowly still taking in the sight, and then he saw that woman again; Nico Robin.

She heard him grumble something under his breath with "damned" and "meddling" in it. She smiled and went inside the kitchen for dinner.

Sanji greeted her with pop-out heart eyes and pulled open the empty chair beside him for her to sit. She took his offer and sat down. She sipped her tea that had already been pre-placed, in only two spots, mind you, as Sanji delivered the food onto the table.

"LET'S EAT!" screamed Luffy and went straight for cooked turkey. Sanji kicked him away just in time. Luffy now had 2 bumps on top of each.

"We have to wait for that bastard," he said with a slight touch of disgust in his voice.

"Eh? Who're you waiting for, ero-cook?" retorted Zoro as he walked into the kitchen just in time.

The room corrupted into shouts and laughter as they watched Zoro and Sanji fight as they always did. Even Robin giggled. Zoro was the first one to break it.

"I don't have time for you," he said as he dodged Sanji's kick with ease.

He re-sheathed his sword and was about to take a seat beside Robin when he suddenly remembered. He turned and took the only other seat left across from her.

While the meal was mostly peaceful, with exceptions of Luffy's shouting, Zoro kept eying Robin suspiciously, and even when he didn't notice it, he was staring subconsciously at her as well.

What was it with that woman...

When she noticed him looking at her, she just gave him her usual smile and went back to her food. In fact, she had noticed him staring all along, but she had decided not to pay any attention to it.

When everyone, yes, including Luffy, finished eating, Zoro was the first to vacate the room. He couldn't stand seeing that idiot cook flirt with Robin and Nami during dinner. It ruined his dinner.

Zoro sat outside and leaned on the Thousand Sunny in his favorite sleeping position, his swords placed neatly beside him. Except he wasn't sleeping. It was an exceptionally beautiful cool night and he wondered what made it different than all the other one's he's seen. He stared up blankly into the sky. He felt relaxing, unlike other times where his hands were basically on his swords while sleeping. Relaxing... but he liked it.

From inside the cabin Robin could see the careless and deep in thought look on the swordsman's face as she looked out. She had decided to stay in the cabin for a bit longer and enjoy heat after all the other members except Sanji left.

He hadn't been bothering her as much today but when all the members left, he had asked her, "what's wrong with Marimo?"

Robin looked at him. "What makes you say that, Sanji-kun?"

Normally he would have been dancing in circles at the mention of his name by one of his girls, but today he didn't seem to notice it at all.

"I know he keeps to himself, but he's been too quiet over the last few days, especially today," he said and cast a glance outside. "I know you were also listening in on our conversation on Thriller Bark, Robin-chan, but I'm not sure if that's what's been bothering him."

She was surprise that he left out the usual 'CHWANNN!!!' in her name.

"You guys have been getting along a bit better after that incident, cook-san," Robin replied, taking a sip from her cup.

"Oi, it's not like that," he said, "can't a guy worry about his shitty nakama once in a while?"

She smiled.

"Well, it's getting late Sanji-kun, I'm going to go now," she said as she set down her cup.

"Ah goodnight, Robin. You should get some rest, you seem tired."

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