I finally understand what OOC stands for! Also, I'd like you guys to keep in mind that romance wouldn't be possible (aside from Sanji and Hancock...) without the change of personalities in the character. Oda made his characters the way they were because he did not want romance to get in the way of the story. They were originally not suppose to love, and you can't change that if you don't change them.

Anyway, I just felt like putting it up there, because I sometimes see 'OOC' being mentioned in other people's story (and my) reviews and PMs. OOC will, and eventually has to happen; it's all about how you keep the flow so it seems natural. Having said that, I have a ton of OOC problems I have to work on right now, haha. I haven't been able to keep up a good flow to the story, so you guys can easily tell that their personalities have changed awkwardly. :D Forgive me! I'm trying to improve!

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"I've been aching for a fight," said Sanji. He placed a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. "But that was unsatisfying."

"They're weak dumbasses," grinned Luffy, "That's why you gather nine strong people instead of nine weak ones!"

"Oi, oi, oi... that doesn't even make sense," Sanji said. He inhaled the smoke, the familiar tingling sensation lingering in his throat again.

He wondered how Robin-chwan was doing with that marimo head.


"Ah, you're awake, captain-san," said Robin as she noticed the irregular shift of motion from the tied up body.

"Why didn't you just kill me?" growled the marine.

"Oi, you're finally awake," Zoro said as he walked over to him. "We've got some questions for you."

"Are you kidding me? Even I wouldn't rant out my soldiers, dumbass!" screamed the officer. He tried to get up, but the rope had completely restrained him from any upper body movement, not to mention that his feet had been tied together as well.

"Are there other marines on this island?" asked Robin. She had always been good at assassinations, but her specialty had always lied within psychology; interrogation.

The marine remained silent.

"Oi, answer the question," Zoro said and slid his sword under the man's throat.


"Who is this operation led by?" asked Robin more intensely.

He hesitated for a while, but then gave in. After all, he was under the controls of his enemies now, and they could kill him at any given time. "Admiral Aokiji."

Robin's eyes widened and she glared fiercely, her throat unable to produce sound.

Zoro had noticed this and began asking the questions in her stead.

"What do you guys want?" asked Zoro, sticking, once again, to his short sentences.

"O-our mission? We were only sent here to accompany Aokiji, so we don't know much. But from what we do know, it's for the experimentation of the 'knock-up stream'. I had overheard the admiral himself talking to a government official through the Den Den Mushi. The government scientists were now interested in the properties of it so they could apply its functions to their future studies. We had been told to blast holes at the base of the stream and record the sound waves and sightings."

"Was it the admiral himself that had created this island? Are there duplicates of it?" asked Robin, her brows furrowed slightly and her mouth remained in a grim line.

"What...? Yes, the admiral himself formed this island. The government scientists had predicted the knock-up stream's point and time, and had admiral Aokiji freeze it from a distance during it's course, thus this island. There are 2 other islands similar to this one, I think, and have already been finished testing. This island is just as a last confirmation."

"So we're on the wrong island, eh?" said Zoro as he finally understood what the woman had meant with her question.

"It seems so," Robin replied.

" 'Just listen from there, Nico Robin' ," came suddenly a familiar coarse voice from behind her.

Robin froze dead.

"Those were the words I had told you in Enies Lobby. Don't turn around Nico Robin."

Shit! Zoro hadn't expected to meet up against the admiral so soon. He was still far to weak to even dream of fighting on the same level as an admiral right now. He cussed at himself. If only he were stronger...

"I hadn't planned on meeting you ever again, but this is just fine. It seems you have truly found your place in this crew." The admiral's shadow cast over the archeologist. "But this crew is posing a threat to the world government. They- you are wanted dead by the government, and, regardless of my promises to you, I think it is time for the last of the Ohara to finally disappear off this world, Robin."

The marine admiral raised his hand above the raven-haired girl who only stood there, awaiting her inevitable death. Ice grew and covered Aokiji's entire forearm and ended at his fingertips, forming a sharp lance. Robin closed her eyes as she saw the shadow of the admiral driving his lance down on her. Blood stained the white ground as it dripped down Robin's back.

"Oi, woman... Are you going to throw away your dream because this bastard is telling you to? Are they that insignificant to you? I had overestimated you. No one can tell you how to live your life, Robin," the words leaked out by themselves from his bloodied mouth.

Robin opened her eyes and spun around. He simply stood there, his hands by sides and his legs parted slightly. The piece of blood soaked ice penetrated out of his left shoulder. Blood poured, in sheets, to the ground from the large hole the admiral's hand had passed through.

"Roronoa Zoro from the Strawhats, bounty 120,000,000 Beri. You have seemed to improve from our last encounter. Very well done avoiding a blow to your vital point."

The swordsman smirked. "Bastard."

Zoro raised his left arm and gripped onto the admirals sleeve, and unsheathed Wado slowly with his other hand.

"Robin, you have to live without fear." The words slipped out of his mouth only just loud enough for her to hear. He didn't know what he had been saying to her since after the interrogation, as he didn't seem to have said anything himself, just his own conscience's voice leaking out of his throat.

He gripped his sword firmly and swung one last time at the logia user. The admiral's recently smiling face had turned to one of confusion as the swordsman's leaking devil energy consumed him. Could it be-


Wadou slid across the ice floor, a small trail of blood tracing it. The admiral stood meters away from the swordsman, a drip of blood from the cut on his stomach had traced his white suit and hit the ground with a light plit. He was a logia type user- physical attacks posed no threat to him- and yet, he was still cut. The admiral had managed to back away just in time to avoid a fatal wound by the swordsman.

"Ararara, could it be that you have learned haki within such a short time period?" asked the official as he stared at the cut that had stained his suit a disgusting colour.

Zoro said nothing. Words before his death were meaningless.

"Roronoa Zoro, I will acknowledge your name and call back my troops on you and your crew at this time, but next time..." Aokiji said, vanishing into a cloud of smoke and puddle of ice. There was a silent echo, "I will kill you."

Complete darkness overwhelmed Zoro for the second time.

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