Author's comment:

Okay, this story needs some big time explaining!!!

First of all:
This story is partly based on things that really happened.
I went to Barcelona with my class as the final trip with all of us. It was AWESOME, so awesome that I decided to write a story about it. I got the idea on the plane back home, and worked it out a little in the train. Back home, I started writing.

Either way, these are the rules:
Everything Zexion and Demyx do together, is what we did as a class on our final trip. I had Demyx's seat. Other small details (Demyx's bag, the birthdays of both of them) are based on true stuff as well. Some of the emotions they show are based on true stuff as well. (mostly mine). You could see both of them a somewhat a part of me, as they both show emotions I've felt during the trip.
You should know that every little thing that considers Riku, I made it up.
So, in short: everything they do together was done by us as a class. Everything in the past they (might) talk about or think about wasn't based on true things.
I hope this will explain the most of it... if you have questions PLEASE ask me.

Characters belong to Disney
Story and events and everything else belongs to me. (wow, this is the first time I actually put up a disclaimer)

I hope you enjoy reading =).

Chapter 1: Day one, part A: Barca here we come!

A nearly too happy tune was to be heard, followed by a groan and shifting sheets. A big fluff of brown hair shoved itself above the blanket and suddenly Demyx sat up straight, realizing that he was leaving today.

Zexion woke up because of the usual sounds: the dogs walking around, doors opening and closing and birds chirping. He gave a loud groan and laid back down again, ready to get some more sleep.

Soon Demyx had taken a shower, was dressed and sitting at an empty kitchen table, his housemates were off to school or work already and he had to be at the airport around four. He wondered what he would do during those nine days there.

After two more hours of sleep, Zexion woke up again, hearing a total silence. He sighed deep. He did not want to go to Spain. He did not want to fly in a plane. He did not want to sleep in a freaking hostel. He just didn't want to.

After breakfast Demyx decided to go out for some groceries for the journey to the airport and some food for the first day in Barcelona. Soon he had grabbed his car keys and left and shortly after he was standing in front of a closed supermarket. Not bothering that he couldn't get in he put on some music and waited for the doors to open.

Another deep sigh escaped Zexion. He didn't like the littlest thing of this. People forcing him to go on a holiday, even paying his fucking plane tickets. Well, he'd just bring books and he'd make it through the days. He should start packing though… let's see, what should he bring?

Not even half an hour later, Demyx had finished doing his groceries and stuffing the food into an overloaded suitcase and a backpack. The smallest bag would be hanging around his neck, with his wallet and other important things in it.

After about half an hour Zexion had finished packing, deciding not to bring a tent or anything because that was heavy. And he had to bring his books after all. Now all he had to do was wait until one until his train left to get him to the airport.

At some point Demyx decided it would be useful if he brought a copy of his passport. Racing to the scanner he nearly tripped over the dropped clothes and other things he decided not to bring.

Zexion decided to get outside, sit in the shadow and read some more before he had to go, which was in 45 minutes. He was kind of nervous, he had never been on a plane before and those things tend to crash from time to time…

Soon Demyx had collected everything and was getting bored because he had lots of time left before he had to go. He decided to watch some TV, to kill the time. After he turned the thing on his thoughts started drifting away, this would be the fourth time he'd be on a plane.

About two hours later Zexion was sitting in the train which would take him to the airport and he started to wonder: Why did they want him to go to Spain anyway? Oh, right, they said he had to get away from the house, the usual things and the depressing thoughts of his by now ex-boyfriend. Everybody thought he just had to get away for a while, taking some time to get things back on a row and get ready to start all over. Everybody thought that, except for him.

A few hours later, it was time for Demyx to leave for the airport. Luckily, he didn't have to travel that far and about twenty minutes later he was standing at the airport of Amsterdam, the one with the unpronounceable name: Schiphol. After giving it a few tries, he gave up trying to pronounce it and made his way to the check in. Thank god the row wasn't that long. Soon it was his turn to place his suitcase on the thing that would take it to the plane. 20.2 kilos, oops… A small smile was to be found on the face of the person tagging his bag, who handed him his ticket. 'Enjoy your trip!' Demyx grinned widely and nodded. 'Will do!'

After a two hours train voyage he finally arrived in Amsterdam, Schiphol. Damn, why did those Dutch people decide to pick a name for their airport that nobody could pronounce but themselves? Right, those people were stubborn as hell… that was probably the reason. With ease he placed his big backpack with everything in it on his back and the messenger bag over one shoulder. After walking around like a lost puppy on the huge airport for about half an hour, he finally found the place where he should check in. His bag was about 15 kilos, something he didn't quite understand: he didn't bring that much… okay the books. Definitely the books.

After Demyx got rid of his suitcase he decided to walk around for a while before going through the customs looking at some shops selling souvenirs and other things. He'd buy souvenirs in Barcelona. About fifteen minutes before he should be at the gate he went past the customs and not much later he had found his gate.

After dropping his bag Zexion went to the customs immediately, not wanting to walk around with so much people for too long and he had just reached an exciting part of the book he was currently reading. He settled on one of the chairs at the gate and picked up where he had stopped reading.

Demyx stood in front of the window, watching how the plane arrived, how the people left the plane and how the luggage of his flight was stuffed into the plane. Soon he saw his own big suitcase getting stuffed in the plane and lost his interest. He decided to sit down opposite a boy with slate hair who was currently reading a book thicker than any book Demyx ever had in his hands. Trying to read the title of the book, he fell out of his chair, landing on the floor with a small thud.

Not bothering what caused the thud, Zexion just read on, wanting the time to pass faster so that the whole plane thing would be left behind him. When the metallic voice told him he should start boarding he got up, placed the book in his bag and walked to the long line that would bring him to the plane. All the smiling faces and the happy talking were nearly driving him crazy, but thank god he had brought his MP3-player.

Shortly after Demyx joined the line that lead to the plane. All the happy talking made him even happier, it felt so good to know all these people were going on a holiday and were so happy about it. As he entered the plane he said hi to the air hostess who welcomed him and looked out for his seat. Soon he had found it, it was the seat 9B. He wondered who would be sitting next to him.

Zexion didn't bother to say hi to the air hostess, he just wanted to get to his seat and read on. He looked at his ticket, which one was his seat? 9A. that sounded like one next to a window… great, just what he needed. Soon he had found his seat, noticing a small boy with a brown mullet sitting in the seat in the middle.

Demyx spotted the same slate haired boy standing in front of his seat. Was this his neighbor for the coming two hours? That wouldn't be very exciting… He got up and let the boy take his seat. Damn him, he got the window seat.

Zexion sat down and fastened his seatbelt, not caring to listen to the air hostess telling her story about emergency exits and other useless stuff. He just read on, not caring to look outside to see the plane leaving the ground. Not caring to watch Amsterdam from high above.
He did care that the take off made him feel sick though.

Soon Demyx had taken notice that his neighbor didn't give a fuck about the plane leaving, did not care to watch the city from above and did not care about anything. It also didn't take him long to find out that the boy was getting paler with the second and looked like he was about to either faint or puke. Dense as Demyx was, he placed his hand over the slate haired boy's.
'Are you okay?'

Zexion was getting some serious trouble with the sick feeling building up in his stomach. Why did his family force him to go through this hell? He'd love to kill them personally when he got back. If he didn't die right there, right then.
Suddenly there was a small hand covering his.
'Are you okay?' A small, gentle voice asked him. He looked up, his eyes meeting worried blue ones. Blue eyes. Blue, worried eyes. Focusing on his eyes. His cold eyes. His cold, emotionless eyes.

Demyx was astonished at the reaction of his neighbor. The look in his eyes kind of scared him, he couldn't read a single emotion in them and they were like… like ice. The coldest kind of blue Demyx could think of.

Zexion raised an eyebrow. Someone just asked him if he was okay. This someone had a worried look in his eyes. This someone touched his hand –wait- was still touching his hand. Someone he didn't know showed some weird sort of affection. This someone actually cared if he was okay.

Still, those cold eyes were staring at his, for a moment, looking at their hands, then looking back into his eyes. He raised a fine eyebrow, giving his face a look of utter confusion. It took all Demyx' will not to giggle, the expression looked kind of funny.

Zexion noticed that his neighbor was trying not to giggle and pulled back his hand, grabbing his book again and reading on. He did feel a little better now as the plane had stopped making height. Still, he didn't feel completely great, but then again, he never did. Enough people had made fun of him. Enough people had laughed at him. He was not different from the others.

A small shot of pain went through Demyx as the boy pulled his hand back, a hurt expression on his face. What had he done wrong? Maybe this boy didn't like being touched. Or maybe he was deaf. Or maybe he was… right. Stop making excuses Dem, you just did something stupid.
'Sorry' Demyx whispered, his voice hardly audible above the noise of the plane and the other passengers.

'Sorry' Zexion suddenly heard. He looked aside a little, to find the boy's expression to be utterly sad. Why did he apologize? The others never apologized… nobody ever cared to apologize to him. Why did he suddenly think three times the normal speed? What was this boy doing to him?

After not getting a response to his apology, Demyx put in his earplugs and tried to catch some sleep. Of course, he failed at that attempt. He always failed to fall asleep when his mind was troubled. He gave an irritated sigh, knowing that his mind was troubled because of someone he met not even an hour ago and who hadn't said a single word to him.

Zexion relaxed a little when his neighbor put in earplugs and sighed softly. As he noticed the eyes of the boy slipped closed he gave the boy a good look. He actually was pretty cute. He had sparkling blue eyes, so different from his own. If only they could become friends… no. They could not become friends. He would just end up getting hurt, like always. People tried, oh yes, they tried, they tried to like him for who he was, they tried to understand him. But somehow they always managed to make a big mistake, ending up hurting him badly and leaving him alone with his broken trust. He sighed deep. This wouldn't be different. He would never know what the true Zexion was like, because the true Zexion never showed himself. At least not after getting so fucked up by Riku. He sighed again. Riku was the first, and probably the last, that Zexion had fully trusted. The only one he had dared to show his true self to. And look what happened after that.

Demyx was listening to his music, but he could hear his neighbor sigh deep several times right through it. What was it with this boy? Demyx had a weird feeling in his belly, he didn't even know the boy and yet, he cared for him. He looked so broken. Broken. That was the right description for him. Demyx sighed, he wanted to un-break this person, glue him back together, showing him the world wasn't all evil.

Zexion couldn't help himself, the thoughts of what happened with Riku made him sad. So sad that a small tear made its way out of the corner of his eye. If only it had been one tear… when thinking of Riku it never was just one tear. It were lots of tears.

Demyx opened one of his eyes when he heard a muffled sob, soon locating the sob to be coming from the slate haired boy next to him. He searched his bag for a moment, soon finding what he was looking for: tissues. He got one out of the package and handed it to the boy.

Suddenly Zexion saw something white in the corner of his eye. The white thing being a tissue, held out for him. He actually cared to give Zexion a tissue. He. Cared. To. Give. Me. A. Tissue. Zexion took the tissue and wiped his eyes. Not that it helped, there were new tears coming immediately. But still, the boy gave him a tissue. This meant he didn't want Zexion to cry. Maybe he was different…

Demyx decided to give him the whole package soon, as the tears kept flowing. The boy didn't say thanks, but glanced over at him for a moment. That one moment of eye contact was enough. The cold eyes showed a lot of emotions, but also thanks. Demyx gave a gentle smile, saying something like you're welcome with that.

After half of the tissues were gone, Zexion had stopped crying. He had stopped crying and had seen one of the prettiest smiles in the world.

Demyx couldn't do much more but keep a small smile on his lips, he had helped this boy, he had managed to make him stop crying.

Just to get his thoughts a little back on a line instead of some sort of whirlwind, Zexion grabbed his book again and continued reading.

Demyx looked away the moment the boy grabbed his book again. It probably helped him to stay sane or something. Maybe. Then he saw an airhostess passing by and he bought something to drink.

No matter how hard Zexion tried, he couldn't concentrate on the words. They seemed to be dancing in front of his eyes and they definitely didn't form any logical sentences, if they formed logical words in the first place. He rubbed his temples in frustration and sighed deep, the only times this had happened before were the first weeks after Riku had raped him for the first time… crap. He really shouldn't think about that right now, otherwise he'd end up crying again.

Demyx felt truly sorry for this boy. He seemed so hurt and broken, so… out of place in some way. Maybe he should let it rest, how big was the chance they'd ever meet again after this flight? When he thought about it, he cared about this boy. He didn't know why, but he did. He cared.

At some point, the words stopped dancing and the sentences were logical again. He sighed deep and took a quick glance out of the small window, seeing nothing but clouds and the wing. Soon he lost interest and focused back on his book, to spend the next ten minutes reading.

Demyx got bored pretty quickly and didn't really see anything interesting but his neighbor. As he wanted to talk to the boy, he decided to start a conversation.
'Why do you read?' Zexion suddenly heard. His head shot up, looking at his neighbor.
'Excuse me?'
'Why do you read? It's great to look outside, you know. The clouds are pretty from above and when we get closer to Barca, you'll see the beach, the sea, the city lights… really, it's amazing.' Zexion shrugged.
'I guess I could take a look… it's my first time on a plane.' Damn this boy! He made Zexion actually put effort in his sentences, instead of a two word answer.

Demyx eyes widened.
'Are you serious? Then you should really take a look outside! I'm Demyx by the way.' He said with a kind smile.
'Zexion.' Then the boy went back to reading. Damn, this was going to be fun, he had said about three sentences and now he was reading again. Demyx decided to not let this stop him from making a conversation.
'So, where are you staying in Barcelona?'
Zexion let out a small sigh, this boy didn't look like he was about to leave him alone and let him just be.
'The first night I'm staying in La Ciutat, a youth hostel or something. Why?'
'Really?! I'm staying there too! That's great, maybe we could hang out or something!' Demyx beamed and immediately he started thinking about the things they could do together.

Oh. Shit. This was not good. The boy was staying in the same hostel as he was, and actually asked him to hang out.
'Why would you want to do that? It's not like I'm that great of a social person. And I prefer to spend my time reading than 'hanging out' as you call it.'

Demyx was taking a little aback at this statement.
'Well, first of all, because I kind of like you, second, we're both alone and I'm sure we'd have more fun if we'd spend our time together. Third, you don't seem to happy and I was hoping I could change that a little.'

Now it was Zexion's turn to be surprised. A deep red blush spread itself across his face, half hidden by his hair, but still viewable.
'You don't even know me, how can you say you like me?' he asked in a whisper.
'Well, like I said, I would like to change your unhappiness into something a little more happy… and I'd like to get to know you, if you let me at least.' Demyx answered with a small smile, his head slanting a little.

'Trust me, you don't want to get to know me. People usually don't like me. So don't bother.' Zexion said and Demyx felt a small shot of pain go through him.
'Well, I'm not like 'people' and I do want to get to know you and I'll judge it myself if I like you or not.' Zexion didn't know what to say to this, so he shut up for the moment.
'Do you know how to get to the hostel?' Demyx asked and Zexion shook his head. 'Well, then you'll have to put up with my anyway, because I do know. We have to take a train first, then some metros and then we'll have to either ask or get a cab.'

Great, the kid was seriously trying to stay with him. He even offered him help to get to the damned hostel in the first place. This was going to be great fun. Zexion really had to find another hostel or anything, if he wanted to spend some time alone instead of with this bubbly teen.

Demyx had a slight grin on his face as he noticed that the boy didn't know how to get there and also was at a loss for words.

Suddenly Zexion yawned and rubbed his eyes, keeping them closed afterwards. Soon he felt sleep take over and he let sleep take over. Sleep had become something that wasn't something usual for Zexion. Every time he'd fall asleep, he'd wake up screaming at some point, always reliving the countless times Riku raped him.

Demyx noticed the yawn and soon he saw that the boy relaxed and his breath became slow and steady. He decided to get some more sleep himself, until the plane would start to descend. He woke when the arm close to his was starting to shake violently. Looking beside him, he saw a stressed and pained expression on the face of his neighbor. Luckily, the pilot announced the descend, which gave Demyx a reason to wake the boy.

Zexion woke with a start as he felt a hand on his arm. Panicking he pulled back his arm and shrank in his chair, a scared expression on his face. When he noticed it was Demyx and the plane was descending he could relax a little, they were getting close to their destination and Riku was far from where he was.

Demyx was a little taken aback at the reaction he got when he placed his hand on Zexion's arm, the boy moved faster than Demyx had ever seen someone do, making himself as small as possible and looking at him with eyes full of fear. The rawness of the emotion startled Demyx, he had never seen fear in such a pure form. The boy relaxed a little when he recognized Demyx.
'We're descending.' he said and Zexion nodded.