Alright!! So this is a crossover of sorts. I've decided as a project for summer, to write a crossover story for each of my favorite books with a character from an original story I've written. This guy, whose name will later be revealed, is superhuman already. It's pretty complicated, so pay attention:

This original story is a spin-off of a fanficiton story. So most of the characters are sons and daughters of well-known superheroes. Confused? Just read (and review).

I felt the change in me happen immediately.

It was on my way back from school, on the plane to New York. It was a week since that crazy party I and a bunch of other college student had gone to. I'm sure that's when it happened. I'd never been to a party like that before; constant flashing lights, loud electronic music, half understanding what the heck was going on, but having the time of my life. I'm sure everyone there was totally stoned. There were so many people there... it was packed, but somehow we found a way to dance. Call it a mosh pit, even.

There were these two girls and a guy. They moved like nothing I'd ever seen, like animals. They had an almost scary gracefulness in the craziness of the party. I was trying not to pay attention, just drinking along with a few others. But then one of the girls grabbed me and basically made me dance with her. Her eyes were like a cat's, and her canines were pointier than normal. I didn't think much of it, Paris was a new place, and maybe cosmetic surgery fads were different over here. But then she looked at me, those creepy gold eyes locked on mine, and I was pretty much paralyzed to do anything else but dance. Something flickered in her eyes and she grabbed me with her to-sharp nails and kissed me. It was very ouchy and for a second I was sure she was trying to eat me, but after a very forceful few seconds, she'd let go. She whispered "Désolé. Bon goût." Then she turned and left with the other two creepy ones. I just stood there, stupefied in the middle of the dance floor.

Over the next few days I started feeling weird. I couldn't sleep very well and the night seemed clearer. I started to go out more at night, my new night-vision guiding me. I thought it was cool, maybe some new power my dad never told me about.

But then I started craving meat. You see, in French cuisine, there is some crazy stuff like beef patties sautéed and pretty much raw. I never tried those things before but after the party, I did. I couldn't resist. I figured it was just some weird late growth spurt and I was empty on protein.

I felt weird, like a junky hyped up on some weird messed-with drug. I was always shaking, eyes wide. I couldn't sleep. And on the plane home, I noticed I was getting stronger. I broke the storage door while trying to close it. I wasn't even trying that hard. Right about then I knew something was up. I didn't think I could get any stronger, what with my every-day working out, AND the occasional super-ing, AND my genetic build. I thought I was sick, but the only think that seemed sickly was my faster-than-normal heart rate. And I was sweating a lot.

I decided to ignore it, since it wasn't anything big.

And how wrong you were, buddy!!

Haha. I know it's (redonkulously)short, but I cut it off here to add some mystery to it. I know it's confusing, but it will come clear later. More people will be introduced, the plot will show itself. Chapters will come quickly, because I've decided to make them short.

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