Author's Note: I will proudly admit I am an Edward/Bella Fan. But, this little piece just sort of jumped at me, probably seeing Taylor Lautner live in the flesh at Comic Con was just so easy on the eyes. So, this one is for all you Jake/Bella fans out there, but I am glad Bella didn't end up with a dog :). They smell funny.

Takes place before the epic battle in Eclipse.


Jacob curled around Bella's now unthawing body. He looked down at her with a look in his eyes only she was meant to see, but he saw it instead and he could hear his most private thoughts about the girl he loved. Jacob swept the hair away from Bella's face and gave her a small kiss against her temple, closing his eyes, savoring the moment that his lips were pressed against her flesh. Inhaling deeply, he pulled away and laid his head down on the floor, still stroking her hair and enjoying every moment of touching her, while he couldn't.

Why have I not imprinted with her, she's everything I have ever wanted, the only person I have ever wanted.

"I may not be wolf enough to understand everything, but clearly the reason you have not imprinted with her is because she is not meant for you. Have you seriously not come to that conclusion?"

Jacob remained there still caressing Bella with his warm hands. He had thought about that and somewhere deep down he knew he would never imprint with Bella, that there was someone out there, born or unborn, truly meant for him. But he loved her and he wanted her.

But I love her.

"Yes, without a doubt in my mind you love her and you want her. But look at it this way, you grew up with everyone you know, you even grew up with Bella off and on. She went away for a time and she returned and because of that and the growing you both did over that span of time changed you both mentally and physically. You see someone you used to play with, who went away for a while, return to your life and now you're saying you love her because she's the only person whom you have not seen every waking hour of every day for 16-17 years. She's new, different to you and that attracts you. That's why you love her."

Jacob sat up in the sleeping bag, careful not to disturb Bella. "Why do you love her?"

Edward turned his ghastly pale face to Jacob, "I love her because she is the person I have been searching for, for nearly a century. You think you're lost now because you have not imprinted; I cannot die. I have gone through 100 years of not knowing if I would ever find someone that sung to me, like Rosalie has with Emmett, Alice with Jasper, and Carlisle with Esme. No doubt it's frustrating for you, but you're new to this, someone will come for you, that sings to you, that fills your body with such joy you cannot simply fathom it right now looking at Bella. When I first saw Bella, yes I wanted her, not to love, or make love to, but to kill her, to eat her. Alice saw differently. I ran away, but she was the only one that knew, something that I was denying myself to see. I loved her. I had found my one true and all I wanted to do was eat her. That's why I returned here to Forks, to get to know her. After a while with the Denali clan in Alaska, I had come to the realization that I loved her. I have tried very hard to keep her away from danger and I have failed countless of times doing so. But we cannot be apart. We never will be apart. And it's her choice in the end whether or not to be a monster, all I can do is keep putting it off. Because while I love her and want to be with her forever, this is not a fate I wish to bring upon anyone."

The tent was filled with silence for several long moments. Edward had just willingly dished up some of his deepest secrets and fears. After his long monologue he turned back to the side of the tent, fingers steepled under his chin. Jacob sat there in utter silence, cataloguing the entire situation.

"So, you really don't want Bella to be like you?"

"No, if I had my way, she would turn into a little old lady and die like she should. Then I would follow. But she and my entire family have other motives and I don't control anybody. Alice has seen her transformation though, it will happen, it's a sure thing. But I will not bring this upon her unless it meant her life."

At least you will have her.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

You'll get to have her forever. To love, to make love to, to grow old with, or whatever it is you to.

"The only thing I am very unwilling to allow you to do, that goes as far as Bella will allow you, is to have a night with her. But think of her, Jacob; don't make her choose between the two of us. For one day, if you get your wish, you will imprint and Bella will be cast aside. You no doubt would care, but you would care more about your love."

With that, Edward stood up, opened the tent and stepped out.

Jacob sat there stunned for a moment. Not thinking twice he sprang on the opportunity.


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