Hey here's the 2nd chapter to Eddie, please enjoy [text in these mean sidenotes from me]

Eddie had been at the shelter for 3 weeks and was getting worried, I mean it wasn't like Charles to leave him like this, maybe he forgot him? Nah. Eddie walked around for a little bit and saw

a local news paper, of course in French, "Uhhh... Marie can you come over here for one sec? I need you to translate this for me" asked Eddie, "Sure no problem" replied Marie as she walked

over to Eddie, Marie looked over the paper and read:

"Local man found dead in his hotel room in Ch√Ęteau La Roque on 4/19/1919, the person is identified as Charles Masterson, 38 had passed away at what coroners say around 3:45am, Charles

leaves behind no spouse nor children but he leaves behind a cat as indicated that there were traces of cat fur found on the brim of his hat, there were no signs of foul play and a later test revealed

Charles died of lung cancer."

When Eddie heard this he was devastated when he heard this, his heart started to race and he just couldn't bear it and Eddie walked away from Marie. "Eddie, come back, please!" she

pleaded but Eddie ignored her as he walked towards the door but was grabbed by a man named Francis, "Nuh uh little guy you aren't going anywhere" said Francis but Eddie as other

plans as he scratched Francis in the face and bolted outside, and Marie followed close behind. "Marie come back! Marie!" yelled Duchess but Marie didn't listen she followed Eddie as he ran

out into the streets and into an alleyway, and there Eddie stopped and looked back and saw Marie right there behind him. "What do you want?" asked Eddie as he started to cry, Marie

approached him; "Eddie please, I know you miss him but we also miss our owner Madame Adelaide she passed away last year! I miss her dearly but you have to understand Life goes

on!" yelled Marie and Eddie was still pissed off, "Yeah well you grew up in some big fancy house and got everything served to you on gold platters, me?! I lived in a crappy apartment

building with a sruggling owner who could barely feed himself but let alone always fed me!" yelled Eddie. "What does that have to with anything?!" yelled Marie, "I don't know!" Eddie

yelled back as he broke down in tears in front of Marie who started to lick his face and cuddle with him, "It's alright Eddie, shhhhh...." said Marie as she walked him back to the shelter.

When they got there Francis was pretty pissed, "You stupid cat! How dare you do that! You're lucky I don't kick you out!" he yelled but Eddie ignored him, "Marie! You could've gotten hurt!

Eddie you too!" scolded Duchess, "Look babe, the kids upset and little Marie over here was tryin' to help him, relax baby!" replied O'Malley and Duchess flashed him a dirty look. Eddie was

A-OK though [Thank Goodness] but still, he missed Charles dearly.

No this ain't The End trust me Napoleon's the leader and he'll say when it's the end.