A/N: Hinata is excited to be joining team 7 for a mission, only to find Naruto and Sakura won't be joining them. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Hinata head out together onto what she quickly deems the worst mission of her career. slight Hinata/Sasuke

This should only take maybe two chapters to finish, possibly three. It should really just be one long one-shot but I don't want to put off my other projects for too long.



To Make Uchiha Laugh



Hinata doubled checked her watch. It was ten to nine in the morning and if she didn't hurry she'd be late, something she refused to allow. She couldn't imagine making such an ill impression on another team, especially not on Naruto.

The girl smiled, disbelieving her luck. She'd been told last night that today she would be joining team seven on their mission instead of training with Kurenai sensei. That meant she would be with Naruto all day. It was her chance to prove herself and show the boy just how much she'd grown since the Chunin exams, and maybe even, maybe even…

Hinata looked around as she approached the bridge she'd been told to meet at. It was empty. Frowning, she went over the message she'd received once more, double checking that she had all the details right. Yes, this was the place, and yes, it was nine that the team was scheduled to meet… Unsure of what else she could do, Hinata decided it was just best that she sit down and wait. Perhaps the others were simply late.

The girl had sat there for around twenty minutes when the sound of footsteps caused her head to lift. Walking over in no particular hurry with his head down and hands in his pockets was Sasuke Uchiha. Hinata stiffened. She'd really hoped that one of the others would arrive first before him. It was not that she didn't like Sasuke, she didn't know him after all, but the truth was she found him very intimidating. He didn't seem to like anybody, and he always seemed so cold and distance. Everything about the boy told her: back off, you're not worth my time.

She looked up, giving a nervous smile as he came to stand beside her on the bridge. He gave her a confused look in response. Maybe he didn't know I was joining them for the day? She thought to herself while trying to think of how to bring it up.

"Um, Sasuke?" she said timidly, moving to stand and lean like he was instead of sitting on the ground. The boy looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "I don't know if you know this but, uh, I'm going to be joining you today."

The boy frowned. "You're Hinata Hyuuga," he stated after a moment.

"Uh, yes. That's me."

"Hn." He went back to standing there in silence. Hinata blushed and guessed that was her queue to leave him alone, though after a minute he turned back to her. "Kakashi sensei is usually late. We could be waiting here a while."

Hinata blinked, thinking of how she'd rushed to get ready and leave on time that morning. "Oh…" Another minute passed. "Are Sakura and Naruto typically late too?"

Sasuke shrugged.

Another fifteen minutes passed. "Are you sure—"

"This is still early for Kakashi sensei," the boy answered with a sigh before she could finish. The girl ducked her head down to hide the red shading her cheeks. It was probably best to just not ask anymore questions.

Twenty more minutes passed and Hinata could tell even Sasuke was starting to get restless. She looked at her watch for the tenth time that morning. Was this really normal?

By the time an hour had passed, the girl's head was drooping and she was dozing lightly sitting on the bridge with her back uncomfortably resting against the railing pole. It was only the sound of a sudden pop and cheerful, "Sorry I'm late," that made her jump back to attention, causing her to smack her head against the pole in the processes.

Wincing, she rubbed her head and stood to make herself more presentable before team seven's Jounin. Sasuke was looking unimpressed and bored as ever as his sensei made some excuse for his delay. Hinata wasn't really paying attention; it was the fact that she'd still seen no sign of either Sakura or Naruto that disturbed her.

"Ah good, Hinata. I see that you're already here," the man said down to her, pleasantly.

"Yes, sensei."

"Well, then I suppose I should go over the mission for the day."

"Where's Naruto and Sakura?" Sasuke asked abruptly before the man could go any further.

"Oh, well you see they won't be joining us for today," Kakashi replied while scratching the side of his neck.

Hinata's heart plummeted as she took in the meaning of those words. Naruto would not be there. She would not get the chance to work with him. He would not get to see how much she'd improved. There would be no chance that she could maybe even…

"You see, Naruto and Sakura got called off with teams Eight and Ten late last night for an emergency mission out west. So-"

"Why were they sent and not us?" Sasuke asked with his eyes boring into his sensei as though suspecting some sort of trick.

"Well the lord they were going to protect had some interesting stipulations that-"

"What kind of stipulations?"

"Sasuke, please stop interrupting me," Kakashi reproached, slightly annoyed. "I was getting to that."


"As I was saying, the lord hiring our assistance has a rather strange quirk." The two Genin looked on, waiting for him to finish. "He's afraid of Doujutsu."

Sasuke blinked while Hinata frowned. "What?"

"To be more specific, he said, and I quote 'No Uchiha's, or Hyuuga's, or any other sort of messed up eye freaks you may be in possession of.' Which conveniently covers the three of us," the man finished, shaking his head.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Sasuke replied in disgust.

"It does seem rather silly," added Hinata, feeling somewhat affronted by the idea.

"Oh, I couldn't agree with you more," Kakashi told them. "However, it is not up to us to argue with stupidity. Anyways, as the only ones left, the Hokage decided we might as well work together instead. Our assignment is a D-rank, out in the southern farmlands. There's a dilapidated building that needs our help to be cleaned up."

Hinata sighed. She'd gotten up too early, her head hurt, there was no Naruto, and now a boring D-rank while her team was out possibly-

"So you're telling me that Naruto, right now, is off fighting actual enemies with a large team and we're stuck doing house cleaning?"

"Yes Sasuke. That's essentially the gist of it," Kakashi answered.

"This is such crap."

Hinata couldn't agree more.


It only took them two hours to reach the farmland. Kakashi walked the whole way with his nose buried in an orange covered booked, while Sasuke had his familiar slouch though with a slightly darker air about him. Hinata didn't say a word the whole way. Obviously neither of them was looking for conversation and she didn't even know where to begin were she to try.

On her team it would typically be Kiba constantly chattering on and if no one was listening then he'd be talking to Akumaru instead. Kurenai sensei also typically made an effort to speak to the girl if she sensed the silence was getting too forced. But here, with these two, well something told her that expecting some sort of friendly conversation was just not going to happen.

The group stopped to look as they reached the road leading into their scheduled location. Hinata froze, looking over the complete wreckage the place was in. she glanced over to Sasuke and saw that his eyes had widened too as he took in the size of the task ahead of them. Kakashi shrugged and then began walking up to the front building.

"Why, hello there!" they heard a voice call. Jogging across the weed filled field was a very pretty young woman, dressed in nothing but short shorts and a tight fitting white t-shirt to come up and greet them. She smiled brightly at the group. "You must be from Konoha."

Sasuke looked horrified at the sight of her and even Hinata was finding it hard not to gape at the girl who looked like she'd just stepped out of one of those novels Kakashi sensei constantly read.

"Yes, I am Kakashi Hatake, and this is my team. Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga," Kakashi introduced not looking a bit disturbed by her presence.

"Well I must thank you all for coming. This old building could sure use your help. It's an absolute nightmare but there isn't much a little ol girl like me can do with it." She gave them all another large grin. "Gosh, I can't believe it. Real shinobi. I can't wait to tell my neighbors. And you two are just kids! Look at you in your cute little outfits."

Hinata cringed looking over at her new teammate. The murderous intent coming off him caused her to shift away slightly.

"My sister uses you all the time when her fields get out of hands. Says it's completely worth the cost and there's always so many of you youngins just looking for some good old fashioned hard work. What was it now she called them? Genesse? Ginan?"

"Genin, I believe is the word you're looking for," Kakashi corrected her, still looking perfectly content and not at all put off by the woman in front of them. "And she's correct. A little hard work is good the kids. Builds character."

Kakashi then ruffled the top of Sasuke's head causing Hinata to take yet another step away from the now livid Uchiha.

"Well I'll just let you all get to it then. I'll come back later with some snacks for lunch and I have to tell you, I've just finished making some of the best lemonade I'm sure you've ever tasted. Been squeezing them lemon balls all morning… Gosh, a real shinobi, I still can't believe it!"

Kakashi shrugged as the woman gave him a quick wink before skipping off back into the woods to where ever it was she came from.

Hinata let out a long breath as soon as she was out of sight. She was not one to say mean things about a person but, wow…

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke asked suddenly, turning furiously to his sensei.


Sasuke seemed to twitch.

"She was, uh… a bit much," Hinata said quietly, reminding them all of her presence.

"Oh, well, that's the great thing about this job. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people," Kakashi told them before walking over to a large tree. He then sat himself comfortably at its base and pulled out his ever present orange book.

Hinata and Sasuke stared.

"Oh, you guys should probably get started on your work now. Lots to get done today."

What? Hinata looked back over the overgrown field and nearly collapsed building.

"You're not going to help?" Sasuke asked dangerously.

"I'm sure this is a task you can handle on your own," he answered, not lifting his eye from the page.

"We're short one team member already."

Kakashi stretched, settling himself into more relaxed position. "I never thought I'd hear you say you required Naruto's assistance for a simple task like cleaning."

"You call that," the boy motioned dramatically to the dilapidated house. "Cleaning?!"

"Are you going to stand there all day and whine, or are you going to go help Hinata?" he asked, still paying them no mind.

Hinata instantly turned red and shifted her gaze away from the quarreling couple. Please don't bring me into this. Please don't bring me into this…

Sasuke's mouth dropped, realizing he'd lost. He then turned and stormed off towards the ever quiet girl, wanting nothing more than to disappear into the background. "Come on," he told her without even looking as he brushed passed, heading for the buildings door.



A/N: Have you ever not even considered a particular pairing and then just read this one story that made it seem so obvious and perfect? Well that happened to me with these two, so I had to try my own hand at it. I'm not even a Sasuke fan, but I really think that pretime-skip, they'd have been pretty cute together, part 1 otp. Part 2 I'm a ShIno girl all the way. Anyways please let me know what you think of this so far. It won't be a very long story and shouldn't take too long to finish.