Hey this is my first Guy/Marian fic and although I prefer Guy with Meg and Marian with Robin, there is no doubt that these two had chemistry if only Marian would not have played with Guy's Emotions (bad Marian). This is set during 2x13 and will not remember what happened in series 3 but is AU therefore. Marian did not die. I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's song the day we fell apart. Hence this fic was born.

Disclaimer: I do not own Robin Hood that belongs to the BBC. If I did series 3 would have been completely different.

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Chapter One: What happened to the man who used to take me straight into misery?

Marian looked at Guy, even though they were in the Holy Land in this unbelievable heat, he was still in his customary leather. He had come in with food in his hand, for her she suspected.

'Marian' he smiled, handing her the food, 'You have to eat'

She shook her head defiantly, 'when am I to be freed?' she breathed

'You know I cannot, I wish that I could' Guy looked her deeply in her eyes; it shocked her, the pain she saw in his eyes she had never seen before.

'Guy, There is a way for both of us to be free' She whispered, 'Now that Robin is dead you are the king's last chance, if you save him from this plot. He will reward you with position and wealth. You will have everything you wanted'

'And saving him from this plot how will that work' he whispered urgently, he could hear voices becoming increasingly louder above them.

'Kill the Sheriff' She stated, 'The King will reward you and… I will reward you' he turned to face her. He was searching into her eyes to see any hint of deception.

'How…?' was all he was able to manage to speak.

'If you save the King… I will willingly give you my hand'

Guy gulped; this was all he ever wanted. Marian to love him and wanted to be his, he was sure she was only saying this because of Robin Hood's death, after what Allan had told him at Portsmouth, her and Robin were lovers 'And if I do not'

'Then, you know my feelings' Marian replied.

'I am aware of your feelings, is this why you wee. For the lost hero; tell me Marian did you love him?' Guy's anger grew.

'I was betrothed to him… since I was five… of course I loved him' she regretted it as soon as she said it. Guy looked as if he had been struck in the heart; she saw his pain and the tears that were building up in his eyes. He left. She punched the wall. 'Well done Marian, you and your big mouth'

Guy did not go back to her for three days he was playing things in his mind; there were times when he was sure that Marian loved him. But other times he knew she was manipulating him, but this time had been different, she had willingly told him that she would marry him, if he protected the king. He made his way to the cellar where she was being held. She looked as if she had not been fed. She looked ill, she had been crying, he was not sure who these tears were for.

Marian had spent the three days frustrated that Guy had not come to see her. In a way she missed him when he was not near her. She could have laughed at herself, Guy of Gisborne making her miss him. She could not argue that she was attracted to him, her face when she had seen his bare-chest was proof of that. What if she had been so blind with the legend of Robin Hood had she not seen that there was a good man, who only wanted to protect her. How after all these years that she had rejected Guy, did she at this moment feel like the one being rejected? How could she have been such a fool? Was she in love with Guy? She shook her head. No she was not in love with him but she was attracted to him and had feelings for him. She cried the second night when he had not brought her food. The other men did not care if she was fed or watered. They looked at her for a piece of meat, probably imagining what they would do to her if she let them. She squashed that thought. She had not heard him coming towards her, although she should have done, she would recognised his walk anywhere. She turned to face him.

'So the plan…' Guy looked at her, he was worried about her. 'I have to kill Vasey'

'Then you will have protected the king and I will be your wife'

He then heard a noise that startled them both.

'Turn against the Sheriff' Marian whispered

He took his fingers to his lips, 'Sssshh'

She did as she was told. Guy noted that this was the first time he had known her to do this. Marian stayed behind him. Peering every now and then over his shoulder. 'Guy what is it?'

'Men are coming. The sheriff's men coming this way, you must stay quiet'

Marian nodded.

'Ahhh, Gisborne, with the prisoner, I see, trying to have some fun before we do naughty, naughty' one of the men looked at him. Marian recoiled. She was not an object to be bargained with.

'You caught me' Guy laughed, he did not look at Marian. Although he could be sure he had just scared her to death.

'Well, your fun over, we are here now'

'I am sorry but I cannot let you do that' Guy growled. Marian stayed behind him.


'You will not harm the Lady Marian'

'And on whose authority is this on?'

'Mine' He replied.

It happened so quick Marian was not sure what was happening. Guy pushed her out of the way as one of the men lunged at her. He punched him and he fell to the floor. Marian grabbed hold of the other one, while Guy tied the first up. He then punched the other who was now out cold. He grabbed Marian's arms; he had got the keys from Vasey earlier while the sheriff slept. He unlocked her from the shackles.

'Put them on him' he said to her.

She done so, turning to look at him, he had a gash across his face it was bleeding.

'You are hurt' She touched his cheek

'It's nothing' Guy shook her off, 'I need you to wait for me in my room's do you understand?'

'Where are you going?' Marian asked.

'To save the King, to kill the sheriff' He replied, 'But I need you to be safe, Promise me that you will not go anywhere'

'I will not' she nodded.

Marian sat in Guy's room waiting for him to return, she was so proud. The man she had seen without the sheriff around a mere few weeks ago had returned, that was the Guy that she wanted, the man that she could love.

Guy walked to where he was told to meet the Sheriff, 'Gizzy, where are the others?'

'They are not coming, My lord'

'What do you mean?' The sheriff looked around, 'do not tell me that the leper has got to you'

'Do not call her that, Did you think I would be loyal to you Forever, if it came to a choice between you and Marian whom I would choose' Guy said

'Gisborne, she will not be with you'

Guy already had his sword drawn, when the sheriff said this he plunged the sword into his stomach, making sure that the man was dead he done it again, 'I told you I would not choose all those years ago' he whispered into his ear as the shock written into the sheriff's face was plain to see.

Guy knew he had to get back to Marian; back to her was where he belonged.

Marian stayed in his room. She was startled that he was standing behind her, she turned.

'It is done' Guy smiled; the smile did not meet his eyes.

'Guy…' She touched his shoulder, 'Thank you for everything, I know I have not always been grateful for your help, but I am now'

Guy looked at her, her eyes were sincere, she was not lying to him, and he knew that.

'I should be thanking you' Guy replied

'Why should you be thanking me, Guy?'

'For opening my eyes to the man that I want to be, the man that you can love'

'I have already seen that Man Guy, you have always been that man, He just got a little lost' Marian smiled.

They moved closer to each other, neither of them really conscious that they were doing it. The next thing they were kissing, it was not like the kiss that Marian had experienced from him before, it was not calculated, it was passionate, and she was not pulling away she was kissing him back. Maybe her feelings were deeper than she first thought. They both pulled apart when they heard a sound behind them. Guy turned to face the people, Marian again behind him.

'Robin,' she croaked.

Robin could not look at her, the woman he thought loved him, was in the arms of another man. And Gisborne's at that. Guy looked down to Marian, she had not moved from her spot behind him. She was tense he could feel that.

'What have you done to her Gisborne?'

'What have I done to her? I have done nothing to her'

'Robin, Guy is right, he has done nothing, he has saved me' Marian replied, 'and the king'

'Him? Save the king? Marian I think you are delusional love. He has come to kill the king'

Had Robin always snapped at her like that, treating at her like a little girl, she was not sure, but at the moment he was not the man that she thought he was, he was not the man that she thought she loved, but did she really love him at all.

'He has killed the sheriff' Marian shouted

'Killed the sheriff, now I know you are delusional, there is no way he would kill the sheriff. I will get Djaq to check on you when we get back to The King's camp'

'I am not going there without Guy'

Robin went to grab her, Guy stepped in the way, 'if she goes, I go Hood, and I can also take you to the place where Vasey is currently lying on the way'

'If this is the only way that she is going to come then you'd better'

Marian took Guy's hand and not Robin's what he had been waiting for her to do. Maybe she had chosen him. Guy took Robin to where Vasey has been killed. Robin kicked the corpse to make sure that Guy was not playing one of his games, half expecting the sheriff to jump up and say 'a clue … no?' But the corpse did not move. And kill him on the spot.

'Do you believe him now Robin?' Marian gritted her teeth.

Robin did not wish to admit that he was wrong and he would not say that in front of Marian, he merely turned around and headed towards Richard's camp. Marian was not going to let Guy out of her sight, she knew that he was waiting for her to slip up to go running to Robin the man she had proclaimed three days ago that she loved, but something in Robin had changed, this man was different, she was also not sure who he was, it was like the five years when he was in the Holy Land again.

'Robin I have checked Marian, she is fine' Djaq said, 'there are no signs of injury'

'Then why was she so insistent for Gisborne to come with us'

'You are not going to like my reply to that one I am afraid'

Robin was sure that he was not, 'Go Ahead Djaq'

'I think she has chosen him'

'You were right I do not like your answer' He turned away from her signalling that the conversation was over.

Marian and Guy had been called to the King to have an audience with him. Guy felt uneasy if he got out of this he would be lucky. He was not sure that one good deed would atone for all the terrible things he had done readily while he was in with the sheriff. But he trusted Marian she had told him on the way that the king was a kind man and that if Guy had chosen to fight with him and not against him then he would pardon him. She was sure of it.

Richard entered with his crown firmly on his head, Guy swooped into a bow, although he realised that this was the first time he had ever thought he would do this in front of the King of England.

'Sir Guy of Gisborne and the Lady Marian, Robin has told me a lot about you young lady'

'Sire' Marian smiled.

'So what do I owe this pleasure?'

'We have come to tell you that we have foiled a plot on your life. I killed the man whom was planning to kill you' Guy stated

'And what had Lady Marian got to do with this'

'Sire, I am to be Sir Guy's wife' She replied

'But you love Robin?'

'No, I loved Robin, past tense' Marian stated.

'I have been told that this man has committed crimes'

'He has, but has changed' Marian replied

Guy felt like the third wheel in this conversation, but he allowed Marian to continue.

'And you can say that for certain'

'I can, he has shown me a number of times, that he is a good man and now that he is away from the sheriff's influence he can be that man'

'I will think about it Lady Marian I will get back to the both of you shortly'

'Thank you sire'

Richard left both of them bowed but then turned to each other. Marian took hold of Guy's hands. They walked back to the tent where they sat and looked at each other.

'Do you think he will not punish me?' Guy broke the silence that seemed to be an age.

'You are not much good to me if you are dead are you?'

'What is that suppose to mean?' Guy thought that this was part of an evil plan that she had been scheming to bring his ultimate downfall.

'I mean that how are you and I to be married if you are dead' she smiled, 'you thought I was going away did you not'

'I did, I am sorry but you have given me little reason to believe you recently'

'I am here am I not' She replied, 'I understand why you do not trust me. I am not sure if I trust me at the moment'

'Why would you not trust yourself?' Guy looked at her, 'Does this has anything to do with Hood?'

'All but three days ago, I told you that I loved him and now I am here with you and oh how could I be so stupid' Marian stared at him.

'Being with me is stupid is it?' His anger was rising, she did not want him, she wanted Hood. Not him.

'No, you misunderstand me Guy, I mean I am stupid, I have feelings to you but I am not sure what they are and it took me until me telling you that I was in love with Hood for me to realise that I feel something to you' She moved towards him.

'Marian, feeling something towards me, is a start' Guy smiled, he touched her cheek, tears were beginning to fall, 'Now do not cry'

Marian looked up to him, his eyes always had a way of drawing her in she was not sure what it was. She nodded. Guy held her closer to him, they had been like this before, just after her father had died, that time he had ruined it. He would not run the moment again. After a while he was shocked that she had not pushed him away. This shocked Marian even more, she was not used to having her guard down especially in front of Guy. How was this happening? After all this time were they really meant for each other?

There was rustling from outside of the tent. Marian pulled away from him. Guy groaned. He went to the door to see who it was, it was Allan. Although he was still mad at him for betraying him, he was glad that it was not Robin that was there.

'Guy, I came to see if you and Marian, where alright' Allan nodded.

'Is this to report back to Hood?' Guy raised an eyebrow.

'No, and I will not tell him I was here if he asked' Allan replied.

Marian looked at Allan she could see he was torn. He had been part of Guy's men for many months and she suspected she respected Guy more than he would let on to Robin and after all he had done for her while she was planted into the castle. She always had a debt to him.

'Allan, we are both well thank you' Marian smiled, 'We have seen the king; we are awaiting his decision on Guy. I am hopeful that he will be pardoned though'

'I am, however not as hopeful as my betrothed' Guy smiled.

'Betrothed, really?' Allan stood there stunned into silence.

'Yes, but please do not tell Robin, he would kill Guy and I cannot let that happen' Marian replied.

'Your secret milady is safe with me' Allan then departed.

Both Marian and Guy looked at each other, they could not be so sure.

'Sir Guy, Lady Marian, the king will see you now' a servant boy had come in and told them, Looking at each other again. They descended to the king's tent.

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Little author's notes I have not used the word majesty when addressing King Richard this is because the term was not used in terms of addressing royalty until Henry VIII reign and it is one of my pets hates when reading royal fiction before it, just in case you were wondering.

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