Chapter Five: A night to remember

Marian awoke on the day of her wedding thinking how had she not wanted this before, the first time they were to be married Marian had not been well. She had dreaded the day, but today she was excited. What a few months with Guy could do for her? She wanted to get married she was ready to be married to him.

Guy looked around Locksley, this was his home, and it had been for many years, but today it would truly be his home, he would be with the women that he loved and who was sure truly loved him. She had changed him for the better.

He wanted to be married to her already, but he was going to enjoy today, today was going to be the time that he would never forget.

Marian's only wish was that her father was here today, to see her truly happy this would have made the day perfect, she wiped away a few tears that had escaped from her eyes. She shook her head 'no time wallowing' she muttered. This was meant to be the happiest day of her life. The maids were helping her into her dress, she thought better than wearing the same colour as she did the first time they intended to have the wedding. Instead she was wearing an off white dress, with a grey veil. She hoped that she would be beautiful enough for him.

Guy waited at the altar with nobody by his side, he looked to the priest who did not look too pleased about doing the ceremony but Guy did not care, the smile on his face, was not going to disappear from his face. Marian saw Allan when she got out of the coach, he was waiting for her. it had been agreed that Allan would be the one who would give her away, because he had done so much for both Marian and for Guy, he seemed the perfect choice as substitute for Marian's father not being here.

'Why Marian, you look beautiful' He smiled as he took her hand.

'You do not scrub up to bad either, Allan a' Dale' she smiled.

'Well I am glad we finally got here' he smiled to her.

'Thank you Allan for everything' she replied.

They made their way down the aisle, Marian spotted Guy, he was smiling, and she could not help but smile also. This was so different from the first time. She thought that this was perfect.

Allan handed Marian over to Guy. Guy smiled to his friend then he whispered into her ear, 'you look beautiful'

She felt the blush creep up her face.

The both turned to face the priest, the service was conducted in Latin, both Marian and Guy repeated what they were meant to say to each other. It then got to the exchanging of rings; Marian saw the intake of breath from everyone in the room. Guy gave her the ring that she was meant to have a year ago. He put it on her finger. She saw the fears in his eyes that she was about to take it off and smack him with it again. Instead she took the ring she was going to give to Guy and placed it on his hand.

Guy's face erupted into a huge smile in which she reciprocated, she then bent down and kissed his ring to signal that she was his.

The priest finished the ceremony and Guy and Marian were now man and wife they kissed each other sweetly all though, both could have both lit up a fire if they had wanted to. People were standing up and clapping, Allan wiped away a tear from his eye.

They left the church, and walked back towards Locksley manor.

'Shall we Lady Gisborne?' Guy purred

'Thank you Sir Guy' she replied.

'Not so fast'

Both of their heads wiped round.

'I do not think that you two will be getting married today'

'You are too late Hood' Guy looked at him.

'I am already married' Marian replied.


'Yes' Marian replied, 'Now please may you leave me to enjoy our celebrations. You are not invited'

She took Guy's hand and went into the house. Leaving Robin heartbroken, how did this happen? And why could he not have gotten here earlier.

Marian looked back at her husband when she saw him, looking at her, he grinned to her.

'Am I amusing, my love?' she smiled at him.

'Always, I was just admiring you Lady Gisborne' He laughed.

'And do I fit your admiration' she looked back to him.

He leaned in closer to her. 'Always' he purred.

She felt goose bumps run up her body. The feast had begun with the guest keeping close eyes on the married couple they were shocked that Marian looked happy. Maybe she was in love with Gisborne which evidently he was in love with her.

The evening was long and began to wear on the couple, Marian was ready for it to be over, so that they could have time alone together. The constant glares were beginning to grate on Marian. The last person left the feast it was well past nightfall and in a drunken state. Guy was beginning to think that he should not have supplied as much booze as he did. He looked over to Marian, she was still smiling. He looked at her deeply, she was his wife, and no matter how many times he had said it to himself he still could not believe it.

Marian looked at him she knew what was coming next they were to consummate their marriage, although she wanted Guy, longed for him, she was a little nervous.

'My wife' he spoke.

'Husband' she bowed.

'May I take you to your chamber?' he offered her his hand.

'You may' she smiled.

They both went up to the bedroom to start married life together. As they entered the room, Guy picked her up and carried her over the threshold.

Guy looked at Marian, she looked a little scared.

'Marian, are you ok?' he asked.

'I am well, just a little nervous' she smiled.

She moved closer to him, she kissed him, hard and passionate; she wanted him to know how much she wanted him. He grabbed her waist and began to trail kisses down her neck, she moaned.

'Oh you like that do you?' he whispered.

Marian, pulled his face back to hers she kissed his neck and began to take his jacket off. This made Guy grab hold of her waist tighter drawing him nearer to her. She gasped. She ran her fingers down his chest then leaving a trail of kisses down his body. He groaned.

'Oh you like that do you?' she whispered in his ears mimicking what he had done not long before.

'I love you' he replied. He was then removing her dress. They moved towards the bed. Guy was playing with her nipples teasing them through his fingers. He then started to kiss her neck moving down to her breasts where he sucked. This made Marian hitch her breath, she had never felt this before and it excited her. She roamed his body, wanting him to do more. She began to explore his pants trying to unlace them. She was shaking, Guy becoming frustrated removed them. Marian stared at his erection on awe he was huge, she coughed.

'Are you ok Marian?' Guy said

'Hmmm' she nodded.

'Now my sweet this will hurt' his traced his hands up her thigh, she felt herself melt. He began to nip at her leg, this made Marian more ready. She felt his erection brush against her folds she wanted him inside her now.

'Guy it is ok, do it I want you' she looked at him.

'Are you sure?'

'I need you'

He was then inside her, she felt a pain as he did, a single tear ran down her face. Guy kissed it away.

'I love you' he whispered thrusting herself in her.

'I love you' even though there was discomfort she could not feel in all she wanted was him inside doing what he was doing now.

He was close he knew it, but he was going to show Marian that he was a good lover.

He thrusted further and further into her.

She felt some pleasure course through her, 'Guy!' she screamed. He quickly followed her, filling her up inside. He then rolled off her and kissed her gently.

'I love you, Guy' She moulded herself into him, 'Thank you for being my husband'

'I love you Marian that was incredible' he kissed her again.

He wrapped his hands round her waist, and let her go to sleep. She was with him, he wanted her, she had screamed out his name.

The morning light shone through the room. Marian awoke, her eyes adjusting to the light. She turned. Guy was staring at her, he was still not dressed.

'Morning' he beamed.

'Good morning' Marian smiled, 'How long have you been up?'

'A few hours, but it does not matter I was admiring the view' His eyes sparkled.

'And does the view, make you happy' she kissed his neck.

'Very' he touched her back.

'I think we should go downstairs'

'Not yet' he groaned.

Marian got dressed which was exceedingly difficult with Guy trying to pull her back to bed and bury his head in her hair.

'Guy' she laughed.

'Marian' he giggled.

'I need to get dressed Guy' She spun around and planted a kiss on his lips, 'Come on you dress too'

'Where is the fun in that?' he grinned.

'The fun would be you can undress me later'

'I prefer now'

'But I am not dressed therefore no fun at all' Marian grinned, 'can you help me with my laces?'

Guy sat up and got up, he helped her lace up. She kissed his lips again, 'now dress' she smiled.

Guy laughed but he did so. When he was done he grabbed his wife and spun her around.

'What was that for?' Marian beamed.

'I do not know I just felt like it' Guy shrugged, 'so now we are dressed can we undress?'

'No' Marian replied.

She went out of the room. Guy stood there a few minutes thinking about what Marian had just said. He joined her by leaving the room. Marian smiled to him when she saw him, he smiled back to her. Allan entered the room.

'Ahhh Gizzy's all happy' Allan hummed

'Shut up Allan' Guy replied.

'That's not the anger that I usually get you must be extremely happy'

'Allan!! Shut up' it was Marian this time. She looked at him. Anger in her eyes, 'I will hit you again and you know how bad that hurt last time'

Allan looked at her and smiled, 'oh come on can you not take a joke'

'No' Guy smiled, 'now go and do something useful and leave my wife and I alone'

Allan left looking surprisingly pleased with himself.

Marian got up she felt a little sore, she winced.

'Marian what is it?' Guy looked at her concern in his face.

'Just a little sore' Marian replied.

'I promise that will get better my love' he took her hand.

'I know, you explained, I am not complaining about the pain, I was merely telling you'

'I know that' Guy replied.

'Remember what you told me... Practice makes perfect' Marian smiled.

'Indeed it does'

Robin watched the Manor he would not move from the place, he could not; he was not going to move without Marian, he would take her if he had too.

He saw Guy and Marian, leave the Manor, she was holding his hand. She looked happy, this pained Robin even more, how could she be happy with Gisborne it just was not right. She was meant to be his not Gisborne. How could she be with him?

That is the 5th chapter sorry it short it's kind of a filler chapter but it dealt with the wedding and night so I am happy, it may be the last update as I am away next week. But let me know what you think.

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