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Someone Remind Me

Bella's POV
Ugh, someone remind me to kill Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale later on . . . When I find them in this huge house. The pixie and the model dragged me to a party on Friday night where they freaking know that he is going to be. And they know that I just wanted to lie on my bed and read. But no. They freaking ambush me and then threaten me, and they are damn well scary when they are mad.

Ahh, comfy bed; check. Glass of milk; check. Favorite book; check. Well done.

I laid down in my bed and just opened my book when I heard an engine rev. Oh no.

I looked around for my phone and noticed ten missed calls and twenty texts. Oh shit. What day is it today? I checked and looked: July 24. Oh no, oh no. Party night.

I looked around and then grabbed my phone and my book and jumped off my bed. I was calculating how many minutes I had to escape as I opened the door.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" My scream echoed throughout the house and I could hear my dad chuckling downstairs, traitor.

I looked at my best friends and the two most intimidating and terrifying women I have ever met. This isn't going to turn out well.

"Heyy, Ali . . . Rose," I said nervously. I looked at their attire and gulped.

Rosalie was in a dark green, strapless dress that ended, what I guessed, right below her butt, and hugged her every curve. She was in killer black stilettos that made her tower over me even more than usual. Her long, blond hair was curled and let down. Her lips were painted red, and her smokey, blue eyes were glaring at me. Alice was in a pink tube dress that hugged her chest but flared out. She was in silver stilettos that made her four inches taller than usual. Her spiky black hair was done to perfection, as was her light make-up. I was definitely in for some trouble.

"Hey, nice seeing you two. Gotta go!" I went to close my door but Rosalie put her hand and stopped it.

"Nice try, Bella. But you aren't getting out of this," They both smiled at me evilly.

They proceeded to tug at my hair: curling it and putting it up in a half pony with my side bangs out. My eyes were done dark and smokey, but my lips just had gloss on it (thankfully). The dress they forced me in was a strapless, midnight blue dress that felt like a second skin. What were fucking horrible, out of everything, were my shoes. Alice claimed them to be "fuck me" heels. They were red and made my blue toenails stand out. To me, they were four inches of a death trap. Remind me to kill Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale.

The threat? Oh yeah. Apparently Edward fucking-womanizing-jerkface-exfriend Cullen was now "single" and out to play.

"Bella Swan! You are coming tonight! If you don't I will tell Edward just what you think about him!"

Alice's words played in my head. Stupid me. Yeah, so I'm in love with him. Yippee, not! He only teased me and I just happen to be so naive and stupid enough to fall in love with him. Actually, I know why I fell in love with him. He's caring, sweet, smart, and a great friend… when he wants to be. I sighed; someone like him would never want to be with someone like me.

"Bella!" I saw a small frame make their way towards me with a blond haired guy in tow.

"Ali, Jasper!" I greeted them since Alice had disappeared when we arrived to find her boyfriend.

"Bells! Good to see you up and about," Japer gave me a hug and I hugged him back. I laughed and punched his arm for the comment as he pulled away. "You look great too! Trying to catch someone's eye?" He nudged me with his elbow and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I laughed at his expression, "Really Jazz? Thanks for the comment, but Ali put me in this thing," Jasper is Edward's best friend, but was mine first and I'm very glad he is still loyal to both of us.

"Just messing with ya Bells," He threw an arm around my shoulder.

"Bella, you should have something to drink! Loosen up and get your groove on!" Alice said and she danced in place. I laughed.

"Ali, I'm-" I was cut off.

"Okay! I'll get you something to drink! Be right back! No, you stay!" She told Jasper as he made to follow her.

He put his arm on my shoulder again and started talking, "So, are you ever going to tell him Bella?" The freaking guy should be a therapist.

I shrugged and looked up at him, playing with the ring that was on the hand that was wrapped around my shoulder. "I don't know. Look at him Jazzy... And look at me. Two totally, freaking, different people! He hardly notices me anyway."

He squeezed my hand, "You are beautiful and a great person Bella! I've been telling you this since the eighth grade! And, you're wrong about him not noticing you,"

I gave him a questioning look, "What's that supposed to mean?"

He brought me closer to his side and brushed my bangs that were in my eyes, "It means, Bella, that he does notice you. He is always looking at you when he thinks no one's noticing. He talks about you a lot, whether he notices or not. And, haven't you heard that boys make fun of girls they like? I'm sure he notices you. Hell! I'm his best friend! I know when he likes a girl or not, and he likes you Bella. He's probably jealous of me right now," He winked at me.

What the fuck is he talking about? I was just about to question him but he leaned down to my ear and whispered that Edward was staring right at us with an angry expression on his face. I turned my head to see him and he looked fucking hot as usual in black jeans that hung low on his hips and a green button down shirt that complimented his eyes. Oh my! His eyes were darker than usual, and they were glaring at Jasper. His jaw was locked as he turned back to the "bar" where Emmet McCarthy, Rosalie's beau, was serving drinks for his party.

I turned back to Jasper to see him grinning at me and nodding. He had a look on his face that said, "I told ya so!" as Alice came with our drinks.

"I know that you hate alcohol. So, I just got you Pina Coloda," She pushed the drink into my hands and started talking about stuff that I wasn't paying attention to.

I was looking at Edward who was talking to a blonde chick, I think her name was Bree, but I didn't care (partially). I was going to enjoy myself tonight. I was going to try and not think about what Jasper said and not think about Edward Cullen. I was going to enjoy myself!

Edward POV
I got out of my precious baby, my Volvo, and made my way up the driveway and through the throngs of people. My cigarette was almost finished so I just chucked it behind me. Damn! Emmet knew how throw a fucking party!

I made it to the door and was about to go inside, but giggles stopped me. I turned to my left and leaned against the wall and gave my best panty-dropping smile, "Ladies."

They all swooned and I laughed internally. Girls were too easy. At least some were. Tanya Denali not fitting into that category. Bitch thought that I was her boyfriend! No fucking way! If I wanted to be in a relationship with someone it just, as fucking hell, wouldn't be with her!

Maybe a certain brunette.

Shut up! I made my way into the house and through the crowds. Greeting people I knew here and there.

I told Tanya off for telling everyone that we were "together". She was only a good fuck when I didn't have anyone else. So now, I guess I'm single, but hey! I've always been. Now, I'm not scared of relationships or shit like that, but I haven't found the right person.

I think you have. Brown, doe eyes. Silky , brown hair. Luscious, smooth, ivory skin. Full plump lips. Nice body and a fucking brain to go with. She's the right person!

Oh shut the hell up! I do not like Isabella Swan! The girl doesn't mean anything to me!

You're traveling on the wrong river, my friend.

What the fuck? Wrong river? My mind has officially lost it!

The De-Nile River!

Oh my God! I need a drink. I think Jasper's getting to me. I don't like Bella... Plus, she wouldn't like me with the way I've been treating her. Ugh, I sound like a fucking pansy ass kid!

Ah, finally! I needed something. "Hey Em!" I gave him a high five.

"Eddo! What's happening, my man?" Emmet asked.

"Same old shit, dude," I laughed and ran my hand through my bronze hair.

Emmet laughed his booming laugh, "The bitch finally have the news sunk in?"

"She is so fucking dense! I had to keep on saying that we weren't together. Then she broke down and I left. Didn't want to be caught up in that," I laughed. "Nice party!" The music just got louder.

"Thanks, Rose practically invited everyone! I'm just waiting for Seth to get his ass here to I can be with my woman!" I laughed at his expression. "So, what can I get ya?"

"Corona," I said simply. He said something about being right back to go get it. So, I looked around. I saw Alice at the other end of the bar. She looked at me and I waved, best cousin in the world right there, even if we may have our disagreements.

I kept on looking around until my eyes landed on her. Fuck me! She was like sex on legs. That dress was so tight that I actually envied the fabric because it was hugging her skin like that. Her eyes shone brightly, but gave an air of mystery with the dark make-up she was wearing. Her hair was begging to be run through. And her legs went on and on. Oh my God, Bella Swan is wearing fucking, fuck me heels.

You would like to, wouldn't you? Wait? What's with the arm around her shoulder?

I looked up and saw Jasper Whitlock, my best friend and hers, with his arm wrapped around my Bella.

Whoa! My? Hold it there Cullen. So, yeah. I do admit I may like her, but I'm not a jealous type. Am I?

I looked more closely, she was playing with his fingers and looking up at him. He winked at her.

"Here's your beer, man!" Emmet said and I just nodded without turning to look at him.

What the fuck did Jasper think he is doing? He is dating my cousin for Christ's sake!

My eyes narrowed in on him as I saw him lean down and whisper something into her ear. She looked up at him for a moment and I just wanted to rip my best friend to fucking shreds.

I saw her look around and then her eyes landed on me, but I was too busy trying to kill Jasper with my eyes. Fucking guy said that they were just friends!

I turned around to grab my beer and was met by a junior at school, Bree.

"Hey, sexy. Enjoying yourself?" She leaned closer to me, but not before checking over her back.

I laughed, women are so obvious. "Bree, nice to see you again. You look stunning," I gave an appreciative nod.

"Thanks, so... How are things?" She leaned closer to me.

"Good," I gave her my crooked smile and placed my hand on her hip, bringing her closer. "Things could be better..." I whispered into her ear as I glanced behind her back also; she was trying to make her boyfriend jealous.

She laughed and pulled away, "Nice, Edward, but not happening. I do have a boyfriend," She took a sip of her drink.

I looked around for her boy toy and… he is next to my Bella. "You mean the one who's flirting with Swan?"

She swiveled around until her eyes landed on the pair, "He wouldn't."

Riley is her boyfriend, has been for the past couple of years. But, he's currently making Bella throw her head back while laughing. I saw him lean in and whisper something into her ear, holding his hand out. She looked in our direction before nodding and winking at Jasper and Alice as she went to the dance floor. "Oh, but he would!"

"I can not believe him!" She turned to me. "Yeah, we got in an argument, but is this necessary?" She drank her drink in one gulp than asked for another one.

I told her goodbye before making my way upstairs; best spot to survey the dance floor. I sipped my beer leaning my elbows on the railing looking at her as she danced with him.

"You could be dancing with her, you know?" I ignored that question.

"What the fuck was that earlier, Whitlock?" He was leaning in the same position as me.

"What was what?" I glanced at him to see a grin on his face. He fucking knew what.

"Cut the crap. The whole arm around her shoulder, winking at her, and then whispering in her fucking ear?" I turned toward him.

"Oh, you missed when I brushed her bangs out of her eyes," He was seriously trying to piss my off. He laughed, "She is my best friend too. I was just comforting her," He glanced to the dance floor and I looked down. My jaw dropped: Bella Swan was dirty dancing with Riley. No! She shouldn't be doing that to anyone.

Except for you, right?

I closed my eyes and my hands closed around the railing. I could feel how tight my grip was. This... She... Ugh. I don't even know.

I heard Jasper laughing beside me and I turned to glare at him. "Dude, I just think you should trust how you feel, your instincts." He clapped on the back and went to find Alice. Fucking guy should be a psychologist.

I looked down toward the dance floor. I had finished my third beer and was still watching Bella dancing with that prick. They were always grinding, he would always whisper something into her ear, and she would reach up and tug at his hair. And every time, I could feel my eyes narrow and I had this urge to just punch him for touching my girl.

This time, though, was the last fucking straw. I could see his hand inching upwards and under her dress. Before I could even stop myself, I was down the stairs and on the dance floor behind them.

I could still see his hand going upwards and I just saw red. I pulled him off of her and turned him to face me as I heard a gasp. "Keep your fucking hands off of her!"

He pulled away from me, "Who the hell do you think you are, Cullen? She doesn't belong to you!"

I stepped towards him, my intent to punch him, but a small hand wrapped around my bicep.

Bella's POV
Edward Cullen looked ready to kill someone, preferably Riley Standstom. I was only dancing with him to help make his girlfriend, Bree, jealous, and then BAM! He's gone and Edward's face is contorted in fury.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Cullen? She doesn't belong to you!" Riley told him and my heart jumped a little. Me belong to Edward Cullen? HA! Hopeful wishing.

Edward took a step forward and I saw his fist clench. He was going to punch Riley. My hand went to go stop him and I felt him stop. "What the hell do you think you are doing, Edward?"

He whirled around; I didn't get a good look at him because he was dragging me by my arm to who knows where. "Let me go! Edward!" I tried tugging my hand out of his grip as we crossed the restricted zone that Emmet had. "Edward! Fucking let me GO!"

I was pushed against the wall with his arms at either side of my head, caging me in.

I looked up at him and gasped when I saw his eyes. They were a dark green, forest green, not his usual emerald. He jaw was locked and his nostrils were flaring and his breathing was deep.

I pushed against his chest, "Edward! Move! Let me go! Hey!"

He grabbed both of my hands in one of his and held them above my head. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Cullen?" I stopped struggling and glared at him.

"What the fuck am I doing? What the fuck were you doing?" He hissed in my face.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I yelled at him.

He growled as he let go of my arms and pushed off the wall. "I'm fucking talking about you and that bastard in there!" He nodded his head towards the door, his hands tugging at his hair.

I pushed off the wall and crossed my arms over my chest. He looked at me and I saw him take a deep breath. "Riley? Riley?" I can't believe he's mad over him, unless he was jealous. Now he wants to act like this? No way! "I can fucking talk to any guy I want. You don't even fucking talk to me on a daily basis. And I can dance with any fucking guy that I want too. And I don't give a damn about what you say, because you don't fucking own me!"

I was pushed against the wall, again. This time his body was a breath away from mine and he leaned his head into my neck. "You really shouldn't have said that," He whispered. I couldn't help the shiver that ran through my body, and I could have sworn I felt his smirk into my skin.

I crossed my arms over my chest as he pulled back. His eyes were staring into mine with so much intensity that I didn't know what to do, but bite my lip. A habit I do when I'm ner-

Edward POV
I pushed my body from the wall and tried to calm down. This girl got me so wound up! "I'm fucking talking about you and that bastard in there!" I tugged at my hair, why the hell am I feeling like this. I, am I jealous? Maybe, but I've never felt so… possessive before; I didn't want her with anyone by me.

I turned around to see her push off the wall. She crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her breasts up unknowingly.

She looks hot when she's mad. Calm down, Cullen. Calm down. "Riley? Riley? I can fucking talk to any guy I want. You don't even fucking talk to me on a daily basis. And I can dance with any fucking guy that I want too. And I don't give a damn about what you say, because you don't fucking own me!"

I just got mad. The words she said made my heart have a painful tug that I did not like. I didn't like her saying that she wasn't mine. I should be the only guy she wants to talk to and wants to dance with. No, other guys wouldn't know how to handle someone as great as her.

And you would?

Damn right!

I couldn't help myself. I pushed her back against the wall, covering her body with mine. I couldn't stop the urge, so I leaned into her delicate neck and smelled the sweet smell of strawberries and vanilla.

"You really shouldn't have said that," I whispered. I could feel the shiver that wracked through her body and I could see the goose bumps on her arms, and couldn't help the smirk that came on my face. I was going to make her realize that she is mine, or will be anyway.

I pulled away as she crossed her arms again. I got a very good view from my height, and I could feel myself getting hard. I looked up at her and she gasped. Her perfect, plump lips formed an O before she pulled her bottom lip in her mouth and bit it.

I was done for. I just kissed her. My lips took in her top lip and sucked on it. I heard her moan as she brought her hands up and tangled them into my hair. She tugged at my bottom lip as she tugged on my hair. The groan that escaped my mouth was uncontrollable.

I brought my hands down to her hips and pulled them to mine as my tongue asked permission to enter her mouth. She granted and when her tongue came out to meet mine I think I could die a happy man. She is sweeter than anything that I've ever tasted.

I pushed myself into her more and moaned when she grinded into me as she pulled my tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. I gripped her hips harder as I pulled away. We needed to breathe.

I made my way down her neck and kissed and licked every spot I found, getting mewls of pleasure in return as she massaged my scalp.

She tugged on my hair to make me come back up, but I resisted. Her whimper rang into my ears and I smiled. She wanted me.

My lips made their way back up from her collar bone, but not before stopping at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. I nibbled on it and then pulled away. I looked up at her to see her confused face. Her lips were swollen red and her eyes had darkened with the lust she was feeling. I went back to the juncture: I licked it which I received a moan that soon turned into a cry of pain- or pleasure, I don't really know- as I bit down hard, bruising her skin. "You are mine, don't forget it," I whispered to her as my lips hovered millimeters from hers.

She didn't say anything, just pulled my lips to hers in a bruising and passionate kiss. Our tongues battled as I made my left hand down her thigh. I bent down, never breaking the kiss, and cupped my hand around her calf before bringing her leg up and wrapping it around my waist making her dress bunch around her waist. I grinded my hard on into her covered core and we both moaned at the contact and friction we were getting.

My right hand tangled into her hair as I moved her head to the side to kiss her better. My left hand moved upwards to her inner thigh. I could feel the heat coming from her body. I rubbed my fingers over her covered sex and I groaned. She was so fucking wet; wet for me and no one else. I growled and she moaned, pulling my hair harder as my tongue made its way into her mouth.

I rubbed her pussy and her wetness was seeping through her underwear. I made my way under her panties and was about to plunge my finger into her-

"Hey, Edward! Have you seen- Oh. My. God!" Shit. I turned to my right and pulled away from Bella as she put her leg down and straightened out her dress and tried to smooth her hair down.

"Alice..." I didn't know what to say.

She just smiled and winked at me... Or was it Bella? I looked at Bella to see her leaning against the wall; her face was a beautiful shade of red. "Oh, pretend I was never here," She walked out of the room.

I turned back towards Bella, my arms caging her to the wall yet again. I took in her swollen lips and messy hair and felt proud. It looked like she was mine. Mine.

Bella's POV
I can not believe we just kissed. Psh, kissed? No! It was like full on making out! But oh my god did he taste so good and did he have talent. Alice, why did you have to choose now to interrupt something between Edward and a girl?

Now things were awkward, for me, because I was stilled against the wall with him in front of me. I looked down, unable to meet his eyes, but was met by his erection. I turned Edward Cullen on! The blush that spread across my face was probably noticeable.

I felt his fingers under my chin as he tried to make me look at him. I obliged and he smiled, but the smile faded into the frown as he searched my face. "What are you thinking?" He whispered, his eyes showing his lust and confusion.

"I... Well...I can't believe we did that!" I whispered back, dropping my gaze to my hands, trying not to focus on his problem down south.

"Oh..." He sounded hurt. "I'm sorry, I... I should have never done that," He pulled away and turned around, but I caught his arm and turned him back around to face me.

"You're sorry?" I didn't understand. Did he regret kissing me? I searched his eyes and just saw hurt reflected to me. Oh my. He thought I regretted this. "Edward, I didn't mean it in a bad way. You have no idea how long I've wanted and waited for something like this to happen. I... I'm really glad this happened, and I'd like it even more if we continued," My goodness, did I just say that out loud?

Edward POV
The smile that broke across my face was uncontrollable as I wrapped my arms around her waist. She smiled shyly at me in return.

"No need to be shy, love. Not with what just happened," I whispered and moved her bangs out of her eyes, cupping her left cheek. She blushed and averted her eyes from mine. I brought her gaze back to mine, "What did you mean by me not having no idea at how long you've been waiting for something like this," I made a motion with my left hand to the two of us. "to happen."

Her blush came back full force as she looked into my eyes. "I- Well," She took a deep breath. "I've lo-... liked you for a while. So this is great," She looked like she didn't want to tell me something, but I didn't push her.

"Really?" I whispered to her as the hand that was cupping her cheek travelled down to her neck.

"Really," She said a little bit breathlessly and I smiled at her.

"Did I hurt you?" My fingers ghosted over the spot where I had bit her, marking her mine.

She shook her head, "No, not really," She blushed.

"There is something else."

She laughed nervously, "It wasn't so bad, the pain mixed with the pleasure," she blushed again and I just loved it. Not mention, that confession stirred something in my lower regions.

I looked at her and leaned in and placed what was supposed to be a chaste kiss on her lips that soon turned into a frenzy as she attacked my mouth. "Bella, I... I want to take you out," I whispered to her as we pulled away. She bit her lip and I groaned, "Please don't do that right now."

Bella POV
He! Oh my God! Edward Cullen asked me out! ME! I bit my lip to contain the squeal that wanted to escape. I heard him groan and he told me not to do that. Right, keep that in mind: Edward gets turned on when I bite my lip.

"Are you sure?" He couldn't possibly be interested in me, right?

" Of course. So, what do you say?" He smiled that crooked smile.

"I say, I'd love to," My heart fluttered as he kissed me again.

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