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Someone Remind Me- Part Three

Bella's POV

I know how much Edward hated me dancing with other guys. He hated when I was hanging out with guys other than him, Jasper, or Emmet. So, I knew this was going to piss him off.

That was my very intention.

Edward hasn't been as "attentive" over me or as jealous when guys hit on me like he used to be. I don't know if that's because I spend all of my spare time with him and our friends, or if it's just because he doesn't feel like he needs too.

But I miss that. I miss that side of him.

I want him to go all cave-man on me! I want him to be so consumed with the jealously and possessiveness that it makes him lose control. I want him to act the way he did the first night we got together when I was dancing with Riley.

That's why I'm here. That's why I'm dancing with the hottest guy from La Push High. That's why I'm dancing with Edward's sworn football enemy. That's why I'm using this time and this place to re-create that first night at Emmet's party last July.

But this time, I plan on not being interrupted.


"Ice cream or popcorn, hun?"

"Alice, I don't even know why you bother calling when you know that I'm going to be there in like," I tore my gaze from the endless road and glanced at the dashboard, "five minutes."

I heard her giggle, "Bella!" She called in a sing-song voice. "I knew you were coming, but that doesn't mean I know why, silly!"

I sighed; there was no pointing in talking about this over the phone when I'd see her soon. "Ice cream, Ali."

"Ooohhh, that bad huh?" I heard rustling on her end of the line and then voices. I hoped he wasn't there.

"Alice…" I started to ask her a question, but she interrupted me before I even got a chance to finish.

"He left about thirteen minutes ago," I let go of the breath I didn't realize I was holding in. "But Rosalie's here, and we are ready to listen!" I could picture her nodding her head as she dished out ice cream.

"Okay, see you in a couple," I hung up the phone and pulled my truck into the Cullen's drive and then parked it next to Rosalie's red BMW.

The trees around the house were all bare, the ground littered with the fallen leaves. It was the second week in November and Alice's birthday was this Saturday. She, in Alice fashion, was throwing a huge birthday party while Doctor and Mrs. Cullen were out for the weekend. They were "pretending" that they had no idea what Alice was planning.

I shook my head as I walked up the porch steps, the leaves crunching under the UGG boots Alice bought me. The memories of last month didn't even faze me anymore when I came to the Cullen household. I had Edward, so that part of me was healed.

Before both of my feet even hit the last step I was almost knocked over by a short pixie. "Hi Bella!"

I laughed as I hugged her back, "Hello Alice."

"Well, come on inside! It's freezing out here!" Before I even got a chance to say that it wasn't that cold, she pulled me inside the foyer telling me to take off my jacket. As I was doing as she told me, she left and went into the kitchen.

There were muffled sounds and clinking of metal as I walked closer and closer to the kitchen. When I did walk in I saw Alice trying to pull a bowl of ice-cream away from Rosalie, who had a spoon in her mouth.

"I told you to wait until Bella got here!" Alice pulled the bowl towards her body.

"Munt amas umry!" Rosalie yelled with the spoon in her mouth and pulled the bowl closer to her body. I burst out laughing at their antics, and they both froze with the bowl in the middle of them.

"Alice," I sighed after I finished laughing. "She's already eating it, and I'm already here. So, what's the point of taking it away now?" Alice shrugged and Rosalie snatched the bowl out of her grip omitting a "HA!" of victory while Alice stuck her tongue out at her. My best friends are four year olds on the inside.

I went to the island and plopped myself down in a seat on Rosalie's right. Alice slid a bowl of vanilla ice cream down my way, and I grabbed it just before it could fall off of the granite countertop and hit the floor.

Things were silent except for the sounds of spoons hitting the bottom of our bowls. I knew that they were waiting for me to say something, but I was stalling.

"I heard him yelling one time before he lowered his voice," Alice stated quietly when I took my last bite.

My eyes were on the dissolved ice cream at the bottom on the bowl as I recalled that part of the conversation in my head.


"I don't understand why you're acting this way, Edward!" I yelled into the phone as I paced my room.

"No Bella," His voice was trying to stay calm, I could tell. He was close to breaking.

"But Edward, we could just-"

"I SAID NO! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE!" I felt my eyes stinging as the tears started to form. I knew I was acting stupid, but I couldn't help that one part of me that felt that way.

"Do you not want me?" My voice was nothing but a whisper but I knew he could hear what I said.

He stopped breathing heavily and sighed, "Bella, it's not that I don't…"

"Forget I even brought it up. I, um, I gotta go. Bye," I hung up the phone as the tears fell. I felt stupid as I wiped them away.

~End Flashback~

I sat on my bed crying about feeling rejected for ten minutes before I got up and decided to go see Alice.

Rosalie's hand on my knee brought me out of my thoughts. "You guys never fight… well, since… but still. What happened?"

It was true. Ever since last month's incident, Edward has been trying to be the perfect boyfriend. He took me out on dates almost every weekend. They were simple and romantic, and sometimes they were just typical movie dates. He always complimented me and he was a total gentleman, but that's just because Esme is such a good mother and taught him well. Not to mention he told me he loved me every chance he got and I could tell by the look in his eyes as we made love that he did. I knew he was trying to make up for last month, but I only had one small problem.

I wanted that part of Edward that was always present before our fight last month. I want him to stare at like he just wants to consume me when we're about to have sex. I want that feral look of lust to come in his eyes as he takes me. I want all of that, but he won't give it to me. Something changed, and I think that he thinks he shouldn't handle me like that. That's why I brought it up to him.

He usually gives me everything I want. He's spoiling me for any other man; as if I would want any other man. So I never expected him to act so negatively towards the subject.

I blushed at the thought of telling them why we got into an argument. Alice is his cousin for crying out loud! Wouldn't that be somewhat awkward if I told her?

"Bella…." Alice said from her seat. I played with the hem of my shirt and contemplated how to phrase what I was going to say. I mean I couldn't just go out and say…

"Edward won't fuck me!" My hands clasped over my mouth as my eyes widened as big as saucers. I wasn't supposed to say that out loud! I can't believe I just blurted it out like that.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment and flamed even hotter when I saw Rosalie's and Alice's reactions. I thought that they would be shocked by my outburst, but I was more shocked than them.

They were laughing!

"That's what this is all about?" Alice asked through her giggles.

"Yes!" I said defensively. "Why the hell are you two laughing?" I glared as they tried to calm down but then they ended up bursting into another round of giggles. I didn't even find any of this even remotely funny.

After they stopped laughing, they both looked at each other confused. "What?" They were making me confused.

"I don't really know why we were laughing…" Rosalie trailed off with a thoughtful expression. "Oh, I get it!"

Alice and I gave her a look to tell her to continue. "Sugar rush," She said it as if we should have known.

"Anyway…. So, that's why you guys were arguing? He doesn't want to "fuck you"?" Alice asked me as she moved to put our dishes in the sink.

My blush came back full force, "Yup."

"Why were you guys talking about this over the phone?" Rose asked as she leaned her face on her hand.

They were my best friends, so I might as well just tell them without feeling embarrassed. "Because if I try to bring it up while we are having sex he just shuts me up with a kiss. Plus, I didn't think he'd get angry just by talking about it."

"I wonder why he reacted so badly…" Rosalie was on the same thinking train as me.

"I know why," Alice said from her spot as she leaned on the counter-top with her elbows. "Something the old Edward would do was to be rough while in the sack, right?" I thought it was a rhetorical question, so I didn't answer. "Right, Bella?" She asked again, her blue eyes narrowing in on me.

Something the old Edward would do. She emphasized old. Oh. Ohhhhhhh.

Edward has been trying to change himself and not be the person he was because he thinks that person hurt me too much. Like I mentioned before, he was trying to be the best boyfriend.

"So, the new Edward wouldn't do anything that would associate with his "old self". Oh, what am I going to do with this man?" I shook my head. He is being way too hard on himself.

"I have an idea," Rosalie suggested.

"Rose, it was a rhetorical question."

She glared at me, "Do you want to get fucked or not?"

I didn't answer her because I was honestly scared to know her idea. "We all know that when Edward sets his mind on something he's not easily swayed. If he has told himself that he's not going to be that way in bed with Bella, then he's not. I can't think of one thing that we can do to change his mind," Alice told Rosalie who smirked in return.

One smirking best friend equals not good.

"Alice, don't you remember what happened last July?"

"Okay, that might change his mind," Alice smirked back at Rose after thinking about it for a second.

Two smirking best friends just means trouble.

"What happened last July that might change his mind?" I was confused, and I hated when they smirked like that.

"Bella. Bella. Bella," I am not liking where this is going. When someone says your name three times and in that tone of voice nothing good ever comes from it. "Don't you remember Emmet's party?" Alice asked in a patronizing voice.

"Don't you remember what happened when you danced with Riley?" Rosalie did the same.

That's when Edward got really jealous and went all cave man on me. I'm pretty sure he would have taken me against that wall.

Man was I slow today.

"So what, you guys want me to make Edward jealous? I don't think that would actually make his resolve crack." I really didn't, he would probably only get mad.

"Bella, yes you have to make him jealous, and I know the perfect person who you could make him jealous with," Alice and I waited for her to say the name. "Jacob Black."

Alice gasped, "But Edward like hates him!"

"And what better way to make him jealous than by having our little Bella hang out and dance with him at your birthday party, Alice?"

"Rosalie you are totally diabolical, and I love it!" Alice squealed.

Edward and Jacob were like sworn enemies because of them being on rival football teams. Edward would literally freak out and want to protect me from Jacob because even I know what type of rep that guy has. I mean, it's worse than what Edward's used to be! The guy was a total man-whore. But then again, that could actually work. Edward would get so worked up, and so jealous that he'd actually take me the way I want him to.

However, "I don't want to cheat on him," I interrupted their planning.

"Bells, you aren't cheating. One dance isn't considered cheating," Rosalie stated.

"Okay." I nodded.

"What?" They both asked shocked.

"Okay. I'm in. What's the game plan?" I smiled, this could actually be fun.

Alice jumped up and down while clapping her hands, "This is going to be so awesome!"

"First, we have to make sure Jacob is going to be at your party, Alice."

"No prob. I already invited Seth, so I'm pretty sure he's bring Jared, Embry, Paul, and Jacob."

"I still don't know why someone as sweet as Seth could be friends with someone like Paul and Jacob," Rosalie mused and I nodded my head in agreement.

"Second, you need to not have sex with Edward for the next two days," Rosalie gave me a hard stare to make sure I would agree. "We need him to be somewhat deprived." I nodded my head.

"Third, you are going to wear the killer outfit I had originally picked out for you to wear to the party. It will drive Edward wild," Alice smiled. I bet she was just planning all the torture she could do with a mascara brush and a curling iron.

"Fourth, at the party, try to give Edward as little as attention as possible and give Jacob the most. Then, after that, make sure to dirty dance with Jacob with Edward in site.

"Lastly, just try to piss him off when he pulls you away from Jacob. I don't know what happened back in July but you must have pissed him off to make his jealously go wild," Alice said thoughtfully and I remembered that she was the one that interrupted us.

"Okay. I got it! I think I can do this!"

"We know you can do this!" They both chanted together and then laughed.

"Oh, and Ali? Try not to interrupt us on Saturday."


Edward's POV

"Alice, god dammit, open this door!" I pounded my fist against her bedroom door, demanding that she opened it up.

I've been up decorating this house for her birthday since nine this morning. Nine in the fucking morning on a Saturday!

Jasper, Emmet and I were the muscles carrying and doing anything that she wanted or ordered. Then Bella and Rosalie showed up around two, and she didn't even let me and Emmet greet them. All three of them have been holed up in that room ever since then, and it's almost eight. Half of the guests to Alice's party have already arrived.

I want to see my woman and I want to see her now.

Ever since Thursday Bella has been distant with me. It was the day after our argument, so I thought she was still mad about that, but she told me she was fine. Bella was never a good liar, and I was convinced just by the look in her eyes. Not to mention! She didn't even let me make love to her once!

I seriously think she is trying to punish me.

She just doesn't get it though. Bella is meant to loved, she is meant to be cherished, and worshiped. Not fucked. Not to be handled roughly. That's why I told her no when she asked during our conversation. And no matter what, I will not "fuck" her.

Anyway, I was getting somewhat deprived because I haven't even gotten one kiss today. I just wanted to hold her, is that so bad? Plus, why do women take so damn long to get dressed? "Alice, come on!"

I was about to pound against the door again, but it was swung from under my fist before it got a chance to make contact. "Jeez Edward, would you calm down! You will see her when we all come downstairs." I tried to peek into the room, but all I saw was clothes all over the place. As I was about to ask when they were going to come down the doorbell rang, again. "Now, be a good boy and go get the door," With that she patted my head and then shooed me away like some five year old.

I grumbled to myself as I made my way downstairs and to the door. Whoever was there was getting impatient because they were abusing the doorbell. I put on a smile as I opened the door, but when I saw who it was, it dropped. What the fuck was he doing here?

"There are no dogs allowed, Black," I smirked at him.

"I was actually invited, Cullen," I wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug look off of his face.

"Edward, Alice told me I could bring my friends," Seth was always trying to be the peacemaker. I nodded to him and let them inside, my mind only trying to figure out why the fuck Alice would let Seth bring Jacob Black to her party.

My attention, however, went to the stairs. Everyone had gone quiet and was watching Alice come down the stairs. Alice will always be Alice, she was… what was it called? Oh, fashionably late to her own party.

As the guests went to go wish her a happy birthday and enjoy the party, my focus was glued onto the stairs.

Because there was the most beautiful, sexy, woman I have ever seen coming down the stairs. Her hair was tousled into waves that made it look like she had been up to no good, her eyes were done up so that they held an air of mystery, and her body. My god, I have never felt the need to run my hands all over her body to be so powerful. She was covered in a long sleeved black and gold metallic dress that hugged all of her perfect curves and ended mid-thigh. My eyes traveled all the way down her long legs to her feet that were clad in black ankle boots. They were even peep toe.

She looked totally fuckable.

And what added to her overall sexiness was the confidence that she oozed. Her head was held high and I saw her lips pull back to a sexy smirk, not the shy one that I was used to.

She is going to be the death of me.

I noticed her cheeks taint with color and I looked around to see what caused that reaction because she sure as hell wasn't looking at me. My eyes took in over half of the male population at this party gawking at her, and I felt my fists clench as my eyes narrowed in on who exactly Bella was staring at.

I felt my breathing get erratic as this need to go to her and show everyone who she belonged to exactly. No one should be staring at her. Not even Jacob Black.

She is mine.


Bella's POV

"Bella, I think Edward just might kill Alice if he doesn't get to see you soon," Rosalie whispered from our spot hiding in Alice's closet because she had just opened the door for Edward.

"We'll see who will be doing the killing tonight," I whispered back with a smirk on my face. I don't know what happened, it may be these five inch heels I'm in, but I feel utterly confident tonight.

I know that I look sexy and I am embracing it.

"Damn Bells," Both Rosalie and Alice commented that I was acting confident earlier that night when I was practicing walking in my heels.

"Girls, come out now. I sent him to go answer the door, and I pretty sure that it's Seth and his friends," Alice winked at me when Rose and I came out of the closet.

"Okay, come on girlies. It is show time," Rosalie said as she fluffed her hair in the mirror.

"Good luck Bella," Alice said to me as she hugged me.

"Thanks and happy birthday babe."

We all walking into the hallway and towards the stair, waiting for the music to drop volume like we told the DJ to do when it was time for us to come out and "grace the people with our presence" as Alice put it.

I had to glance down at the steps to make sure I didn't fall because that sure as hell would have been embarrassing. When we all stopped midway on the staircase, I finally looked up to see Edward's back tense as he let Seth and his friends through the door. As all the eyes turned onto the birthday girl, Rose, and me, I felt a tingle run from my head to my toes.


His stare pierced me and made me very aware that he was checking me out. It was like his hands were running up and down my body, and I felt my cheeks turn pink as the temperature increased in the room. I smirked, however, when I saw a pair of mocha eyes turn dark and wink at me.

The trap was set and I ready for it to snap on the mouse. Jacob Black would be the death of Edward's resistance, that's for sure.

After everyone came and wished Alice a happy birthday, Rose and I moved away from the crowd and made our way over to the bar. Emmet was working behind the counter with Jasper, and I saw that their eyes were only on their girls. Edward still hadn't approached me, but I could feel as his stare turn into a glare when I walked up to Jacob.

"Hey Em, wanna toss me something?" I asked Emmet since he was the closest to me.

"Yup, waddya like Bells?"

"Surprise me," I stated with a smirk, and that's when I turned to Jacob. "I like to be spontaneous; it helps me enjoy things so much more." Come on Bella, you can do better than that.

Okay, so maybe that was a lie, but it had the intended effect; Jacob's eyes were almost black and he licked his lips as his eyes trailed down my body. This is just too easy. Then his face broke out into the most charming smile that I've seen, apart from Edwards of course, and he finally spoke.

"I'm sure. So, what's your name, angel?" He asked as Emmet gave me my drink while giving me a confused look because of Jacob. Emmet hated Jacob almost as much as Edward did, so he didn't know why I was talking to him.

I downed the clear-colored liquid and realized that Emmet had given me a glass of vodka. I put my hand on Jacob's bicep and leaned into him some. "Bella, and you?"

"Jacob, but you can call me Jake," He stated with a wink, one of his hands coming up to rest on my waist.

Oh Edward is so not going to like this, and that thought made me feel guilty, but I truly knew that this whole exchange with Jacob meant nothing.

The song changed to a faster beat, and I really wanted to dance. "Can you dance with me?" I gave him my innocent eyes, and as Jake reacted I could feel him closer to me than he was before.

"I can do anything for you, baby" Jake tried to whisper with the loud music in my ear before he dragged me onto the dance floor. By backward glance told me that despite his whispering, Edward had heard him because he was standing right behind me.

And he looked furious. His jaw was set and his fists were clenched at his side.

Edward POV

Hell fucking no! Who does that fucker think he is? Hitting on my girl? Speaking of, what the fuck is she doing asking him to dance? I'm her fucking boyfriend, not that bastard!

They both went to outskirts of the dance floor, plain in sight to me, dancing to the music.

Okay, maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe she's just being nice; Bella's a nice person. They aren't even touching yet.

De-Nile River my friend

What the fuck, again?

I turn to the bar and ask Emmet for a beer. "Dude, what's going on with your girl"? He asked as he handed me it.

"Fuck off Emmet," I took a swig of my beer and turned back to them on the dance floor as Emmet backed away with his hands up in an "I surrender" position. The song changed and I saw Bella move in closer to Jacob. My hangs tightened around the nose of the bottle, imagining it was Black's fucking throat.

The fucker was dancing with MY girl when I should be dan-

"Why the hell are you not up there dancing with Bella?" Jasper, the voice of reason; I seriously think this kid is getting into my fucking head.

"I knew that Alice was hiding something from me; she's too manipulative and meddling for her own good. But now I get it. Doesn't this seem familiar to you in any way, at all? Think about your conversation with her."

"What are you on about?" I turned to stare at him. He looked at me as if I were five, but ended up shaking his head at me. What the hell is going on here? "I told you this before, but just trust your instincts man."

"When the hell did you ever say that to me before?" I yelled to him as he walked away.

Something about all of this just seems so… familiar; like some weird fucking déjà vu. I turned back in to the direction that Jasper had disappeared to, still confused, and saw Alice and Rosalie giggling with each other while looking at Bella. Who just so happened to be smirking and...

Oh someone help me before I kill this motherfucker.

She was dirty dancing with Black. I took deep breaths as the need so primal tried to take over me. The last time I ever fucking felt this confused and… possessive was… at Emmet's in… July.

I closed my eyes and my hands closed around the railing. I could feel how tight my grip was. This... She... Ugh. I don't even know.

I heard Jasper laughing beside me and I turned to glare at him. "Dude, I just think you should trust how you feel, your instincts." He clapped on the back and went to find Alice. Fucking guy should be a psychologist.

I looked down toward the dance floor. I had finished my third beer and was still watching Bella dancing with that prick. They were always grinding, he would always whisper something into her ear, and she would reach up and tug at his hair. And every time, I could feel my eyes narrow and I had this urge to just punch him for touching my girl.

This time, though, was the last fucking straw. I could see his hand inching upwards and under her dress. Before I could even stop myself, I was down the stairs and on the dance floor behind them.

Fucking manipulative bunch of girls. I KNEW something was off ever since our argument, but it all makes sense now; what Jasper said, why that dog is here, and why Bella is acting the way she is.

I can't believe she would actually resort to this kind of… game. All of our friends knew how possessive and jealous I could get, and that's probably why they planned this. She has to fucking push me doesn't she? She couldn't let the matter drop?

But of all people Jacob fucking Black?

I opened my eyes after what felt like five minutes and glanced over at Bella. She was looking at me so I motioned for her to come to me.

And she fucking shook her head. Okay, two can play then.

Until next time my darlings.

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