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Triangle1 - Our Veteran Fairyless Hero

"The Deku Tree and the Goddesses love us. We are truly blessed. That is why our life is so wonderful Link. The outside is not as nice and kind a place."

"You really think so?"

"Yes, yes, of course! And I love you too. Now goodnight."


Blood. Puddle and ponds of blood forming before his eyes. As if it were rain from a bad dream, the red liquid fell and blanketed a sunless floor. A short ruby encrusted child's sword wallowed in it, along with it's staggering owner.

"Navi. Navi why is this happening? When... why did the goddesses start to hate me like this? What did I do?"

"You didn't to anything Link – anything at all. They still love you. You're just... your a special child Link. You're their special child and they need you to do what others cannot. There is a bad man – a very bad man out here and if we don't stop him he'll come back and hurt our forest again. The Deku Tree lives on in the heart of the forest but even that is in danger. We can go home as soon as we're done."


"Really. Now let's move. Let's get these Gorons back their food supply."


I woke with a start. The sky was a brilliant, free blue.

It mocks me.


I couldn't find Navi in All of Termina.

I mean, I scoured Hyrule so I was sure she would be there.

I refuse to think that she's dead.

Here again in Hyrule... I guess I'll start my search all over.

I'll just follow my feet. Anywhere's as good as any.


Castletown was just as I remembered it – with a minor exception. There was a kind of energy in the air that reminded me of Termina's festival. People were happy and exited to be alive, practically.

But why?

The answer struck me bodily.

"Watch it, squire. You – hey...."

I looked up at the soldier. Something was off about him.

"I know you. You're that kid that was always running around town. What're you doing out of Termina, kid?"

Too late, I placed the man as one of the city guards of clocktown. Termina had come to Hyrule.

This reeked of oddness. Which in turn, spoke of adventure. Scrambling like the horrified hero I was, I made a mad dash for the Temple of Time.

As I weaved through the populous and slipped through alleyways for good measure, I snatched one of the multitude of fliers around on the way.

I looked at the shiny piece of paper and I knew: this was going to be one of those days. "This is scrubcrap!"

They didn't have bulls in kokkiri forest.

In commemoration of our pact with our Terminan cousins, His Esteemed Majesty King Daphnes Hyrule IIV announces:

/FIELD #3!\





The Terminan royal family beseeches the Hero to prove his status through a trial of combat. The Hero shall be handsomely rewarded for acts of valour rendered for the Terminan people. Warriors are beseeched to partake, even if they do not consciously recall their status as Hero.

Ah, in the middle the words formed a triangle. Nice, but it looks like the authors just threw words together to make it fit. The whole flier was in bright neon purple and gold – colours of royalty. Below the dynamic text a pair of warriors with interlocked swords glared fiercely and below that was a loud proclamation of the rewards owed to the legendary hero – of which I didn't hold any interest in.

Oh hey, the one on the right was going to win. Only he had the feroci – wait what am I thinking? Despite the cold of the marble temple wall my heart was gripped by a much colder realization.

This was ridiculous. This was... this was just blatant. It had gotten to the point where people were advertising for me. People didn't do things for free – not of this scale. There was need within this paper.

I didn't want to be needed. I wanted to be left to rest.

I deserved to be left to rest. I want my fairy. I want my forest. And I want at least a good solid year of boredom.

Then I don't know... I'll probably come out and save a few worlds for kicks again.

But I want my vacation first. I mean, I'd just finished saving the world. How pathetic was it that it was in jepordy again?

An unusual feeling burned within me. A hot magma of frustration bubbled and raged such that I didn't think it was possible to contain within my current body. So I let it out in an incensed rant against the heavens, shaking my fist as I went.

"Why are you doing this to me?! Haven't I had enough?! This is... this is Din's doing isn't it?! You squishy eating..."

It was one of the oddities of having three goddesses to chose from. People had their favourites... and their least favourites.

But I couldn't keep it up: anger at the gods. It was unnatural, it was silly. They didn't bother themselves with being involved in a person's life – they had left the world altogether. Saria had taught me that much.

It was the world I was mad at.

My dark and brooding thoughts were interrupted quite rudely. A soft melodic laugh was usually just the type of thing to banish such a mood, though mine was made of sterner stuff.

I happened to know that laugh. It was a particular kind of laugh, you see. It was neither annoying nor ignorable and altogether it was more pleasant and soothing and... refined than any mortal sound had the right to be.

It was the kind of laugh no one is born with.

The kind you have to practice in front of a teacher.

My heart filled with trepidation.

"Squishy eater? If my memory is true, then that... is a Goron insult, is it not?"

Of course she would know.

My list of kokkiri insults were understandably limited. And when I was a grown-up... due to the lack of Hylians, I hadn't been able to capitalise on learning Hyliann ones either.

So I used Goron ones from time to time.

"Hello Zelda." I wasn't very pleased to see her, and I must have showed it because I soon felt the thin threat of a blade to my throat.

There were two figures I then realized. If Zelda was the smaller cloaked one then the one oppressing me, I assumed, would be Impa or some other Shiekan.

Only they and the Gerudo could ever have that kind of skill in Hyrule.

I would have loved to inquire who it was, but I don't think my throat would survive.

"That is enough Impa."

Ah, Impa then. The royal nanny stood down only after stealing my sword and shield. Wait, why take the shield?

"Sir Link of the Kokkiri is our friend. More so, it is impossible to understand the rules of formality of such an insulated culture. If we are to ask him forgiveness of our transgressions upon his way of life, then we would appear foolish if we withheld the same courtesy from them. And I rather think that drawing blades will get us noticed rather than not."

Wait, wait. Was that a kid talking? That?

I mean, I could maybe talk like that too if I wanted but I spent almost a year as a seventeen year old solving the problems of adults, half of another saving Termina, and I grew up in forest where everyone was like, a hundred years old.

Yes, they talked like kids. Because why not?

But when they wanted to sound smarter than you, as if jumping off the building with a cuckoo strapped to each leg was scientifically proven in all but fact, they could pull some words too absurd to be made up.

What was her excuse?

I touched my throat, feeling for any trace of the blade. None. Yeah that was Impa. "You threatened me with a knife and then took my stuff. Should I call for the town watch?"

"You will receive it when we leave." Her eyes seemed to glow out from under her hood's shadow.

"May I ask how you recognized me, Sir Link?"

I wanted to correct her about my title – or lack of, rather – but I was too tired of the world. "Your laugh is really noticeable Zelda" I informed even as I looked aside. I should have hidden my disinterest in finding her here. I should have stood, faced her, bowed or kissed her hand or something I suppose. I was being very rude but I just didn't care. Well as long as Saria didn't find out...

Actually, this was better. Impa was emitting a low hiss – like a cat. Maybe if I kept it up she'd come at me again.

I'd get her in round 2.

Zelda's head tilted slightly in that oddly cute way she has when something has piqued her interest. I didn't have to see her face to picture her expression lighting up in intrigue and curiosity.

She wasn't the Zelda I ever knew. Not the Zelda 7 years from now, not Sheik, not even the young Zelda I'd known before who'd been troubled by nightmares and wrapped in the pull of destiny.

This one was sweet and untroubled – kind and innocent and fully illusioned by the world.

But it was still Zelda.

Under that pleasant mask was way too much focus and ferocity to be ignored.

I would cross swords with her guardian any day, but I was weary of crossing wits with the princess even as a child.

"I have a present for you Sir Link yet I find myself conflicted with the giving of it. You see I've arranged a meeting for you with a mutual friend of ours... but to see her leave our company would be quite regrettable."

"...Navi?" I surged to my feet. I didn't dare hope but what other friends, outside of the forest, did I even have? Everything was reset.

And there was this feeling – a familiar presence. How had I missed it?

Passing, I noticed Impa come at me with the knife again, but it was negligible really. I was consumed by the need to know...

"Uh... um... hey Link" She peeked out from behind Zelda's still form, unusually shy. As she faced me, she must have found something in my face because she flew at me quickly and we had as much of an embrace as you could have between people of our sizes.

"Oh Link, you big dummy. How did you possibly look after yourself? I'm so glad you're in one peice."

Is she insulting me or greeting me? Well she's sniffling. I don't care – I'm doing it too. "Hey that's not fair. I looked everywhere for you, you know."

"You? What about me! I came to and you weren't anywhere to be found! You just disappeared and I couldn't tell where you were through our bond – just how far did you go?!"

"Oh put a nut in it" I laughed straight through my tears. It was that funny. Everything seemed funny. Everything seemed bright and vibrant and non-threatening. My quest was at an end – my last quest was at an end. My companion returned, she seemed well, and we would now return home and bask in the non-action that we so richly deserved. If I could get the village to buy into the tales of my deeds that never happened there would even be a party!

Actually, they may buy into it for the express excuse of holding a party...


"How have you been Link? Are you... are you okay? I'm here for you. What's wrong?"

She kept pelting me with questions but I was alright. Everything would be fine now but when I told her this she remained sceptical and I suddenly recalled her weird hesitation in greeting me and even in revealing herself.

"Don't say that. It's not okay. I can tell, I can feel it." She held one glowing hand above her heart. "I've never felt such anger in you before – such darkness. Oh Link, what happened to you? You should let it out – let's talk. Um," she glanced behind at our spectators "we can go somewhere else if you want..."

Navi tried to lead me away but we were stopped short of course.

"Please excuse me. I know that this must be terribly bad timing but I was told we could meet and –."

I don't want to hear it – I really don't. I chuck her family's secret royal treasure at her in hopes that it will surprise her long enough for me to slip away but she took it in remarkable stride.

"Why thank you. Impa was beginning to fret that you wouldn't return it."

I stepped left to try and walk around her but she pleasantly shadowed my movements and behaved as if it was absolutely amusing that we kept almost bumping into each other

I paused. "But you were fine with it?"

"Oh, quite. The Kokkiri are really a remarkable tribe aren't they? As a knight of the forest, entrusted with the very sacred stone of your people, I trust you impeccably. Now... the matter is somewhat urgent."

There we go. That's what she's after. "Sorry I'm busy. Don't have the time." I'm being rude. I don't care. I have to get out of here before she sends tells me about this month's unspeakable evil.

"Of course. You must be off to see the tournament, how rude of me. I shall accompany you."

She linked arms with me – Faroe but she's cunning! – and prepared to demand my attention in the nicest possible way.

However there was a terrible scream in the distance. It was far off, and so it wasn't so loud but the body of the scream – the depth of tone – was one that I really didn't care for.

Because whatever was screaming was big.

Of course. She thinks I'm some great knight of the forest or something, and she wants me to slay a monster for her.

Thought it was something like that.

I go to yell at her but she's already gone – whisked out of danger by Impa I suppose.

Absently I yelled for the mother and child in the distance to get into the temple – they'd be safe there.

But what do I do with this? Another scream was heard and I found Navi buzzing in front of my face.

"Okay, wow. That thing: judging from the sound it would be big. And by comparing the two screams I can say its coming fast – I mean really fast. It must be flying. A giant bird, no. A dragon. The recent earthquakes might have released Volvagia's seal – it'd be alive unless you killed it after the reset. How do you want to do this?"

She's in full analysis mode. And it's really spectacular to see her at work. Tael was very good as well of course but Tael was a traveler. She knew things because she'd heard stories and seen them in her journeys.

Navi was of an entirely different degree.

"...Not our problem. It's over. I'm running away. Let the world save itself for a change. Maybe then it'll get stronger in the end and I can get some more rest." I'm muttering darkly. But I'm actually very conflicted. I don't want anything to do with this, but I'd never signed up to be a hero for the fun of it - yet I always ran off to slay the monster. Was it really alright to just walk away? My feet were rooted to the spot. I trembled with energy that didn't know where to go and I almost sobbed at the injustice that was my life.

"...Oh" she doesn't protest. She's usually very strict with me about what is right and wrong but I suppose she can feel the massive frustration in me – the 'darkness' she'd sensed. "Okay, well they can handle it on their own."

Yes. Yes, of course they could. I quickly warmed to the idea. This wasn't my fight. The Master Sword did not sing to me. I had discovered that I didn't need to actually draw it to... hear isn't exactly the right word but its close.

I could sort of hear it when it demanded action and it was silent now. This had nothing to do with whatever role the Hero of Time played. I wasn't needed.

Navi fluttered around – her version of pacing. "Because of the tournament, all the strongest warriors of Hyrule have gathered. Not just knights and stuff but mercenaries, magicians, Gorons and Zoras of all kinds. There's all kinds of strong people here – they can take care of it."

If anyone could handle a dragon, I reasoned, it would be a Goron. I had felt their overwhelming strength for myself. The Goron's Hammer was unnecessary when your fists could do the same thing with just a little extra time.

The dragon screamed into view, whipping by us with great speed. Its massive bulk tore the air apart and whipped up hurricane winds.

I nearly lost my hat.

"That's... either not Volvagia or Gannondorf really changed it so that it'd do what he wanted back when we fought it."

We'd also fought it in a cavern. There was really no where for it to pick up speed without ramming into walls.

I still couldn't move. Forward or back: I couldn't go through with either decision and I was hateful of the world for putting me into this dilemma.

But on the next pass through the dragon swept the town in fire.

Now most people weren't even in their houses. They were at the tournament which would have soon started. But there was one woman who was caught in the edge of the dragon's burning breath. She stumbled towards me, probably seeking shelter in the temple, and collapsed.

Her cloth bundle stayed protectively cradled in her arms, shielded from the heat by the woman's own body as she clutched it possessively on the verge of death.

That did it for me. That... that struck a chord.

A hazy memory: darkness, movement, uncomfortable heat, and of a blurred, kind face.

And there was only one kind of package deserving of such supreme protection.

The baby's wailing seals the decision.

I must have wailed like that when I'd lost my mother.

Me and Navi are moving before I even notice. I don't know when I hat-swapped out for my custom made child-size Red Tunic (wasn't cheap) with some fairy magic conjuring, but I did. "Get some fairies to help you! Try to heal the mother but get the child to safety." I toss the stone of the forest to her – it should give her the authority to boss around who she needs to – and Navi's tiny form sinks to the ground under the weight. Nonetheless I get an 'okay!' from her

"I'll handle the dragon"


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