Victoria Russomano Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spelling Write a story with ten spelling words

There once was a famous star, her name was Ashley and she was the best dancer and singer in New York City. On a Monday night she was walking down a red carpet .Then she looked farther up, she saw an Article about how her favorite Jewelry store is closing down. She got so disappointed, that she ran all the way inside. Then she went to the area were they had your hair and makeup done. I asked my body guard Jessica how the repair was for the sound system. She said it is all fixed correctly. I was aware that my dog, Jessie got a very good cleaning. I got into my favorite purple dress and was ready to sing and dance my heart out. My mom always comes backstage with me and says the same thing over and over again. She says that I have a flare for dancing and singing. When I get on to the stage everyone starts to stare at me emedietly. I get stage fright at that moment. I feel like I just want to run off of the stage and not sing or dance for any of my fans. After I sing and dance I get into my limo and drive home. When we are in the limo my mom always goes about how good I was on stage. I say thank you very much, and did you get the new carpet for my room? Yes I did when we get home you are going straight to bed!!!!