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Harry woke up feeling really disoriented. The last thing he remembered was going to face Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest and then nothing. 'Wait a minute, did I die? Where am I?' He stretched out his stiff limbs and looked around, realizing he was in what looked like a muggle doctor's office. It had a red and gold carpet and dark red walls. It looked vaguely familiar, as if he had been there before. There was a fleeting memory that passed, him as a young boy, looking around this room. He shook his head, now mildly confused. He then looked down and noticed that he was wearing robes quite similar to his school ones, but with the Potter crest where his house patch usually rested. He looked around again and saw a pale girl, looking to be about his age at a desk covered in files.

"Hello, can you help me?" Harry called out to her. In response, she looked over at him, recognition glimmering in her eyes.

"Yes, one moment please. Darren, err Mr. Reaper will be with you shortly. He's going to blow his stack this time. It will be your seventh visit to his office." she replied smiling at him.

'It's my seventh visit here. Where is here? Wait did she say Mr. Reaper? Am I dead? Crap. I hope Hermione's doing okay.'

"Am I-" he began, looking at the pale girl.

"Hello sir, my name is Mr. Reaper. I am here because you have-" Darren's eyes widened as he looked towards his face. "MR POTTER! Oh no not again! First your cousin pushed you down the stairs when you were two, then the confrontation with Voldemort the first year. Then the Basilisk HAD to KILL YOU! And in third year you had to FALL OFF YOUR BROOM and get your soul destroyed by a Dementor! Do you know how much work that caused me, trying to get your soul back from a Dementor." He paused, drawing breath,

"Of course THAT wasn't enough for you. Then you had to get POSSESSED by VOLDEMORT! Let's not even mention the Inferi. What will I do with you boy?" He yelled all of this quite fast all the while steering Harry towards his office. Harry looked bewildered and a little scared. This was the seventh time he'd died.

"Wait, so I've died seven times? How did I make it to seventeen, then? What was my life supposed to be like?" Harry asked feeling rather scared as he sat in the chair opposite Darren

"Well, the first SIX TIMES we simply sent you right back with no memories of here. But this time is different. You were supposed to have defeated Lord Voldemort at 17, BUT NO, YOU DIED! NOW EVERYONE WILL SUFFER BECAUSE OF YOU. The world will go into unimaginable darkness. As for the rest of your life, you should have lived for two hundred years and found your SOULMATE, she was some Granger girl. BUT NO! YOU HAD to get yourself killed by Voldemort! You are THIS CLOSE from getting me fired! EVERY TIME you come back here I GET A BLACK SKULL ON MY RECORD. NOT A GOOD THING!"

He was breathing heavily and looked as if he was struggling to contain his temper.

"Wait, what? Hermione is my soul mate? What about Ginny?" Harry asked, slightly confused. But even as he said it, it began to make a little, no make that a lot, of sense. Hermione was the only one who believed him about the whole TriWizard tournament. She had gone back in time with him to help free Sirius, and she had got him to stop mourning his death and taking it out on others. 'But she's like my sister.' A little voice told him, but it didn't sound too convinced.

It was as though he knew everything he said and thought here would be true. Harry wondered if he wasn't simply having a hallucination or vivid dream, caused by the rebounding of a curse or something. This simply could not be real.

"Yes, Hermione was, and still is your soul mate." He stopped and waited for this piece of information to sink in. He watched as Harry's expression changed from confusion to elation to slight anger.

"And until Mr. "It's For The Greater Good" Dumbledore and the redhead Matron decided you needed to be controlled by feeding you a love potion in third year you were about to admit you fancied each other. She liked you. Hell, she loved you, she still does. She always will. Unfortunately for the both of you Mr. "I'm Too Jealous" Ronald Weasley had to slip her a potion as well starting after the Yule Ball. A blind man could see the feeling you two had for each other. If he had just waited one more day, I might not even be wasting my time talking to you again!"

"What! They would never do that. I don't believe you!" Harry defiantly yelled, but even as he said it he could feel the truth ringing in every word.

"Have it your way. But she was slipping you the potion. I don't lie to you kid. I couldn't lie, even if I tried. Being here prevents me from lying to one of my charges."

"There's no way Ginny fed me a love potion! And Ron gave Hermione one! You've got to be kidding me! They were like our family."

"Don't you find it odd that they were going about in a MUGGLE train station, referring to Wizard terms and blatantly disregarding blending in? Not to mention the fact that they had put two kids through Hogwarts. Why didn't you meet anyone else before them, like Miss Granger, for example? Didn't you find it odd that Dumbledore isn't as golden as he wants everyone to believe. He's a master manipulator."

"Hell, kid think. When has Ron not been jealous of you? And didn't Ginny have a crush on Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived before she met you? Isn't it odd that you fell for her? Tell me, do you know anything about her. Her favorite color, per say?" Darren smiled wryly.

Harry began to think. 'Well he's right about Ron. He was pretty jealous about me the whole time. Even when I first met him. His first words when he found out I was Harry Potter, "Do you have the, the scar?"No matter what I did to be nice to him, he found a way to make himself jealous. He's even jealous of the money that I only have access to because my family is dead!'

'And Ginny. What is her favorite color?... Good question. Hermione's is purple, I'm quite sure of that. What do I really know about Ginny? Umm. She's a good snog. Her hair is the same color as my mom's. Did I ever really talk to her before sixth year? Hmmm. I guess Darren is right.' Harry's face rapidly began to change from disbelief to anger. He was steaming when he finally spoke again. His normally calm and slightly pale visage was now bright red and tight. He felt power radiating off from him. He couldn't believe people he'd trusted so willingly would just, would just use him.

"How long had she been giving me one? And Dumbledore knew? He told her to? What the hell!! I trusted them, I thought of them as my family. What else did Dumbledore do?" Harry screamed, now close to tears. He felt anger begin to well up inside of him at his former headmaster.

"Do you really want to know kid?" At Harry's affirmative nod, he began again.

"Ginny and Molly began to give you the potion the summer before fourth year. When you asked for the food to get you through the summer, they got the perfect opportunity. No Hermione to interfere, either. They want your money to restore the Weasley name to its former "glory". Dumbledore didn't think it was needed until your sixth year. He saw you grow too independent after Sirius died."

"Umm. Excuse me. You said something about Head of House status? And my parents had a will?"

Darren started out unsure." Of course your parents had a will. They knew they would die, the question was who and when, not if. They specifically state that you were to go to Sirius, Remus, or in the event that those two could not fulfill guardianship, Severus Snape. Never did they want you to go to Dumbledore, the Weasley's or Vernon and Petunia. However, his fame meant they would listen to whatever he said."

At his words Harry began to violently shake and had trouble containing his anger until Darren went on, "Your first day at Hogwarts on was by his plan, except for your befriending Miss Granger. Meeting the Weasley's at 9 ¾ was planned by him. Also, he blatantly ignored your parents' wills. You were never, under any circumstances to be placed with or near the Dursley's. Not to mention the fact that he didn't take you to claim your Head of House status at 15, as you should have. Just forget about that for now, I'll explain it later, I promise. This is the last time I can have you here. If you die once more I can get fired." He shot Harry a slightly pitying, yet still frightening look.

"The will of your parents specifically stated you were not to go to Petunia and Vernon under ANY circumstances. But Dumbledore went and played the "I'm Dumbledore" card and got away with it. Their will hasn't even been read yet. It has some pretty interesting things in it, the kind that will help Sirius out, if you know what I'm saying."

"Sorry sir, it's not the greatest time to be asking you, but what do you mean that this last time? Am I going on to heaven? Will I be able to see my mom and dad and Sirius?"

"No." he said, momentarily giving Harry a look of pity.

"Look, I'm getting tired of having to recall you, I have a proposition. You can go back to a time of your choosing. All you have to do is sign this contract. It's somewhat simple; you go back, put the wrongs right and live happily ever after. It's a lot harder than it sounds. No one can know or suspect you're from the future or you could irreversibly damage time. I'll give you one advantage. This time you'll get to remember everything. The past few times you've just been sent back after we explained everything and wiped your memories of this. However, you must not tell anyone. No matter what or who. If you do, it will nullify the contract and you will instantly be sent back here, to work cases such as these for all eternity."

"I can- I can go back? But when should I?" Harry asked, more to himself than Darren.

"I mean I sure don't want to relive all of my childhood, but I want to change things. I want to maybe meet Hermione first. Or should I go back to fourth year so I can prevent Cedric's death?" Harry was very pensive. This could change everything. He could re-do his entire schooling. But maybe he would be too suspicious if knew all the spells from first to sixth year. He thought about preventing Cedric's death. And the love potion. Not to mention he would the perfect excuse to stop being friends with Ron around Halloween. Or he could re-do Sirius' escape. He could potentially change everything, resulting in a completely different world.

"I think I should warn you, though, if you change a big event it could alter the future. Let's give an example. If you saved, Cedric, for example, maybe you never would have gone to the Department of Mysteries. You would never have had heard the prophecy and Sirius wouldn't have died. Then you would never have gone to the Burrow for summer break and would never have been given a large dose of Amortentia. Or, if you chose to capture Pettigrew Voldemort might never have returned to rule which would have caused so many problems. So, be careful what you choose to change."

Harry took a serious face, contemplating the words he'd just heard. That was true, on the other hand, however, he could create a totally new reality by changing everything. But then he would face new challenges.

"I think I'll be going to summer after third year." Harry gave Darren a nervous smile and decided to sign the contract. Just after he signed, another question popped to mind.

"Will I ever be able to forget what happened the first time?"

"Well, if you go back with your memories you'll always have them. You could use Occlumency to seal them off behind a shield even you can't break. But, no you'll never be able to completely forget. Unless you can somehow only obliviate those memories. And, Mr. Potter, don't forget to practice Occlumency. It'll come in handy one day."

"Sir, is there anything else I might need to know? Any other amazing revelations to possibly tell me?"

Darren eyed Harry, wondering how he would react to the news he was about to deliver.

"Dumbles placed a seal on your power. He basically limited your power. Now, before you go crazy with rage and try to bust it open you should know this: If you break it at once all the magic now raging in your blood could kill you. I suggest you slowly break it, letting yourself get used to the power a little at a time."

"HE WHAT?!" Harry yelled trying to calm himself. "What does that mean? That I did everything I learned, including the Patronus, with a seal on me?"

"Yes and no. Your seal has certain faults. During times of extreme need, such as when you conjured the Patronus, it was temporarily used. This, in and of itself is unusual. What's more unusual still is that you seem to suffer no ill effects from the limiting of your power."

"How would I remove the seal?" Harry asked uncertainly.

"You would have to meditate and find your magic. Slowly chip away the seal around part of the core. If you work hard, it could be done by the beginning of fourth year. But let no one know, except perhaps Hermione. You'll need her on your side."

"Oh. Okay. I think that's all the questions I have for now."

"You might want to get to know the Potions master, Snape. He could have some information you didn't have last time around. It could change your views of the man." Darren said, smirking slightly. "Mr. Potter, is there a specific time you would like to go back to during that summer?"

"Can I go during July, the 1st, in the morning or would that be too dangerous?"

"I think that could be arranged. Well, now that's done for. I'll be seeing you occasionally, letting you check in. But remember Mr. Potter, no matter what happens you will have to continue on. There is no turning back now." With one last smile from Darren Harry's world faded to black.

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