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-2 years pass-

Nobody's P.O.V

Harry sat down at his usual spot at the Gryffindor table with a sigh.

"Mate it's been almost 2 years. Let her go," Ron said.

"Ron I am not letting Miley go. I love her and I won't rest until I found out what happened to her," Harry said slamming his fist on the table.

"Harry I hate to admit it but Ron is right. You have the third task in a week for the cup and you need to be focusing on that," Lilly said,

Harry looked at her and said, "Lilly how can you be thinking about the third task when your best girl-friend is missing? You guys can't just pretend that you don't miss her when I know you do."

With that Harry got up and started to leave the Great Hall.

"Aren't you going to eat Harry?" Jackson called after him.

"Not hungry," Harry called back then left the Great Hall.

"Harry's right. We need to stop pretending we're okay," Hermione said.

"No. It's worked for the last two years and it still does," Ron said.

Hermione sighed and gave up fighting.

-With Harry at the Black Lake-

Harry sat down at the edge with his legs pulled to his chest. He sighed and thought 'Miley I need you here with me. I just want to hear your voice once more time to know you're really okay'

"Harry?" a voice asked inside Harry's head. (A.N: Miley's voice will be in bold italics, and Harry's voice inside his head will be in only bold)

"Who is this?" Harry asked inside his head wondering what was going on.

"It's me Harry. Miley' the voice said and Harry's heart almost stopped as he heard her beautiful voice again.

"Miley oh my god. I've missed you. Where are you?" Harry asked.

"I'm in a dungeon trapped by You-Know-Who. Pettigrew grabbed me one night when I was getting ready to do a concert," Miley said.

"Miley I'm sorry I broke my promise to protect you," Harry said.

"Love do not blame yourself for this. Nobody not even you could have suspected that this would've happened," Miley told Harry.

"Wait how are you talking to me in my mind if you're in a dungeon caught by you-know-who?" Harry asked.

"I'm using a spell in one of the books I had with me in my dressing room. It lets me communicate with people inside their heads, I've done it to Jackson, Lilly, and Oliver but they don't believe it's really me so they don't say anything," Miley said and Harry could tell she was smiling her breath-taking smile.

"You really are clever. How can I save you Miley?" Harry asked.

"The cup you have to find in the maze next week is a port-key to the graveyard you've been seeing in your dreams. Since you always put me in them I can see them as well. You'll find a way once you get to the graveyard," Miley said and then she giggled knowing that Harry was blushing.

"I've missed your laughter and how do you know what's going to happen during the third task?" Harry asked.

"I've been talking to Nagini Voldermort's snake. It turns out while she acts completely loyal to him she really doesn't want this life-style. She told me everything that he's planning. It's amazing really," Miley explain.

"Wow. I will get you out of his grasp at the grave-yard. I promise," Harry said.

"I know you will Harry. I have all my faith in you. I need to go though. I think I hear Pettigrew coming to give me my dinner," Miley said.

"Okay bye then Miley," Harry said.

"Oh and Harry?" Miley asked.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"I love you," Miley said.

Harry smiled and said, "I love you two Miley."

With that Miley left his mind and smiling wide Harry made his way back to the school.

-The third task-

"Harry," Harry's friend Cedric said struggling against some vines that were trying to sufficate him.

Harry looked back and raised his wand at the vines. "Diffindo," he said.

The vines snapped and broke into tiny pieces.

"Thanks Harry," Cedric said as he got up.

"Come on. Let's grab the cup together," Harry said remembering what Miley had told him the week before.

He and Cedric both ran for the cup and grabbed it. Instantly they teleported to the grave-yard Harry had seen in his dreams.

"The cup's a port-key?" Cedric asked as both boys landed on their backs on the ground.

"I guess so," Harry said strumbling to his feet. He grabbed Cedric's hand and pulled him up.

"Thanks," Cedric said dusting himself off.

"Master there is another boy along with Potter," a voice said and Harry knew it was Peter Pettigrew Ron's old rat Scabbers.

"Kill the spare then," Voldermort's voice said.

Just as Pettigrew raised his wand at Cedric a voice yelled, "Expelliarmus."

Pettigrew's wand flew out of his hand and landed somewhere in the grass.

"Who did that?" Voldermort asked angrily.

"I did you murderer," The girl voice said then a wooden pillar came flying out of nowhere. It slammed into Voldermort knocking him down.

"Who is that?" Cedric whispered to Harry.

"Miley," Harry whispered back with a grin on his face.

"Lumos maximus," The girl said making the whole grave-yard a little brighter so the boys could see everything perfectly.

"Little brat," Voldermort muttered.

"Nice job Miley," Cedric said although he didn't see her.

"Thanks Cedric and long time no see both of you," Miley said.

"Where are you?" Harry asked.

"Look up Harry," Miley said then giggled.

Harry and Cedric both looked up at the grave-stone they were in front of and saw Miley sitting on top of it her legs crossed, her wand in her hand, and a smirk on her face.

"Miley," Harry said softly with a huge grin on his face.

"How did you get up there?" Cedric asked.

"My broom. I zapped it to me yesterday," Miley said gesturing with her hand to her broom right next to her just floating in the air.

"Come on down," Harry said.

Miley jumped onto her broom and it floated down to the ground. Once she was down she jumped off landing next to Harry and zapped her broom gone.

"Cute but I'm ending the happiness. Avada Kevadra," Voldermort said raising his wand at Cedric.

"EXPELLIARMUS," Miley yelled at the same time.

The two spells collided and both started towards Cedric since Voldermort's was stronger.

"Guys help me," Miley said.

"EXPELLIARMUS," Harry and Cedric pulling out their own wands.

Their spells joined Miley's and they sent the spells back at Voldermort.

Voldermort screamed as they hit him and he fell to his knees.

"We know everything Voldermort. Naigni told me everything including the horcruxes you made when you were known as Tom Riddle and she gave me all of them," Miley said stepping closer. With a wave of her wand seven things flew in front of her including Naigni herself. (A.N: I know Harry is known as a horcrux in the book but I'm not doing that. I'm putting Bellatrix as a horcrux instead)

"Avada Kevadra," Miley said pointing to each horcrux which also included Voldermort's favroite death-eater Bellatrix Lestrange.

The seven horcruxes shattered and Miley looked at Harry.

"Want to finish him off?" she asked.

"Let's do it together," Harry said stepping forward and taking Miley's hand in his.

Miley nodded and together the couple pointed their wands at Voldermort.

"Please I beg of you two don't," Voldermort said.

"It's two late to be begging us not to do something we were destined to do," Miley said.

"AVADA KEVADRA," Harry and Miley yellled. Green light shot from their wands and hit Voldermort. He died instantly and Miley killed the rest of the death-eaters.

"We saved the world," Harry said.

"Let's go back to Hogwarts," Miley said.

"How?" Cedric asked.

"Grab the cup. It'll take us back," Miley said.

The three friends ran to the cup and grabbed it together.

As they did Harry wrapped his arm around Miley's waist.

-Back at the school-

"Hey I see them," Oliver yelled jumping up as Miley, Harry, and Cedric landed on their stomachs in the grass.

"Miley's with them," Jackson said jumping up as well.

Miley, Harry, and Cedric all stood up and Miley let go of the cup.

Harry and Cedric held it in the air and the crowd went wild.

"The winners of the tourment: Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter," Dumbledore said.

"Actually sir I think we only have one winner here," Harry said.

"Who is that Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asked.

"Miley. She knew everything and she's the one who told us to grab the cup to come back here," Harry said then he and Cedric told the story.

"I say all three of us are the winners," Miley added at the end.

"I like that. We have three winners here: Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter, and Miley Stewart," Dumbledore announced and the crowd went even wilder.

Harry hugged Miley and said, "I love you Miley and I'm glad you're back with me."

Miley hugged him back and said, "I love you two Harry and this is the only place I ever want to be."

Harry smiled glad to finally have his girlfriend back.

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