Author's Note: Ok, so this multi-chapter fic is done. I feel that the quality is quite uneven but that the basic story is rather interesting. But that's up to you to decide. If you do make it to the end please drop me a note and tell me what you thought.

Deep Insight: It's always so easy to tell other people that it's ok to suck the first times you do something. But when you are the one that sucks it gets a bit more difficult. I will however put this story out there, and suck. Because sometimes you have to follow your own advice.

Spoilers: It's definitely set after 3 X 07, but probably somewhere in the fourth season.

Disclaimer: This addicted fan is no drain on the funds at the Supernatural blood bank. This one is for the soul and not the money.


Haunted Hunters

"But I never wanted to be a vampire!" the dark-haired, slim teenage boy sobbed just as Sam let the machete fall, severing his head and ending his misery. At least, that was the way Sam had to think about it or throw up. Dean only sighed as the young vampire stopped struggling, changed his grip and started dragging the now dead weight to the edge where he let it fall with a loud splash between two boats. Fortunately the small harbour was completely deserted on this cold night in early March. Sam hadn't moved and Dean went back for the head and let it follow the body.

There was no adrenaline high to come down from, no sudden sense of victory at the kill. This hunt had been practically, well, at least in comparison, risk-free. The vampire they had been after had been new and stupid, not to mention starving. He had been the only one to escape the nest they had exterminated earlier that week. Hunting him down had been annoying as hell as he had got lucky several times and slipped through their fingers. But it hadn't been very dangerous. The hunt that had taken care of the others in the nest had been a whole other kettle of sharks.

The Winchesters had teamed up with another pair of brother hunters, the twins Jackson and Michael, who preferred to be called Jack and Mack. Though they were undoubtedly older than the Winchesters their exact age was impossible to tell. It was they who had tracked down the vampire nest and come to the conclusion that they had needed assistance. So they had called Ellen to ask for available help. And she had called the Winchesters since she had known they were in the area.

Ellen had been running a roadhouse for way too long to change tack now and she had continued to be a central of gossip and news as well as an improvised job agency, forgery of drivers' licenses and purveyor of specialised ammo. Ellen had made the introductions and suggested they might work well together. It had been grisly, bloody, dangerous and - fun.

The twins had been easygoing, light-hearted souls who managed to stay alive, it seemed, mostly by never flinching in the face of danger. Quite often unnerving evil and stopping it in its tracks by giving it a friendly grin while the other brother aimed and shot. The Winchesters had liked them from the start and cell phone numbers and certain aliases and codes had been exchanged for future endeavours. The hunt had gone well and the world was six vampires down. The seventh was the teenager and since the twins had other business down south the Winchesters had agreed to wrap it up.

"Come on, Sammy. Let's go put the tools in the trunk and hit a bar. What do you say?"

Dean patted his brother lightly on the back and threw an arm around his shoulders, physically pulling him away from the scene of the "crime". In the morning, or possibly the day after that, someone would find a beheaded corpse in the water and Dean wanted them far away by then. Sam reluctantly let himself be led away, still looking downcast.

Dean glanced at him and a small smile curled his lips. Any person watching, who didn't know Sam, would run screaming at the sight of this giant of a man absentmindedly carrying a bloody machete. And all Dean saw was a harmless, too-sensitive-for-his-own-good, depressed little brother. Don't judge a book by its cover, he thought, or a redwood by its leaves, he amended as he watched his baby brother fold himself double to get into the car.